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Bio Bidet USPA IB835 Integrated Toilet System


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Meet the Family


Many Bidets is Family Owned and Operated by Daniel, Nicole, and Elijah Johnson.

Meet The Owners



"Amazing! The order process was smooth, the product is better than the old one, the it arrived very quickly. Many Bidets is a family business, not a big box store. The service was great and the owner was very knowledgeable about the products. You would not get this type of service at a 'box store' (other than the blurb from the manufacturers, which is just marketing talk). Great experience and great product-THANK YOU!!!"

-- Andrea D, NY

"I got to talk to the owner, Daniel. He was nice, professional and very easy to talk to, and answered all my questions. I researched Many Bidet's before buying. The quality and price was the reason I bought mine from Many Bidets."

--Randy W, NC

"I am very pleased with the processes to work with your team for purchase, delivery and follow-up. Thank you for a quality system and excellent services."

--Alan M, TX

"Helpful, honest, quick-to-assist, great product, arrived quickly, best price I could find. I'm a happy "camper" with my bidet."

--Kevin L, CA

"I have never done business with an internet business that was this responsive. They really cared about fully handling each of my concerns. Both the term and concept "Bidet" was new to me. They patiently answered each of my questions and, when time went by to cause them to wonder if I needed help, they called me. It took time, after home health professionals recommended this "strange and complicated" device [It is for my wife for whom I am privileged to be the full time care giver]. During that time, Daniel was always there to help however I needed it."

-- Gene, CA

"Many Bidets was very helpful in selecting which bidet would most fit our needs for an elderly dementia patient. The bidet seat was sent the same day. The personalized service and advice was amazing."

--Marianne A, NC

"The bidet was an absolute life saver for me. I was a full time caregiver for my wife for four years and I needed to transfer my wife to and from her wheelchair. This included the bathroom. Being able to just push a button and wash and dry her after using the toilet made it possible for us to live in our house instead of having to move her to assisted living. It made living the rest of our lives together possible. I can't thank you enough for having such a great product."

--Larry K, FL

"Super quick service and responses to phone calls even during the busy holiday season. I am old and slow on the computer but fast on the phone. Nice to be able to call in to buy without filling out the forms. After buying a bidet seat, I decided I wanted the whole toilet also and Many Bidets was the only place I could make an order by phone and ask to have it sent right away and get all the answers to my many questions just days before Christmas. I was in the middle of a bathroom remodel that the contractor promised would be done by Christmas. Daniel was able to get my toilet to us in time without my having to reschedule our plumber or electrician. The spare toilet bidet seat will go to one of the guest bathrooms and the main bathroom looks great with the new bidet/toilet combo."

-- Pat H, WI

"Right along side me every step of the way: from pre contemplation, contemplation, then decision and finally purchase. I wouldn't buy a high end seat from any other place."

-- Tony B, CA

"Our new DIB-850 is awesome and Daniel is awesome as well. He helped me decide which bidet to order, gave me a great price, shipped to us free of charge, easy to install, works great --- What more can a customer ask for? I would give them repeat business and recommend them to anyone needing a bidet."

-- Darren C, CA

"Many Bidets offered personal service and advice on which model to choose. Daniel, the owner even called me back since we had delayed ordering until we had an outlet installed. I looked for bidets on the internet and found Many Bidets website. When I called Daniel was very friendly and helpful."

-- Larry S, TX

"Daniel was helpful and friendly. Great price and prompt delivery. I would not hesitate purchasing from them again."

-- Beth J, RI

"This is my second bidet, first one bought many years ago. I cannot praise the product enough. First thing I miss when traveling. The fast service I received from Mr. Dan, easy installations, & most of all the service it provides. On line searching for a replacement & found Mr. Dan's website. One purchased many years ago was ordered from Lowe's, price close to double there. What a deal!"

--Charleen S, TN

"Prompt delivery at a good price"


"Many Bidets has the best prices on the web for bidet toilets. I got a great deal and it was shipped to me in less than a week. I searched the web and looked at a number of different vendors based on price and reviews. Many Bidets looked like the best out there, so I decided to give them a try, and I'm glad I did."

