Bidet Water Heating Methods | VIDEO

Are you interested in warm water for you bidet? But not sure what the difference between a tank, hybrid, and instant water heater is, and what is the best for your needs? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, explains the pros and cons to each one.

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Bidet Water Heating Methods Transcript:

How do I know which water heating method I want in my electric Bidet seat? My name is Daniel Johnson; owner of and your answer is up next.

When it comes to water heating methods there are three main categories: tank, hybrid and instant water heaters. The tank water heaters are going to be the least expensive, but they do have a few drawbacks. You’re looking at a taller back on the Bidet, because the tank has to be stored in that area and that takes up space. You’re also looking at limited warm water. Looking at around 30 seconds worth of warm water, give or take, before it starts to go cold; similar to if you run out of warm water while taking a shower. Now, the one benefit is that you’re going to have warm water from the very instant that the unit starts.

Your highest end water heater is going to be the instant water heater. This water heater heats the water as it passes through the heater. Meaning that it takes less space and also meaning that it’s going to supply unlimited warm water, because it’s not using a reservoir that can run out.

Now, if you’re looking for a hybrid, between the two, a hybrid water heater is your option. These units have a small water tank that supplies the water originally and then uses a lower-end instant water heater to refill that tank. Now, because it’s a lower end instant water heater, generally speaking, it cannot keep up with the wash, so you’re still going to run out of warm water, but you’re going to get another 15 to 30 seconds worth of warm water. When compared to a tank water heater, in this sort of a situation, you’re looking at a slightly larger back than the instant water heaters, but a smaller back than the tank water heaters, because that water heater tank is so small. The other important thing to note here is that the hybrid water heater units tend to sit between the price point of the tank and the instant; because of that hybrid setup and the fact that the instant water heaters, those use lower end water heaters.

Now, if you’ve watched this video and you’re still not sure which of the water heaters is the water heater setup that you would prefer, feel free to reach out to us. Our preferred method is by commenting on this video, as that allows us to answer and help others in the process, as they can view your question and our answer. However, you can also always feel free to email us, call us, text us, or live chat with us. All of that contact information is in the video description, including a link to our website. Of course, when you’re ready to buy, reach out to us, ask us for discounts we’re always happy to help. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day. where we sell many Bidets, not mini Bidets.

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