What is the best bidet toilet seat?

Each bidet seat offers a unique set of benefits, and navigating the plethora of options can be overwhelming. With so many to consider, how can you choose the best one? To make it a bit easier, Many Bidets is working on a series of “Best in Class” bidet articles. We’ll post these here in the hopes of making the decision-making process more straightforward. 

Best Bidet Seats of 2020

Every bidet seat has its benefits, but there are some that really stand out, and we’ve highlighted several of these in our Best of 2020 list. If you’re wondering which seats will offer the most bang for your buck, this list is a great place to start.

Best Bidet Seats of 2020

Best Luxury Bidets

Sometimes finding a bidet seat with the very best amenities is our customers’ top priority. If price isn’t a concern, we invite you to take a look at our curated list of Best Luxury Bidets. The seats on this list feature unbeatable quality, style, and functionality in one great unit.


Best Cheap Bidet Seats on a Budget

Finding a seat that fits your budget is just as important as making sure it meets your cleansing needs. If you’re looking for an electric seat that’s going to last but won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. Start your search with a quick look at our list of best budget friendly bidets.


Best Bidets with Instant Water Heaters

In contrast to tank or hybrid heating systems, instant heating systems provide unlimited warm wash water. Because this type of heater warms water in real time, you’re guaranteed to never run out, no matter how long you run the wash cycle. Quite a few bidet seats come with instant water heaters, but some of them stand head and shoulders above their competition. If you’re looking for a seat with an instant water heater, this article is for you!

Top 3 Best Bidet Seats with Instant Water Heating

Best Warm Air Dryers

Warm air dryers provide an eco-friendly, toilet paper free way to get dry after the bidet’s wash cycle is complete. It’s great if you’re looking to minimize toilet paper use or find wiping to be difficult or painful. Most electric seats also allow users to adjust the temperature of the air dryer for maximum comfort. However, not all air dryers are created equal. If warm air drying is on your list of essential features, you’ll want to check out our list of bidets with the best warm air dryer.

Best Bidet Seat Warm Air Dryers

Best Bidet Seats with Sittable Lids

The vast majority of bidets come with lids that can’t safely support the weight of an adult. Sit on these lids and you risk damaging the delicate electronics contained within the seat’s casing. A few bidets, however, feature specially engineered seats that are designed to support an adult’s weight. These bidet seats give you the freedom to sit on the lid for clipping toenails, dressing or helping someone bathe, plus you don’t need to worry about guests inadvertently damaging the seat by sitting on the lid. If you want to be able to sit on your bidet seat’s lid, you’ll want to read through this article highlighting the best seats with sittable lids.


Best Bidet Seats with Wireless Remotes

Electric bidet seats are controlled one of two ways, either by a side arm control panel attached to a seat or via a wireless remote. Compared to a side arm control panel, wireless remotes offer greater accessibility for individuals of all abilities. They’re usually wall mountable for easy access and some even come with large buttons that make it possible to operate them with either hands or feet. The Best of… article below highlights our top picks for seats with particularly intuitive, well-designed wireless remotes.


Best Bidets with Side Arm Control Panels

Electric bidet seats are operated via either a wireless remote or a control panel attached to the side of the bidet seat. Attached control panels provide ready access to the bidet’s settings, can’t get lost, and reduce the bidet’s overall price. If this option appeals you, take a look at our top recommendations for bidet seats with side arm control panels!


Best Bidet Seats with User Presets

Many luxury bidet seats are equipped with user presets, which allow one or two users to pre-program their favorite settings into the remote. When you’re ready to get clean, you simply press the preset 1 or preset 2 button and enjoy a fully customized wash cycle. In this article, we run through our top picks for bidet seats with user presets.


Bidet Seats with the Best Warranties

Electric bidet seats aren’t cheap, so it’s natural to wonder what type of warranty protections are available. Manufacturer warranties range from one to four years on average, though some offer extended warranties up to 6 or more years. Some seats come with a limited warranty that can be upgraded to a longer term, full warranty, and others come with a generous full warranty off the bat. In the article below, we lay out our top picks for bidet seats with excellent warranties so you can rest easy knowing your investment is well protected.