-- Jim E, NM

"Many Bidets gave me excellent customer service as well as competitve pricing. The Fragile expensive Toilet was well packed and shipped. They provided installations instructions prior so we were sure to hire the most competent plummer to expertly install it for us. It was necessary to hire and electrician to prepare an outlet by the toilet because it must be plugged in. An amazing experience having your toilet sense you!"

--Erin, NY

"Daniel was great to deal with. He was so very helpful with giving me exact dimensions and comparing the Galaxy with others. I loved the fact that when I called I actually got a real person that was easy to talk with and understood what my needs were. Thank you Dan. I would recommend you to anyone."

-- Mary, MI

"Product as described. No surprises in pricing. Quick shipping. All round good experience."

--Gerry C

"Many Bidets is friendly, cooperative, flexable and efficient."

--George B

"Service was great from Many Bidets and the Novita BH-90 bidet seat has been our favorite part of the bathroom renovation."

--Zac W, AL

"Daniel was very helpful and has a great personality. I'm glad I called Many Bidets, they walked me through picking the perfect seat. I would have been lost without them"

--Joe B

"I needed to replace one of my INAX seats, but INAX no longer is distributed in the USA and from Internet found Many Bidets and purchased a BioBidet. The efficiency and service from Many bidets has been excellent and their pricing is VERY good. The BioBidet BB-2000 also is an excellent product which everyone should own and use."

--Jerry G, KS

"Many Bidets had fast shipping, and well packaged products. Excellent service all around"


"If you're looking for bidet seats, Many Bidets is the only place to buy from. They have great knowledge, and lots of brands. They were a pleasure to speak with, and very friendly, professional, and responsive when I needed help. This along with the great prices they offer made me a happy customer"

--Jack A

"Thank you very much for everything!. I would highly recommend your company to my friends. Your customer service is outstanding."

--Joan B

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Bio Bidet USPA IB835 Integrated Toilet System


Owner's Pick: The owners of Many Bidets have this unit installed in their main bathroom.  In their opinion, it's a great unit that in it's price bracket, can't be beat


When it comes to fully integrated toilet systems with bidet functions, there simply is no better design than the IB-835. Not only does it offer style and class with a compact design, it has a range of incredible features that make it one of the most advanced toilets with an integrated bidet on the market.  The entire system has been sleekly designed to resemble a low-boy toilet, but has been upgraded with all of the modern technology that you want in a bidet. Instead of a bidet that is clunky or ugly, you have a bidet and toilet combination that is as efficient and effective as it is stylish.  Though this design looks beautiful and professional, installation is as easy as installing any other toilet.



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FREE Multi-Color Toilet Bowl Nightlight*

FREE 3 Year Warranty





Package Includes:

  • Toilet Bowl
  • Bidet Seat
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Control Mount
  • Batteries for Remote
  • Conversion nut
  • Wax Ring with Ring Cover
  • Two Water Supply Lines
  • Mounting Brackets, with Screws, Washers, and Anchors
  • Toilet Bowl Screws and Washers
  • 7/8” T-Valve


Key Features


This fully integrated toilet and bidet system comes with a wide variety of advanced features, including:

  • A one of a kind two-in-one nozzle for thorough cleaning of the posterior or feminine areas

  • Oscillating nozzles with pulsating streams that ensure a refreshing cleanse every time

  • Full coverage with Bio Bidet’s wide stream cleaning

  • Aerated, bubble infused stream for soft, yet effective cleaning

  • A massage function that leaves your posterior and feminine areas renewed

  • Bidet nozzles keep themselves clean with self-cleaning nozzles

  • The ability to control both the pressure of the stream and its temperature

  • A high end deodorizer that keeps your bathroom smelling fresh

  • Power saving settings that ensure the bidet and toilet system do not use more power than they need

  • An air dry system with temperature adjustment options

  • Auto flush for easy waste disposal

  • State of the art body sensor so the bidet only operates when occupied

  • A heated seat that that can be adjusted to your liking,

  • Manual flush option in case there’s a loss of power (manual flush can be used unlimited number of times)

  • Stylish, intuitive remote control with large LCD screen

  • A slow-close lid

  • 3 year warranty for additional peace of mind

  • FREE white glove curb side service when shipped



For the most advanced, fully-featured bidet on the market, you need look no further. A classy, intuitive wireless remote control makes finding your perfect settings easy and a three-year warranty ensures that your system will continue running perfectly, for years to come.


