One Piece Toilets

The boost in aesthetics provided by one piece toilets make them a popular choice in many homes. Many bidet seats will fit most one piece toilets. However, some one piece toilets have very limited space in the back where the seat connects to the toilet, which makes fitting a bidet seat on them a bit tricky. If you already have a one piece toilet in your home, and you're looking to install a bidet seat on it, go for it!  Chances are very good that you'll be in great shape.  If you think your one piece toilet might be a problematic one, don't hesitate to reach out.  We've seen practically all the toilets out there, and can tell you if it will be a good fit or not.

Another common obstacle seen in one piece toilets is what is known as a skirted design.  Skirted designs offer another aesthetic boost to the toilet by completely hiding the bolts that connect the toilet seat to the toilet. But by doing so they eliminate the ability to access the bolts from the bottom which is needed in many bidet seat setups.  To alleviate this, many seats on the market offer an optional; "top mounting kit" this allows you to mount the seat from the top only, without access to the bottom side of the bolts. If you're looking at a one piece toilet with a skirted design, don't forget to ask for a top mounting kit when purchasing! And of course, don't hesitate to reach out regarding your bidet seat purchase if we can be of any help!


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