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BidetKing Brand Review

Bidet King is a popular online bidet seat retailer located in Monterey Park, CA. It is a subsidiary of WebGerms Health, Inc, which also owns the Wholesale Bidets website and the Alpha Bidet brand. In addition to selling Alpha Bidet, Bidet King carries a selection of bidet seats, attachments, accessories and integrated units from companies like Brondell, Bio Bidet, TOTO, and Kohler.

Why Buy from BidetKing?

Unlike many online bidet retailers, Bidet King owns warehouses where they maintain their own inventory. The upside to this is that they don’t rely on anyone else to get shipments out on time, and they may still have product in stock when other retailers run out. (The flip side to this, of course, is that it’s possible for them to run out when others still have inventory, but overall we’d list this as a plus).

Second, Bidet King’s website is similar to ours in that it features a robust “knowledge center” with resources designed to make choosing, installing, and using a bidet easy. These include product reviews, product comparison charts, installation tips, general information about bidets, and answers to frequently asked questions. This type of information is helpful if you’re new to bidets or want help deciding which style and model is right for your needs. 

Like Many Bidets, Bidet King pays sales tax for US customers and offers fast shipping. For the sake of transparency, it’s worth mentioning that Many Bidets doesn’t cover sales tax for California residents, while Bidet King does. Bidet King’s shipping is free inside the continental US for orders over $99 and free in Canada with orders between $200 and $499 (depends on the method of shipping desired). The company’s website also offers clear and detailed information regarding all shipping fees and charges to minimize any unpleasant surprises. An extra plus is that local customers can avoid shipping fees altogether by making an appointment to pick up purchases direct from Bidet King’s Monterey Park, CA warehouse.

Additionally, Bidet King gives customers 45 days to return unused products. Customers are responsible for return shipping fees, but keep in mind that this is standard practice across the industry. Bidet King also offers a free trial program that allows customers to return qualifying products (used and undamaged) within 30 days of purchasing. Do note that at the time of this article’s publication, the program is on hold due to COVID-19.

Finally, online reviews suggest that the majority of Bidet King customers had a good experience ordering from the company. For example, Bidet King has 88% positive feedback on Amazon (out of almost 70 ratings) and 95% positive feedback from Google customer reviews (out of over 800 ratings). While a number of Google reviewers provided five star ratings without explaining the high marks, those who did leave positive comments frequently mentioned Bidet King’s easy ordering process or quick shipping while others expressed satisfaction with the products themselves.

Potential Problems with BidetKing?

One potential downside to Bidet King is that they offer fewer products compared to some other online retailers, including Many Bidets. For example, at the time of this writing, Bidet King’s website featured around 30 bidet seats across 12 different brands. In comparison, Many Bidets currently carries around 50 bidet seats across 17 brands. In an effort to be fair, we want to mention that Bidet King does carry a few 220V options as well as one brand (Alpha Bidet) that we don’t, so if you’re looking to purchase any of these, we won’t be the right company for you.

A second potential downside to purchasing from Bidet King is that not all orders include free shipping. Orders to the continental US that don’t meet minimum purchase thresholds only incur $5.95 flat rate shipping, which is a pretty great deal, but orders to HI and AK incur a flat rate of $30-40 (depending on delivery method), and integrated bidets can’t be delivered to either of these states. Similarly, USPS shipping to Canada for orders under $99 cost $20, and UPS shipping on orders under $499.

When it comes to returns, it’s always a good idea to know the fine print for any returns policy, and one caveat to be aware of is that Bidet King’s website states that they charge a 15-25% restocking fee if you return an item without all of its original packaging.

A final possible issue relates to customer reviews. We’ve already listed these as a positive, so why is it also making an appearance on the list of potential downsides? The short answer is that assessing online reviews isn’t always as straightforward as looking at the number of overall stars a company has received. Some platforms allow anyone to leave a review, while others validate reviews in one way or another. The Better Business Bureau, for example, doesn’t allow third party or anonymous reviews, sends every review to the business to allow them to respond, and marks reviews “verified” if the business confirms having had an interaction with that customer. While customer reviews don’t impact the business’ overall letter grade, the BBB’s system offers an added layer of transparency that is intended to produce a more accurate, reliable reflection of customer experiences. That’s why we’re proud to have over a hundred reviews on the BBB site, most of which are very positive. In the case of Bidet King, they have a great BBB letter grade but only one customer review. While it’s great to see good reviews on Google and Amazon, we wish they had a better sampling of reviews on the BBB’s site as these are a valuable metric of customer satisfaction.

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