About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Many Bidets is a family run, mom and pop shop. We focus on offering the finest bidet seats, luxury integrated units, and bathroom assistance products available. Since we launched, we have sold thousands of bidet seats to a wide array of customers, including those wanting to add a spark of luxury to their bathroom, those looking to enhance their independence, those recovering from surgery, those with illnesses like IBS, Crohns, hemorrhoids, chronic constipation and others, and contractors wanting to add an extra level of comfort to the houses they are building. We are proud to carry top brands like Bio Bidet, TOTO, Novita, Infinity, Brondell, Feel Fresh and more! These brands offer quality construction and materials, along with a wide range of price points, so you can enjoy the benefits of bidet cleansing no matter your budget.

Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your bidet for years to come! As a small company, we aim to offer a premium level of customer service that large companies just can't match. You are important to us, and the personalized service we offer reflects that commitment! We are happy to quickly and efficiently address any questions or concerns you might have, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Who We Are

Bidets are our passion for many reasons. Dan first started using bidet seats to gain relief from IBS symptoms and quickly fell in love. Nicole is passionate about all things nature related and worked at the Penn State environmental department as a naturalist. The fact that bidets help conserve resources and protect the environment was a huge draw for her. While Dan and Nicole each have their own reasons for loving bidets, they both agree that the added luxury and clean feel bidets provide are two of the biggest perks! The Johnson family could not keep this wonderful product to themselves, and they decided to share their passion with the world by launching Many Bidets.

Our Family

Besides a love for bidet seats, the Johnsons enjoy photography, spending time outside, cooking, sports, and sharing life with friends and family.

In our own home, we currently use the Cascade 3000Bio Bidet USPA IB835, and the TOTO Neorest 700H unit in our main bathroom.

Regardless of the bathroom upgrades we choose in the future, bidets will always be close to our heart. Let us help you live healthier, cleaner, greener, more luxurious life.

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