Best Bidet Seats in Beige or Biscuit

When you’re spending money on a bidet seat you want the assurance that it’s going to match your bathroom’s toilet and other fixtures. The majority of bidet seats come in white only, which can pose a problem if your existing toilet is beige. The good news is that there are some high-quality bidets that come in both white and beige/biscuit. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bidet seats available in beige so you can enjoy the benefits of bidet cleansing without having to settle for a mismatched bathroom.


Best Flushing Integrated Units

Integrated units seamlessly combine a toilet and bidet seat into one. While they can be pricey, they often offer an even wider range of amenities than traditional bidet seats. Many integrated bidet units come with powerful flushing systems that pair effective flush power with eco-friendly water efficiency. This list highlights our top picks for integrated units with superior flush options.


Best Non-Electric Bidet Attachments

If you’re looking for a simple bidet option that doesn’t require electricity, a non-electric bidet attachment may be for you. Non-electric attachments run on the power of your bathroom’s water pressure and typically use ambient temperature water, though some can be connected to your bathroom’s hot water line for warm water washing. They’re one of the most basic bidet options around, but they’re also the cheapest. If your bathroom doesn’t have an accessible GFCI plug (required for electric seats) or you’re working with a tight budget, you may want to check out our list of recommended non-electric bidet attachments.


Best Bidet Seats for RVs

There’s no need to give up bidet cleansing when you’re on the road! We sell several bidet products that are perfect for compact RV bathrooms. If you want to add the luxury of bidet cleansing to your next road trip, check out our list of preferred RV-compatible bidet seats!


Integrated Units with Best Comfort Features

A comfortable seat can go a long way in making your bathroom routine more pleasant. While all integrated toilet and bidet combos are designed with user comfort in mind, there are a couple with particularly comfortable seats that really can’t be beat. We’ve highlighted these in the article below, so take a look if finding an ultra-comfortable seat is high on your priority list.


Best Integrated Units in Beige

Most integrated bidet units come in a crisp, clean white that looks great in bathrooms with a complementary color scheme. But what if your bathroom fixtures are beige? The good news is that there are a few integrated units that come both in white and beige, so you can enjoy the amenities only an integrated unit can provide without sacrificing the cohesiveness of your bathroom’s décor.


Bidet Seats with the Best Nozzles

Bidet seat nozzles come in a variety of materials and configurations, so it’s easy to wonder, what kind is best? The answer has a lot to do with your priorities. Is longevity most important to you? If so, you’ll want a seat with nozzles made from stainless steel as these are most durable and easiest to keep clean. Do you want the freedom of fixing any nozzle issues at home? The nozzles on most seats require professional servicing if issues arise, but a few feature nozzles that can be quickly replaced at home. Or are you most concerned with nozzle performance? In this article, we share our top picks for bidet seats with top-quality, high-performing nozzles, some of which can even be replaced at home.


Bidet Seats with the Best Wash Options

Bidets are all about the wash, so it’s natural to wonder which seat will deliver the best cleansing experience. All electric bidets come with standard front and rear wash modes, and most feature an aerated wash stream along with adjustable nozzle position. Some, however, go above and beyond by offering additional wash modes like wide spray or enema washing, oscillating and/or pulsating spray options, and extra versatile nozzle positions. In this Best of article, we discuss our favorite bidet seats based on their wash features.


Bidet Seats with Best Water Flow

Water flow can make a big difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of a bidet’s wash cycles. In general, a higher water flow rate means a strong wash flow that shortens the amount of time needed to get clean, but factors like nozzle design also play a role. In this article, we highlight several bidet seats with excellent water flow and top nozzle performance that deliver quick, thorough cleansing.


Best Bidets by Price Point

The wide range of seats on the market means that there’s a bidet seat for nearly every budget, from basic, non-electric seats to fully loaded electric seats. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money. The links below will take you to our Best of lists for a variety of price points, so you can enjoy the full benefits of bidet cleansing without stressing out financially.


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