Bio Bidet BB-1700 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Bio Bidet BB-1700 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


Bio Bidet BB-1700 Bliss Product Page

Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 Comprehensive Guide

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Bio Bidet Bliss bb-1700The New Advanced Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 is a state of the art, luxurious bidet with all the features you could possibly want in a bidet.  As part of the Bio Bidet Bliss series, you can count on the Bio Bidet BB-1700 to be top of the line, with unsurpassed features.  The Bio Bidet BB-1700 offers a side panel control, while the Bio Bidet BB-2000 offers a sleek, wireless remote.

Other high end bidet seats you’ll find on the market today offer dual nozzles.  This allows for both frontal (feminine) and rear(posterior) washes, but neither of the nozzles can be perfectly centered.  The Bio Bidet Bliss series fixes this problem with it’s one of a kind, patented, 3 in 1 nozzle.  This allows for both posterior and feminine wash while still only using one nozzle.  This allows the nozzle to be perfectly centered, while still offering both wash options.  

Bio Bidet Bliss Stainless Steel NozzleThe Bio Bidet BB-1700’s patented nozzle doesn’t just offer the 2 wash options other bidet seats offer.  Each of the three nozzles offer a unique, quality wash experience different from what you’d get with any other bidet.  The first wash option offered by this nozzle is the Vortex Water Stream.  This stream uses the first spout in the nozzle to offer a swirling, or vortex stream.  This stream is great for a gentle massage, and is used to help with constipation.  The second spout on the 3 in 1 nozzle is the posterior or rear wash.  This wash option offers a great cleanse, with a wider spout then others on the market today, allowing for a wider more complete wash.  The last spout on the 3 in 1 nozzle offered by the Bio Bidet BB-1700 is the feminine wash.  This spout is the largest vent on any of the bidets Bio Bidet has ever made, allowing for a complete, and gentle wash.

When using any of these wash settings, the Bio Bidet BB-1700’s 3 in 1 stainless steel nozzle infuses air bubbles in the water.  This process is referred to as aeration, and allows for a more gentle wash while still offering the same quality of cleaning.  Using the side control on the Bio Bidet BB-1700, you can also adjust the position of the nozzles, allowing for the perfect wash.

Bio Bidet Bliss Nozzle FeminineWhile all these different wash cycles are great, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 also allows you to choose the oscillate function, and pulsate or massage function while any of these wash cycles are in use.  The oscillate function allows causes the nozzle to oscillate back and forth, providing an even wider wash when needed.  These are just some of the features that make the Bio Bidet BB-1700 such an advanced bidet seat.

As might be expected, with each of these wash settings, the Bio Bidet BB-1700 offers the ability to adjust the water pressure and temperature to your liking.  The heating system offered in the Bio Bidet Bliss Series, is one of a kind.  The Bio Bidet BB-1700 features this hybrid heating technology, allowing you to have the best warm water bidet experience possible.  Other warm water bidet seats on the market today offer either the tank or instant water heating systems.  Instant is great because it allows for unlimited warm water, since it heats water as you use it.  However, it has the drawback of not holding a consistent temperature, since the water is being heated real time.  Since the instant heating system turns on when you start the bidet, you’ll tend to also feel a short burst of cold water before the warm water makes it through the bidet, since the heating system has to warm up.  To solve these shortcomings, many bidet manufacturers use a tank heated water system.  This system keeps hot water ready for whenever you need it.  The positive side to this system is no more cold water before things warm up, and no more inconsistency of the water temp.  The main drawback of the warm water tank is limited water.  Those running longer wash cycles may find that the water gets cold by the end of the wash.  The other downside of a tank system comes from the fact that the water is always being heated.  This can use extra electricity, even when the bidet seat is not in use.  The Bio Bidet Bliss BB 1700’s hybrid heating system removes the down sides of the other systems, while including the positives.  This hybrid heating system maintains a small reservoir of warm water, and while the bidet is in use, an instant heating system continues to heat and fill the small warm water reservoir.  Because this reservoir is so small, Bio Bidet is able to remove the constant heating problems found in the tank water system, but, because there is a reservoir, Bio Bidet is able to avoid the heating inconsistency found in instant heating systems.  The Hybrid water heating system can only be found in the Bio Bidet Bliss series (BB-1700, and BB-2000 models).

