Best Bidet Seats with Remote Controls

Best Bidet Seats with Wireless Remote Controls

Electric bidet seats are controlled either by a side arm control panel or a wireless remote control. These wireless remotes can be mounted to the wall so there’s no chance of losing the remote or dropping it. Generally speaking, wireless remote controls are a bit easier to use than side arm control panels as they don’t require the user to look down at an angle, and many can be operated with either hands or feet. While there are plenty of remote controlled seats on the market, some stand out as best in class, and we’ve highlighted these below.


The TOTO S550e comes with a sleek, double sided remote and is one of the most feature packed electric bidet seats on the market, easily earning it a top spot on this Best of list. It comes with everything you need for a luxury cleansing experience, including multiple wash modes (front, rear, soft rear and wide front), pulsating and oscillating spray options, a powerful warm air dryer, and an auto-open/close lid.. The self-rinsing plastic nozzles can be cleaned on demand with sterile ewater+, and the seat automatically mists the toilet bowl with ewater+ before each use to stop residue from sticking. Other notable features include an instant water heater that produces unlimited warm wash water, a heated seat, user presets, a deodorizer that keeps unpleasant odors at bay, and a soothing LED nightlight. Like most other electric seats, the S550e’s water pressure and temperature, nozzle position, air dryer temperature, and seat temperature are all adjustable for maximum comfort. It even comes with a choice of trim options, classic or modern, and two colors, white or beige. If you’re looking for longevity, comfort, convenience and aesthetic appeal, the TOTO S550e is a great seat to consider.

Best Budget Bidet Seat Alternative to the S550e:


TOTO bidets are renowned for their quality and performance, but these benefits come with a steep pricetag. If you want a TOTO unit but the S550e is out of your price range, the TOTO C200 is a great seat to consider instead. There’s enough overlap between the C200 and the S550e that we’ll be spending the bulk of this recommendation highlighting the differences. First the C200 comes with a tank water heater (versus an instant water heater), which means that the warm wash water is limited. After about 60 seconds of washing, the tank will run out of warm water and the seat will switch to cool water until the tank can refill (usually several minutes). Another difference is that the C200 doesn’t come with sterile ewater+; instead it uses regular water to rinse the nozzles and premist the toilet bowl. Additionally, the C200’s lid is manual open/close only, and it doesn’t come with a nightlight. The C200 does, however, come in both round and elongated seat sizes and is available in beige or white, making it easy to match with most bathroom fixtures. While the C200 does have fewer features than the S550e, it’s also over half the price, making it a great alternative to its more expensive cousin.

Cascade 3000

The Cascade 3000 is one of our favorite premium units due to its sleek look, abundant amenities, and quality construction. One great benefit to the Cascade 3000 is that it comes with a choice of two remote styles: large with big, raised buttons, or small with flat buttons. Both remotes are intuitively laid out, so using them is simple. In terms of cleansing, the Cascade comes with an instant water heater that produces unlimited warm water, front and rear wash modes, nozzle oscillation for extra cleansing coverage and comfort, a heated seat, and a powerful warm air dryer with adjustable temperature controls. As with the other seats on this list, the Cascade’s water pressure and temperature, nozzle position, and seat temperature are all adjustable. It also features a deodorizer and an LED nightlight that gently illuminates the toilet bowl so you can see where you’re going in low light. While the lids of most bidet seats aren’t able to support the weight of a seated adult, the Cascade 3000 is different. Its lid is extra durable and can support up to 330 lbs. Additionally, the Cascade’s interior tubing and nozzles are coated with a silver nano-solution that keeps wash water crystal clean as it passes through the unit, so you can rest assured knowing that the water used during the wash cycles and for rinsing the stainless steel nozzles is uncontaminated. The Cascade 3000’s design is versatile too. It comes in both round and elongated seat sizes, and its silhouette is streamlined enough to fit on most one or two-piece toilets, including many with a French curve design. The Cascade also comes with a generous 4-year full warranty, so your unit is protected for the long haul. With so many top tier features, it’s easy to see why the Cascade 3000 makes our list of best remote controlled bidet seats.

Best Budget Bidet Seat Alternative to the Cascade 3000:

Blooming Bidet R1063

The Blooming R1063 is a budget friendly alternative to the Cascade 3000. Like the Cascade, the R1063 has a slim silhouette that’s compatible with most one and two-piece toilets—including many with a French curve design—and it’s also available in round and elongated seat sizes. Additionally, the R1063 features an instant water heater, front and rear cleansing, nozzle oscillation, heated seat, warm air dryer, LED nightlight and auto wash option. Unlike the Cascade, however, the R1063 doesn’t have a deodorizer, sittable lid, silver-nano interior sterilization, or stainless steel nozzles. Additionally, the R1063 only has one remote option, which is most similar to the Cascade 3000’s large remote control. All in all, the Blooming R1063 is a quality seat with many great amenities, making it a good option if you don’t mind giving up some features in favor of a lower pricetag.

