Best Bidet Seats in Beige or Biscuit

Best Bidet Seats in Beige or Biscuit

White is currently the most popular color for bathroom fixtures like tubs and toilets, so most bidet seats come in white only. However, there’s no need to fret about a mismatched bathroom if you happen to have a beige toilet because there are some seats that will coordinate! We’ve highlighted our favorites below, but don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us for feedback on any of the beige/biscuit seats listed on our site.


The TOTO S550e and its sibling the S500e, come with a wide range of fantastic features that provide a luxurious cleansing experience from start to finish. In addition, they’re easy to match with your existing bathroom décor since they’re available in white and beige as well as two silhouettes (contemporary and classic). Do keep in mind that these seats only come in elongated seat sizes, so if you’re looking for a similar seat in a round size, you’ll want to check out the TOTO S300e or S350e (below). Front, rear, and wide cleansing modes provide quick, efficient cleansing, and the instant water heater guarantees that you never run out of warm wash water. Nozzle oscillation moves the wash stream back and forth for wider wash coverage, and the pulsating spray option varies the water pressure for a relaxing, bowel-stimulating massage. When you’re ready to get dry, simply press the button for the warm air dryer and let the seat do the rest. As with the other seats on this list, the water temperature and pressure, seat and dryer temperature, and nozzle position are all adjustable so that you have maximum control over your experience. Two user presets even allow you to program your preferred wash settings into the remote for hassle free cleansing at the touch of a button, and the deodorizer gets rid of odors before they can become a nuisance. Both seats come with an automatic built-in nightlight that illuminates the bowl so you can easily see where you’re going in low light, making it safer and easier than ever to navigate the restroom at night. Additionally, both the S500e and S550e feature a unique sterilization system that uses electrolyzed water (EWATER+) to clean the nozzles and to premist the toilet bowl before every use. It’s also easy to operate these bidet seats thanks to the sleek, dual sided remote control, which fits conveniently into a wall mount when you’re not using it. The main difference between these two units is that the S550e comes with an automatic open/close lid, whereas the S500e doesn’t. If you’re looking for a beige unit with all the bells and whistles, plus TOTO’s high-quality construction and sophisticated design aesthetic, the S500e and S550e are great choices!


If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-performing beige bidet seat that comes in a round seat size, you’ll want to check out the TOTO S350e and S300e! These two seats are the round counterparts to the S550e and S500e listed above and share most of the same features, except they only come in one silhouette (classic), and the S300e does not have an LED nightlight. The features they do come with include an instant water heater, front/rear/wide wash modes, nozzle oscillation and pulsation, a heated seat and warm air dryer, nozzle sterilization and bowl premisting that use electrolyzed water, user presets, a deodorizer, and a wireless remote control. In addition, the S350e has an LED nightlight and an automatic open/close lid. There’s no need to settle for a mismatched bathroom just because you have a beige toilet with a round seat. Now, thanks to the TOTO S300e and S350e, you can have top notch cleansing in a unit that works with your existing bathroom!

Brondell Swash 1400

Available in both biscuit and white, as well as round and elongated seat sizes, the Brondell Swash 1400 is the most affordable seat on this list and offers great value and versatility for the price! It comes with a heated seat, deodorizer, LED nightlight and front and rear wash modes. The seat’s instant water heater generates unlimited warm water along with adjustable water temperature and pressure, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature. Additional luxury features include a silver-nano nozzle sterilization system, ultra-adjustable stainless-steel nozzles with seven front to back positions and three width options, and user presets. It’s also the only seat on this list with a convenient sittable lid, which can support up to 270 lb. Plus, if you want more protection than the Swash 1400’s 3-year limited warranty offers, you can upgrade to a 6-year full warranty for only $99, whereas the TOTO units come with a 1-year full warranty and no upgrade options. If you’re looking for an affordable beige bidet seat, you really can’t go wrong with the high-quality, feature packed Swash 1400 by Brondell.