Bio Bidet Premium i3000 Bidet Seat

Bio Bidet Premium i3000 Bidet Seat

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Bio Bidet Premium i3000 Bidet Seat

If you are looking for a luxurious bidet at an affordable price, you have found it! The premium i3000 bidet seat is not just one of the most fully-featured and high-quality non-electric bidet seats on the market, it is also one of the most affordable. Available in a white elongated design, with sleek styling and premium materials, this bidet offers superior posterior and feminine wash, along with a slow close lid. The entire system uses absolutely no electricity, so you can take advantage of a bidet, without having to worry about getting an outlet installed near your toilet.

This bidet seat comes from one of the most trusted and widely recommended bidet brands in the world. It uses the very best technology in order to provide the very best cleaning. The “vortex” stream is highly aerated, propelling the water in a helix pattern in order to clean the posterior or the feminine area. Unlike other non-electric bidets, this bidet enables you to get a thorough cleansing, without sacrificing your comfort.

Key Features

Those who want a simple-to-use bidet will love this bidet just as much as those who want a full-featured model. The features of this bidet seat include:

  • Dual nozzles for thorough cleaning of all areas

  • Simple and quick installation, even for first-time installers

  • No hooks up to electricity or batteries are required in order to run this bidet seat

  • Both the water pressure and the temperature of the water are adjustable.

  • Feminine soap reservoir included right on the bidet, for the very best feminine wash possible

  • The joystick-style control makes it easy for experienced and first-time users to select the temperature and pressure of their wash

  • A full one-year warranty

  • Perfect for those with arthritis, back injuries, or other issues that make it impossible to properly clean themselves or those that simply prefer a bidet clean.

A premium bidet seat does not have to be outside of your budget. With a variety of features and the ability to customize the cleansing for each user, you will find everything you need in a bidet seat in the premium i3000 bidet seat. Get yours today!

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