Bio Bidet BB-2000

Bio Bidet’s BB-2000 comes with a wide range of features that deliver luxury cleansing from start to finish, including a convenient wireless remote with raised buttons and a display screen. The BB-2000 offers standard front and rear cleansing, an enema wash option that’s perfect for alleviating constipation, and a “child mode” that’s designed for younger, smaller users. Pulsating and oscillating spray options relax and soothe by varying the movement and pressure of the water stream, and the seat’s water temperature and pressure, nozzle position, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature can be adjusted according to personal preference. The BB-2000 also comes with a powerful water flow, an automatic deodorizer, LED nightlight, and an auto wash/dry option for instances where you want to get clean and dry at the touch of a single button. It has a hybrid water heater that provides unlimited warm water, whereas many other hybrid systems only produce 60-90 seconds of warm water. Another notable feature is that the BB-2000 can support up to 400 lbs, which is more than most other seats on the market, and its quality construction and components give the BB-2000 a long lifespan. Lastly, should you run into any issues with the BB-2000’s nozzles, you can easily replace them at home versus having to send the seat in to the manufacturer for repairs, as is the case with most bidet seats. When it comes to comfort, convenience and quality, the Bio Bidet BB-2000 doesn’t disappoint!

Best Budget Bidet Seat Alternative to the BB-2000:

Galaxy GB-5000

The Galaxy GB-5000 comes with a large wireless remote control with illustrated buttons and is a noteworthy alternative to the Bio Bidet BB-2000. The GB-5000 is similar to the BB-2000 in that it has a hybrid water heater and offers front and rear cleansing, child mode, pulse washing, auto wash/dry option, heated seat, warm air dryer, LED nightlight, and a stronger than average water flow rate. There are, unfortunately, a few features you’ll be giving up in exchange for the cheaper price tag, including the enema wash mode, automatic deodorizer, nozzle oscillation, stainless steel wash wand (the GB-5000’s is aluminum), and nozzles that can be replaced at home. On the flip side, the GB-5000 comes with two features the BB-2000 doesn’t have: a sittable lid and both round and elongated seat sizes. The BB-2000’s lid only serves as a cover for the seat and toilet bowl, and if you sit on it you risk damaging the seat’s electronics. In contrast, the GB-5000’s lid was designed to serve as both a cover and a seat, meaning you can sit on it to dress or complete hygiene tasks without worrying about harming the seat. If you like the BB-2000’s features but are looking to keep costs down, the GB-5000 is a great alternate to consider.

Brondell Swash 1400

The Brondell Swash 1400 is a fan favorite year after year, which is really no surprise when you consider the seat’s top-of-the-line specs, including an intuitive remote control that makes the seat easy to operate. The Swash 1400 has many of the same great features as the other seats on this list such as front and rear wash modes, a heated seat, a warm air dryer and deodorizer, an LED nightlight, and nozzle oscillation. However, the amenities don’t stop there! Additional highlights include the Swash 1400’s lid, which can safely accommodate up to 270 lbs, as well as a ceramic instant water heater that generates unlimited warm water. Additionally, the Swash 1400 comes with a unique nozzle sterilization system that releases trace amounts of silver into the water used for cleaning the seat’s nozzles before and after each use for enhanced unit hygiene. Plus, its nozzles are more adjustable than most, with seven front to back positions and three different widths for maximum cleansing coverage. The Swash 1400 is also easy to pair with most toilets since it comes in white and off-white, as well as in round and elongated seat sizes. With all these perks, it’s easy to see why the Brondell Swash 1400 is one of our favorite remote controlled seats!

Best Budget Bidet Seat Alternative to the Swash 1400:

Brondell Swash DS 725

If there’s one thing about the Brondell Swash 1400 that’s tough to love, it’s price. The good news is that Brondell does make a more budget-conscious alternative called the Swash DS 725, which comes with an intuitive remote control featuring an updated design and modern aesthetic. The Swash DS 725 and Swash 1400 have a lot of the same features, with a few exceptions. One of the biggest differences between the two seats is probably the method they use to heat wash water. The Swash 1400 has an instant water heater that produces unlimited warm water, whereas the Swash DS 725 has a tank water heater that produces 40-60 seconds of warm water. It takes the tank 3-5 minutes to refill and reheat, during which time the seat uses ambient water for washing. Additionally, the DS 725 doesn’t have silver-nano water sterilization, and its sittable lid is only capable of supporting 178 lbs compared to the Swash 1400’s 270 lb lid limit. If none of these differences are dealbreakers and you’re looking to spend under $400, the Swash DS 725 is a great option to consider!