9 Premium Bidet Features for Unbeatable Luxury and Comfort

Bidets offer an easy, hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper! But not all bidets are created equal. Some electric bidet seats, WASHLET+ systems and bidet toilets offer features that go the extra mile to make your experience amazingly comfortable and convenient from start to finish. This post discusses nine premium bidet features that take bidet cleansing from ordinary to extraordinary.

Sittable Lid

The lid on a bidet seat or bidet toilet looks just like an ordinary toilet lid, but watch out! Sit on your average bidet lid and you may damage the delicate electronics located inside the bidet’s frame. Only a few bidet seats and bidet toilets have lids that are strong enough to support the weight of an adult.

Known as a “sittable lid“, this premium bidet feature provides extra sitting space for clipping toenails, dressing, or assisting someone in the bath. Sittable lids are great for small bathrooms and for anyone needing a place to rest while going about their routine. Before buying a seat with a sittable lid, it’s a good idea to double check the weight limit. Some lids support significantly less weight than the bidet itself, while others have the same weight limit.

Auto Open and Close Lid

Auto open bidet lid

Speaking of lids, some bidets have a lid that can open and close automatically. A motion sensor in the seat lifts or lowers the lid when it detects someone walking near the toilet. This premium bidet feature is convenient, hygienic and adds “wow factor” to your bathroom. Auto-open/close TOTO units even come with a button on the remote control that raises the seat for you.

There is one caveat to consider. Some customers report that the lid opens or closes randomly, which can be distracting and a bit annoying. This usually happens in small bathrooms, where limited space increases the chance of activating the sensor while you complete other tasks.

TOTO does sell semi-clear stickers that can be placed over the motion sensor to limit its range. This makes the lid less likely to activate when you don’t mean for it to open or close. As with all automatic features, the auto open/close option can always be turned off.

Auto Flushing

If your bidet is already doing the work of cleaning you, drying you, and even opening and closing the lid for you, why not let it flush for you too? That’s where auto-flushing comes in! A pressure sensor detects when someone stands up from the seat and flushes the toilet a few seconds later. If you use the toilet while standing with the seat up, a motion sensor activates the flush as you walk away.

It’s important to mention that auto flushing requires special components on both the toilet and the bidet seat. As a result, none of our stand-alone bidet seats offer auto flushing. This premium bidet feature is only available on certain WASHLET+ systems. Some integrated bidet toilets come with built-in autoflushing, including many of TOTO’s state of the art Neorest bidet toilets.

LED Night Lights

No one enjoys stumbling to the bathroom in the dark or being fully woken up by an overhead light. These troubles are a thing of the past when you invest in a bidet with a built in night light. Bidet night lights gently illuminate the toilet bowl, making it easier and safer to navigate a dim bathroom.

If your dream bidet doesn’t come with this premium bidet feature, you can always buy an after market night light. They hang on the inside rim of your toilet and work just as well as the built in kind. On the other hand, they’re more noticeable than a built-in nightlight and may get dirty over time.

Water Sterilization

All electric bidets automatically flush their nozzles with clean water before and/or after the bidet is used. Some bidets go a step further with nozzle sterilization. This premium bidet feature provides an extra defense against microbes and bacteria, providing extra peace of mind about the bidet’s cleanliness.

There are several different types of nozzle sterilization. Some have a built in water sterilization system and use this sterile water for rinsing the nozzles. Other bidets have an antimicrobial coating on the nozzles and tubing that keeps the tap water clean as it passes through. Still others bathe the nozzles in UV light to kill off any lurking germs.

Sterilization MethodHow it Works

Ewater+ stands for “electrolyzed water”. Electrolyzed water is created by passing a small electrical current through tap water, causing a chemical reaction that sterilizes the water. This sterile water is then used to rinse the bidet’s nozzles. Ewater+ non-toxic, environmentally safe and only available on select TOTO bidets.
Silver Nano-Particles

Silver has natural antimicrobial properties. Some bidets release silver particles into the water, which is then used to rinse the nozzles. Other bidets have a silver nano coating that keeps the water clean as it travels through the bidet.
UV LightUV sterilizing systems direct ultraviolet light at the surface of the bidet’s nozzles. The electromagenetic energy in the UV light destroys any bacteria, viruses, mold or mildew that may be present.
Bidet Nozzle Retract
Bidet Nozzle Rinsing with Sterile Water

Enema Washing

While anyone can benefit from bidet cleansing, many electric bidets offer special features that provide relief from common bathroom troubles [bidet seats for gastrointestinal problems]. Enema washing is a premium bidet feature that helps alleviate constipation by shooting a thin, strong stream of water into the rectum. This accomplishes two things: it softens hard stool, and it stimulates the bowels, inducing that “need to go now” sensation.

Enema washing isn’t for everyone. If you don’t experience constipation, it’s not necessary to invest in a bidet with this feature. Similarly, enema washing may be too irritating to anyone who is trying to heal anal fissures or hemorrhoids. However, if you experience chronic constipation, this feature can significantly reduce the straining and pain that go along with bowel movements.

Ultra Comfortable Seats

If you’re anything like us, you want to be comfortable when you’re going to the bathroom. While most bidets are about as comfortable to sit on as the average toilet seat, a few were designed with a specific focus on seat comfort. These ultra comfortable seats share a few characteristics.

First, ultra comfortable seats tend to have more surface area than a regular seat, resulting in more support for your rear. Second, many flare up steeply in the back, which supportively cradles your body.

In short, ample sitting space, and good support all translate into an especially pleasant seated experience!

User Presets (Circled)

User Presets

When you start a new wash, many bidets will automatically revert to the last used temperature, pressure and nozzle position settings. If you share the bidet with someone else, you may need to reselect your preferred settings every time. To avoid this hassle, some premium bidets offer user presets also known as “user memory settings”.

This premium bidet feature allows you to program two sets of personal wash settings – water temperature, spray pressure and nozzle position – into the remote. When you want to get clean, simply press your user preset and enjoy a personalized cleanse.

Are Premium Bidet Features Worth the Money?

We want our customers to find a bidet that makes their budget as happy as their bottom. Bidets with a lot of premium features usually land on the upper end of price spectrum. Bidets with just a few premium features can fall into the mid-range or even budget friendly categories.

For example, quite a few mid-range bidets offer user presets, water sterilization or enema washing. A few of these less expensive bidets even come with night lights or sittable lids. On the other hand, premium bidet features like auto flushing and auto open/close lids are only come on our most deluxe units.

Some premium bidet features are only available on certain types of bidets. The table below shows which type of bidet might offer a certain feature, as well as the price range.

Premium Bidet FeatureElectric Bidet SeatBidet ToiletWASHLET+ SystemAverage Bidet Price
Water SterilizationYesYesYes$-$$$
User PresetsYesYesYes$-$$$
LED Night LightYesYesYes$-$$$
Enema WashingYesYesYes$-$$$
Sittable LidYesYesNo$-$$$
Ultra Comfortable SeatYesYesNo$$$
Auto Open/Close LidYesYesYes$$-$$$
Auto FlushingNoYesYes$$$

In our opinion, premium bidet features do kick the bidet experience up a notch. Depending on your physical needs, premium bidet features like auto flushing or enema washing might even land on your list of “must haves”. Bottom line: if you have room in your budget for premium bidet features, they’re well worth the investment.

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