Bio Bidet Bliss bb-1700 Features ListMany other bidets on the market rely on water pressure to make the nozzles extract and retract.  This is not the case with the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 1700.  Instead, the BB 1700 has a motor that controls the nozzle.  This gives the Bio Bidet Bliss BB 1700, more control over nozzle position, and allows for greater accuracy.

Water heating, and wash cycles aren’t the only area where the Bio Bidet BB 1700 excels.  This amazing bidet also employs self-cleaning techniques that no other bidet in the industry can compete with.  The Bio Bidet Bliss series offers both Hydro-Flush, and CleanSurge technology.  These features combine together to make the most complete self-cleaning process currently available.  The CleanSurge feature moves the nozzle in and out of its housing in quick procession, while water runs over it.  At the same time, the Hydro-Flush feature kicks in, sending high pressure water through the bidet nozzle, in order to make sure the Bio Bidet BB 1700 is as clean as possible for its next use.

Bio Bidet bb-1700 Front ViewThe Bio Bidet Bliss BB 1700 not only provides the best in hygiene, but also specializes in luxury.  The Bio Bidet Bliss Series comes with heated seats and heated air dry.  The temperature of both of these features is totally adjustable.  Many people turn the heated seat off all together in the summer, and then gradually turn it up as the weather gets colder.

An air deodorizer is a must for a good bidet seat.  The Bio Bidet BB 17000 offers one of the best, with its built in active carbon deodorizer.  A small fan pulls air through the deodorizer, and clean air comes out the other side.  This isn’t like those cheap deodorizers that mask the smell, the carbon really absorbs the smell itself, leaving you with no odor whatsoever.

Bio Bidet bb-1700 Bliss DeodorizerThe safety sensor offered by the Bio Bidet BB 1700 is great with kids around the house.  This feature detects if someone is sitting on the seat or not, and only allows the seat to operate when occupied.  This keeps you from having to worry about someone who doesn’t know how to work the bidet turning it on while not seated.  This feature is also great if someone gets up mid wash cycle.  The Bio Bidet BB 1700 then turns itself off, and there’s no mess!

With all these great features, people often worry about power consumption.  The Bio Bidet BB 1700 is one of the most efficient bidet seats on the market today, and also offers a eco mode for increased efficiency if needed.

To sweeten the deal, Bio Bidet offers a full 3 year warranty on their bliss series.  Other bidet manufacturers on the market today offer limited warranties.  A 3 year full warranty is practically unheard of, but that’s how confident Bio Bidet is that you’ll fall in love with the BB-1700.  Still not sure, or have additional questions?  Take a look at our frequently asked questions below, and as always, if you still have concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of remote does the Bio Bidet BB-1700 come with? 

The Bio Bidet BB 1700 comes with a side remote that’s connected to the bidet itself.  If you’re looking for a wireless remote, you’ll want to check out the Bio Bidet BB-2000.  This bidet seat offers a sleek wireless remote instead of the side remote.


Does the Bio Bidet BB-1700 come in both round and elongated? 

Currently Bio Bidet only offers the Bio Bidet BB-1700 elongated bidet seat.  However if they ever start selling a round version of the Bio Bidet BB-1700 you’ll find it here as well!


Where can I find Bio Bidet BB-1700 reviews?

We have reviews for almost all of our seats, including the Bio Bidet BB-1700.  If you want to read what others just like you think of the Bio Bidet BB-1700, simply read the reviews below.


How easy is the install process for the Bio Bidet BB-1700?

It’s very quick and easy to install the Bio Bidet BB-1700.  If you’re looking for details, you can simply watch the video below.  This video walks you through each of the steps, so you get a full picture of the installation process.  Most people find it quite easy to install the Bio Bidet BB 1700 after watching this video, even with no prior plumbing experience.  If you have any additional questions after reviewing the Bio Bidet BB 1700 installation instructions below, simply let us know, and we’ll see what we can do to help.


How much electricity does the Bio Bidet BB-1700 really use?

The Bio Bidet BB 1700 uses very little power.  The Bio Bidet BB 1700 will cost less then 20 dollars a year for electricity.


Do you have any Bio Bidet BB 1700 youtube videos, that walk me through the features the Bio Bidet BB 1700 offer?

Below you’ll see a youtube video that walks you through just that!

What Bidets make up the Bio Bidet Bliss series I hear about?

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 and Bio Bidet BB-1700 are the two seats that make up the Bliss series.  The main difference between these seats, are the remotes they come with.