Side Panel Controls

When it comes to controlling an electric bidet seat, there are two control methods; Wireless remote, and side control. If you're looking for a control that will never go anywhere period, the side control is the control method for you. This is not the only advantage to a side control operation though. While the batteries in a bidet seat remote tend to last for quite some time before needing to be changed, there are no batteries at all that need to be changed in a bidet seat that uses a side control. The side control bidet seat also eliminates any remote connectivity issues you might experience with a remote controlled bidet seat.

While connectivity issues are not common, in a small bathroom they can happen. Most bidet seats that use remotes only have one IR receiver. The signal that the remote transmits will bounce off the walls till it makes it to the seat's receiver. In a small bathroom, this signal has a greater chance of bouncing off your body, a soft floor mat ect before making it to the seat.  When this happens, the seat does not respond to the remote.  Again, this is a rare issue, but it does happen. If your bathroom is really small, or your toilet is tucked away in a small water closet, these may be issues you'd run into.  The solution?  Either get a bidet seat with two IR receivers like the Cascade 3000: or go with a bidet seat that has a side control.

While there are some clear advantages to bidet seats with side controls, there are also downsides.  It's important to note that despite the term; "remote control", bidet seats with remote controls do still mount to the wall. This allows them to be easier to access and eliminates issues with dropping and breaking them. Due to this, if you have issues with twisting and turning, a side control bidet seat is probably not the bidet seat you need. For those with mobility concerns, we highly recommend bidet seats with remote controls.


Problems with Bidet Seats with side controls:

  • The side control on a bidet seat can be hard to access.  You may have to twist and turn to see it.  Not good for those with limited mobility
  • The side control can get urine splatter on it easier than a remote would
  • Larger individuals may find that they cover up part or all of the side control making it hard to operate the seat


Why should I get a bidet seat with side control:

  • Side control bidet seats will never have issues with connectivity
  • No need to change batteries for the side control bidet seat



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