NOTE: Due to the large size of this product, it is delivered with a white glove service.  Delivery must be scheduled, and the product must be examined and signed for on delivery.  By signing for the delivery, the purchaser agrees the package was delivered, and in good condition.  If returned, a white glove service must be used, and paid for by the returning party.  The original shipping to the customer, along with cost for any missing parts or damages (if applicable) will be deducted from the refund.


Additional Resources


Owners Manual
Installation Manual






Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for using the FAQ

In order to view the answer to a Question, simply click the question below. If you decide you want to look at a different question, simply select it

What is the sitting height? ▼

This unit has a seat height of 16.75 inches, 15 inches from the floor to the bowl and an additional 1.75 inches from the seat

Do I need a hot water connection? ▼

All you need is a cold water connection, the bidet seat takes care of heating the water.

Will it wash when not occupied? ▼

No, the bidet seat has a occupied sensor that helps the bidet know when it's ok to operate.

Does the unit need electricity? ▼

Yes, the IB-835 uses a standard 3 prong outlet. It runs on standard 110 volts, and requires at least 15 amps. The cord is 3 feet long.

Where do the power and water connect? ▼

The water line connects to the back of the toilet, near the left side (when facing the toilet) near the top of the bowl. The power cord comes out of the left hand side (when facing the toilet) near the back, and is 3 feet long.

Is this a seat, or everything? ▼

This is an all in one unit. Both the seat, and the bowl. The IB-835 is an integrated unit, meaning a toilet bowl with integrated bidet seat. This means a sleek classy look, and the added perk of being able to offer auto flushing and more.

How does this unit compare to the TOTO units? ▼

Most commonly we see this unit compared to the G400 and G500 units. The IB-835 is very similar in a lot of ways. Flush, wash options, ect. Areas the IB-835 exceeds TOTO: Overall look and feel. Customer service later on down the road. Areas the TOTO line exceeds: offers e-water and auto opening lid and seat.

Can I install this? ▼

As a general rule, we recommend having a plumber install the IB-835, but if you feel comfortable installing a standard toilet, you should be fine installing the IB-835. The process is the same. The only way installation differs from many standard toilets is it's use of brackets to mount the toilet.

Do I need more space for the IB-835? ▼

The IB-835 only needs a 12 inch rough in, which is required by US code, so chances are, you don't need more room. Rough in refers to the space between the wall and the center of the flange, or "waste pipe"

How do I control it? ▼

The USPA IB-835 is controled using a wireless remote. This remote comes with a wall mount, and can be left in the wall mount, or held in hand depending on what you're feeling at the moment. The IB-835 also offers side control on a small hidden pannel (on the left hand side if you're sitting on the toilet

Can it work without power? ▼

For those who frequently loose power, or observe a day without power once a week, the IB-835 is the perfect solution. While the unit offers auto flush, it still has an option for manual flush, allowing normal toilet operations even when there is no power.

How heavy is it? ▼

The bowl portion of the IB-835 is 80 pounds, while the seat portion is 12.5 pounds, bringing the whole unit to 92.5 pounds.

Honest Reviews From Real Customers (Learn More)

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Product Reviews

  1. Classy, and simple 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2016

    Love it. Easy to operate. Looks much nicer than most.

  2. So far, I love it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2016

    I needed to remodel my main bathroom, and thought this would be the perfect cherry on top. I originally found this unit through Amazon, but decided to buy from Many Bidets as they gave me a significantly better price than I could find on Amazon.

