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Best Bidet Toilet Seats

Best Bidet Seats

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Which bidet seat is best?

Because of the wide variety seats on the market today, as well as the diverse needs of bidet consumers, it can be tough to decide which seat is best. Generally speaking, however, the more expensive seats offer higher quality and provide more features. Some of our most feature packed, highly recommended seats are:

1. Cascade Bidet 3000

2. BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat

3. TOTO S550e Washlet

4. Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet Seat


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What’s the best bidet seat for the money?

Rather than asking which bidet seat is best, we think its better to consider which seat offers the best value. In other words, how can you make the best use of the money you spend?  This will vary depending on your budget and the price range you’re looking at, so here are a couple of our favorite seats that we believe offer high value for the price.  By buying these seats, you’ll find you get more features and better performance than similarly priced seats. 


What’s your best selling electric bidet toilet seat?

Getting an idea of what others are buying can often help with the decision making process. Below is a list of some of our top sellers:

  1. Bio Bidet BB-2000 – This bidet seat offers great, state of the art features at an affordable price.


  2. TOTO S350e – This bidet seat is on the pricier side, but the quality construction and high end features make it worth the money.


  3. NOVA 1000 – This bidet seat is a consistent favorite because of its great features and low price.


What are the highest/best quality bidet seats on the market today?

  1. TOTO – Since the beginning, TOTO has made quality their number one priority, and it shows 
  2. Bio Bidet – Bio Bidet offers great quality and a strong build for a good price


  3. Brondell – Offering quality that’s hard to beat, Brondell is a great option for a seat that will last


What bidet seat is best for heavier users?

When it comes to heavy users, we recommend investing in a bidet seat with a wireless remote control as  larger operators often find that bidet seats with side remotes are hard to reach and operate. Another important feature for larger users is a powerful wash cycle. Below are the two seats we recommend:

  1. Bio Bidet BB-2000 – With it’s easy to use U-pick remote, and patented, powerful Vortex stream, the BB-2000 is a no brainer for number one pick. Its high quality build is a bonus.
  2. Kohler Novita BH-90 – The Kohler Novita BH-90 offers an easy to use remote and a powerful turbo wash feature, making it a close second place option behind the BB-2000 for heavier  users.


What bidet seats do Many Bidets recommend?

  1. Bio Bidet BB-2000 – Many great features at a good price


  2. Brondell Swash 1000 – A high quality seat with lots of great features


  3. Nova 1000 – Low price seat that still offers many great features

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