Bio Bidet TP-200 Travel Bidet

Bio Bidet TP-200 Travel Bidet

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Bio Bidet TP-200 Travel Bidet

A travel bidet is a great way to get the convenience and cleaning power of a bidet when you are away from home. Instead of searching for a hotel that has a bidet or just going without, you can bring your own bidet along! This compact, streamlined bidet has all of the most essential features and makes it easy to get the clean you want, no matter where you are!

For those that like to stay clean while on the go, this is the very best bidet on the market. Whether you regularly have to use public bathrooms, where you have no hope of finding a bidet or you are traveling for work or for vacation, you will never be without a bidet again. Don’t sacrifice the ideal cleanliness of a bidet and the comfort that comes from using one, just because you are away from home. Easy to pack and easy to use, you’ll love taking this personal portable bidet with you on your adventures.

Key Features

Just because this bidet is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have all of the features that you want and need. The travel bidet TP-200 has the following features:

  • Fill with tap water of any temperature to personalize your clean

  • A nozzle that has been angled for easiest use

  • Two pressure controls that allow you to choose the water pressure that is best for you

  • A carrying case that makes a discreet and sanitary pouch for easy packing and storing

  • A 230ml water reservoir for plenty of water for a thorough clean

  • An ergonomic design that is easy to hold and operate

  • Two speeds of cleaning that make it perfect for those who need a more thorough clean or those that just want a fast cleansing

  • Rechargeable using a USB cord, so you can charge your travel bidet from almost anywhere!

If you love using your bidet and miss it when you are away from home, the Bio Bidet TP-200 Travel Bidet is perfect for you. It can be used in public bathrooms or hotels, or even at home when you just need a quick clean. With enough features to get you clean, but simple enough for anyone to use, you never again have to worry about cleaning your posterior or feminine areas while on the go. Get your Bio Bidet TP-200 Travel Bidet today!


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