    I thought about getting a bidet seat to put on my existing toilet but decided to go with an integrated unit in the hopes that it would look more classy after installation was complete. I also thought about trying TOTO integrated unit, but after doing some research determined that the Bio Bidet model offered a more quality product than TOTO. When comparing features I also decided that Bio Bidet seemed to pack more features in at a lower price. I also found the installation instructions to be very clear, and straightforward.

    When I received my toilet, it was damaged. I was worried that getting it returned would be a hassle, but Many Bidets sent me a new one very quickly, without any issue. The shipper was a reluctant to take the unit back there on the spot, but I insisted, and later found out that had I not insisted, I could have had additional fees to return the toilet. I strongly recommend looking over your shipment completely, and carefully before accepting it. If you see anything wrong with it, ask that it be returned on the spot, and Many Bidets will take care of you. The toilet went in smoothly, but I did have a handyman install it. When it was first installed, it did not flush very well, but once I made a few minor adjustments in the tank, it flushes great. I simply had to adjust one of the levers.

    This unit has a variety of features that I really love. The remote is also easy to use and understand. I also love that it auto flushes when you get up. The air dryer is nice, but it takes it’s sweet time to dry you. If you sit there through the entire dry cycle, you’ll find that it works, but I often cut the drying short and simply use a sheet or two of toilet paper.

    As it currently stands, I’d give the quality of the seat an A+, but time will tell how well it holds up. Regardless, I love my purchase, and enjoy being pampered. Thank you Many Bidets for the wonderful experience!

  3. I should have purchased this sooner! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2016

    What an amazing experience!
    I had never installed a toilet before so this was a first for me. I saw a toilet similar to this a few years back in the newspaper, but the price was something like 5,000 dollars, and there was no way I was paying that kind of money. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw that Bio Bidet is selling one for a price within my budget! I jumped on this deal right away, and even got a lower price by requesting a best price from Many Bidets. I got a GREAT deal!

    I was impressed with the delivery, it was quick and the driver was courteous and helpful. While it took me a while to install the unit, I am in no way a plumber. I’m sure others who may be a bit more handy would be able to get it installed very quickly.

    This toilet looks amazing, and gets comments from anyone visiting. It’s got an elegant and luxurious look that’s enhanced by it’s low profile, and sleek design

    The design of the remote is very intuitive and uses icons that are pretty self explanatory, so guests that come over and want to give it a try have no issues figuring it out. The remote also has a secondary panel that pops out for additional commands. This second panel is a see through touch screen, and is like nothing I’ve seen in my whole life. It feels like I’m in a sci-fi movie. The remote control is also backlit with a blue backlight, which is a nice added feature.

    I have COMPLETELY fallen in love with the look and feel of this amazing toilet. Along with this, the bidet is full of amazing features, I am so glad I found Many Bidets, and this amazing unit. I’ve been getting a lot of funny looks at work, as I can’t stop talking about my new toy.

    As far as comfort is concerned, this toilet does a great job. It’s the most comfortable toilet I’ve used to date. I think the way the seat is contoured plays a big role in this comfort level. I have heard from others that the seat on bidet units tend to be slightly smaller than traditional seats, but from what I can tell, that does not seem to be the case on this unit. While there are a plethora of great features this bidet seat offers, my personal favorite is the auto flush function. The toilet auto flushes as you get up, so you can literally have a completely hands free experience. If you want, you can also flush using the remote, or a hidden manual flush option, which was a must for me, as we lose power on occasion.

    My experience with this unit is better than I could have imagined. Many of my friends originally thought I was crazy for spending this kind of money on a toilet, but since are considering purchasing one of these themselves. If you have any feelings that bidet seats are odd or gross, get over it, this is a great unit! I can’t fully explain how much it’s increased my quality of life.

    With the look and feel of this unit, along with the great features, I can easily say this is one of the best purchase choices I’ve made in many years. Don’t hesitate to give this unit, and Many Bidets a try!

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Many Bidets is Family Owned and Operated by Daniel, Nicole, and Elijah Johnson

Meet The Owners


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