About TOTO

About TOTO

TOTO is one of our favorite brands, with household name recognition in both the United States and abroad. Their products are high quality, and they are one of the few brands we carry that offer a wide array of bathroom products in addition to bidet seats. As a company, TOTO not only focuses on providing customers with the best in comfort, convenience, and service, they also aim to conserve the environment by embracing eco-friendly technologies and business practices. If you’re looking for quality manufacturing and stylish design, TOTO is the way to go, regardless of the plumbing fixture.

Washlet Bidet Seats toto-s500e-contemporary-side-view.jpg

TOTO’s washlet bidet toilet seats (known as WASHLETS) and integrated units feature elegant silhouettes along with some of the most cutting-edge bidet technology on the market today. If you’re looking for a WASHLET that looks and acts like a toilet seat yet offers full bidet capabilities, you’ll want to check out TOTO’s line of WASHLETs. TOTO WASHLETs run on electricity, meaning they provide warm water washing along with a model-dependent selection of comfort and convenience features like toilet bowl PREMIST, warm air drying, automatic deodorizing, heated seats, user presets, LED nightlights, and more.

Washlet+ Bidet Seats toto-vespin-ii-washlet-c200-two-piece-toilet-and-bidet-system-1-1.28-gpf.png

TOTO’s WASHLET+ toilet and bidet seat line offers a happy medium between stand-alone bidet seats and integrated toilet and bidet combos. WASHLET+ toilets and bidet seats are specially designed to fit together in such a way that the seat’s hoses and electric cords are concealed for an streamlined look. WASHLET+ toilets aren’t your average toilet either, with all models featuring TOTO’s proprietary CeFiONtect glaze on the toilet bowl to prevent residue and grime from sticking, and some offering TOTO’s high-performing tornado flush technology for a more efficient and effective flush. Some models can even accommodate auto-flushing for a truly hands-free toileting experience.

Integrated Toilet and Bidet Combinations 


TOTO’s Integrated toilet and bidet combos meld the best features from their bidet seats and toilets into a single sleek, high-performing unit. The Neorest RH provides a broad range of luxury wash and dry features along with toilet bowl PREMIST and CeFiONtect bowl glaze to keep the unit clean, automatic flushing and an auto-open/close lid for convenience, and nozzle sterilization for added hygiene. TOTO’s Neorest 700H is crafted entirely from high-quality, vitreous china and features a streamlined, contemporary silhouette, along with all the same great bidet features as the Neorest RH. If you’re looking for the very best money can buy, the TOTO Neorest NX1 is for you. Featuring an ultra-modern design, a rimless design for easy cleaning, nozzle and bowl sterilization, automatic flushing and open/close lid, and a bevy of high-end wash and dry features for ultimate comfort and convenience, the NX1 is one of the most high-tech integrated units available.

Below you’ll find links to the most popular TOTO washlet toilet bidet seats that we sell, from WASHLETS to their WASHLET+ lineup, and their Neorest models.


TOTO WASHLET+ Collection

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