Auto Flush

Auto Flushing bidet seats are often approached with caution.  After all, we've all used auto flushing toilets in a public restroom and had a less than optimal experience. Thankfully a bidet seat or integrated unit that offers auto flushing relies on different technology than you're used to seeing in public bathrooms.  Your past experiences likely used a motion sensor to determine when it's time to flush. The problem with this setup is that motion is not great indicator as to when flushing should occur.  Auto flushing units that you'll find here use a totally different system.

Because bidet seats have seat occupied sensors built into them, the technology to sense when a flush should happen is already in place.  When the seat occupied sensor is no longer active, the toilet flushes. Many of these units also have motion sensors for when both the seat and the lid are up as well, but this sensor tends to still work pretty flawlessly. Features like auto flushing and auto opening lid and seat are features that may not be necessary, but offer a great wow factor when guests go to use the restroom.

If you're looking to get the best most convenient setup on the market, but you're worried about glitches and issues with an auto flushing system, rest easy.  The bidet seats with auto flushing listed on this page are exactly what you're looking for!

TOTO Neorest 550H

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