Bidet Seats with Best Wash Quality

Bidet Seats with Best Wash Quality

With all the bidet options out there, narrowing down which seat to buy can be a big task! While everyone’s list of “musts” is going to look a little different, finding a seat with a good quality wash is a priority our customers express often. If this describes you, we recommend the following seats, all of which have good quality washes and cover a range of price points from budget friendly to ultra-luxury.

Bidet Seat with best wash: TOTO S550e & S500e

TOTO has a long history of designing and manufacturing durable, high-performing bidet seats, and the S550e and S500e continue this long legacy with their quality wash features and state of the art bidet technology. For starters, there’s only one difference between these two seats, and it’s that the S550e’s lid can be set to automatically open and close via a sensor, whereas the S500e’s lid must be opened and closed manually. Aside from this, they’re the same! Both feature front, wide front, rear and soft rear wash modes with unlimited warm water, oscillating and pulsating spray options, a heated seat with adjustable temperature controls, and a powerful warm air dryer that minimizes the need for toilet paper. Additionally, both come with scentless deodorizers that draw air from the toilet bowl through an activated charcoal filter to keep your bathroom fresh, as well as LED nightlights that illuminate the bowl and surrounding area so that you can see where you’re going in low light situations. The great features don’t end there! Both seats come with a premist feature that coats the bowl with sterile, electrolyzed water (Ewater+) before each use to stop residue from sticking, and the nozzles self-rinse with Ewater+ following each wash cycle for maximum cleanliness. They’re even available in two colors (white or beige) and two trim styles (modern or contemporary). If you’re looking to invest in the best money can buy, you really can’t go wrong with either the TOTO S550e or S500e!

Bidet Seat with second best wash: Cascade 3000

The Cascade 3000 arrived on the market in 2019 and quickly became one of our favorite seats due to its quality components, durable construction, and high-end wash experience. It’s equipped with everything you need for comfortable cleansing, including a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings, front and rear wash modes, an instant water heater that generates unlimited warm water, and relaxing nozzle oscillation for wider wash coverage. Plus, the water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position are all adjustable so you have maximum control over your experience. For those looking for a simple wash solution, the Cascade even offers an auto wash feature that initiates a complete wash and dry cycle using the seat’s last used settings. The seat’s built-in, scentless deodorizer gets rid of obnoxious odors, and its warm air dryer provides a hands-free option for getting dry. Furthermore, the Cascade 3000’s LED nightlight illuminates the bowl with a calming blue glow that’s bright enough to safely navigate the bathroom in the dark, so there’s no need to turn on a jarring overhead light in order to see where you’re going. For better unit hygiene, the Cascade 3000’s nozzles self-rinse before and after each use, and the inside of the nozzles and tubing is coated in a sterile silver-nano solution that keeps the wash water sparkling clean as it travels through the unit. Round and elongated seat size options make it easy to fit the Cascade 3000 on most one and two-piece toilets, even many French curve toilets that typically can’t accommodate a bidet seat. While the lids on most bidet seats function only as a cover for the toilet bowl and can’t support the weight of an adult, the Cascade’s lid is uniquely durable and capable of safely supporting up to 350 lbs. The thoughtful design elements don’t stop there – the Cascade also comes with a choice of two remote controls: a large remote with raised, color-coded buttons, and a smaller, sleeker remote with flat buttons. With its fantastic wash/dry experience and wide range of comfort and convenience features, we think you’ll love the Cascade 3000 just as much as we do!

Bio Bidet BB-2000

The BB-2000 is a hot seller and for good reason. It provides a high-quality wash experience and is manufactured by Bio Bidet, one of the leaders in bidet cleansing. The BB-2000 offers standard front and rear wash modes, as well as a child mode that uses the seat’s gentlest settings, plus a powerful enema wash that can help alleviate colorectal conditions like constipation. Oscillating and pulsating spray options offer extra coverage and relaxation, and the water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature and nozzle position are fully adjustable. Unlike the TOTO S550e/S500e and the Cascade 3000, the Bio Bidet BB-2000 has a hybrid water heater that uses both a warm water tank and an instant heater. The Bio Bidet’s hybrid system is especially powerful and is able to generate unlimited warm water with excellent temperature consistency from start to finish, whereas seats with instant heaters sometimes have a quick burst of cold water at the very start of the wash. With most bidet seats, a nozzle issue means you’ll need to send the seat in to the manufacturer for professional servicing. Not so with the BB-2000, which comes with nozzles that can quickly and easily be replaced at home. While it doesn’t have a sittable lid, the BB-2000 does have an air deodorizer, warm air dryer, LED nightlight and one button wash and dry. It only comes in an elongated seat size, but it is available in both white and beige and offers a choice of white or black remote. Clearly, there’s a lot to love about the BB-2000, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of our top choices for bidet seats with best wash quality!

Budget: BB-1000 & Blooming R1063

We recognize that the seats detailed above land on the pricier end of the spectrum, and while we feel they’re fairly priced given the amenities they offer, there are nevertheless some good options for tighter budgets.

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 has a lot in common with the BB-2000, including a heated seat, front and rear wash modes, nozzle oscillation and pulsation, easy to replace nozzles, and fully adjustable settings. Its enema wash feature is arguably a bit more powerful than the BB-2000’s, plus its got a higher water flow rate of 0.32 gallons per minute that delivers an especially thorough cleanse. Additionally, the BB-1000 comes in both round and elongated seat sizes, so it’s a bit more versatile than the BB-2000 when it comes to toilet compatibility. Another big difference between the two seats is that the BB-2000 has a hybrid heater that provides unlimited warm water, whereas the BB-1000 has a tank heater that generates 40-60 seconds of warm water. After the tank depletes, the seat uses cool water for 3-5 minutes, until the tank can refill. The BB-1000 also doesn’t come with an LED nightlight, child mode or auto wash function, and it’s only available in white. However it does have both a deodorizer and warm air dryer and is controlled via a large wireless remote. While it’s not as feature heavy as some of the other seats on this list, it still offers a quality wash experience and comes in at a much lower price point!

The Blooming Bidet R1063 is a second budget-friendly option. This bidet seat is similar to the Cascade 3000 in many ways, including that it is compatible with most toilets, even many toilets with difficult-to-fit French curves. Like the Cascade 3000, the Blooming R1063 comes with front and rear wash modes, nozzle oscillation, unlimited warm water, a heated seat, warm air dryer, LED nightlight, and one button wash and dry, plus adjustable seat/water/dryer temperature, spray pressure, and nozzle position. Unlike the Cascade 3000, however, the Blooming R1063 has aluminum nozzles (versus stainless steel), and it doesn’t come with a sittable lid, deodorizer, choice of remote controls, or silver-nano coated components. At the end of the day, choosing a seat really comes down to determining which features are most important to you. If price and wash quality are your two biggest priorities, the Blooming R1063 won’t disappoint!