About Cascade Bidet


About Cascade Bidet

Cascade Bidet is new to the bidet market and specializes in high quality, luxury bidet seats designed to improve bathroom convenience, comfort and accessibility. As a small company, they provide top notch customer service, and their flagship bidet seat, the Cascade 3000, is an innovative electric seat unlike any other in its combination of features. It’s worth mentioning that Cascade Bidet stands behind their products, offering a 4 year full warranty on the Cascade 3000, which is one of the best warranties of any seat currently on the market.

Cascade 3000 Bidet Seatcascade-3000-lid-closed-angle-view-with-large-remote.png

The Cascade 3000’s blend of style and substance results in a sleek, modern silhouette with durable construction. Helpful convenience features include a sittable lid capable of supporting up to 330 lbs, two intuitive remote control options (large or small), and easy installation. The seat features standard front and rear wash modes and comes with an instant water heater that generates unlimited warm wash water. Customizable settings allow users to tailor the seat temperature, water temperature, water pressure, wand position and air dryer temperature according to personal preferences. Bonus features like the oscillating wash stream, built-in deodorizer, LED nightlight, and auto wash option take comfort and convenience to the next level. For added peace of mind, the Cascade’s nozzles self-rinse before and after each use, and the seat’s interior components are coated with a silver nano-solution to keep the wash water completely clean, ensuring a hygienic cleanse from start to finish. All in all, the Cascade 3000 combines quality materials, luxury features, reliable performance, and a contemporary design into one great unit.

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