Bio Bidet BB-400 Bidet Seat Editors Review

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Bio Bidet BB-400 Bidet Seat Editors Review


Bio Bidet BB-400 Top With RemoteThe Bio Bidet Harmony BB-400 is the base model electric bidet toilet in Bio Bidet’s luxury class.  Being in the Bio Bidet luxury class means you get many great features, some of which are even patented and exclusive to the Bio Bidet brand.  However, since it’s the base model, you get them at a ridiculously good price.  This makes the Bio Bidet Harmony BB-400 the best of both worlds.  Unlike the Bio Bidet BB-600, the Bio Bidet BB-400 offers wireless remote.  This allows you to control all of the many functions of the bidet more comfortably.

When it comes to wash cycles, the Bio Bidet brand has you covered with lots of great options.  The Bio Bidet Harmony BB-400 offers the same patented 3-in-1 nozzle system offered by other bidet seats offered in Bio Bidet’s luxury class.  This nozzle system allows you to get three different washes all using one wand, allowing the nozzle to be perfectly positioned every time.  As expected, the Bio Bidet Harmony BB-400 offers posterior or rear wash, and feminine or front wash cycles.  Each of these cycles use a different nozzle on the 3 nozzle system, allowing Bio Bidet to tailor each of these washes perfectly.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 also offers the vortex wash.  This wash cycle provides additional power to the cleaning cycle, as it sprays the water in a circular or vortex motion.  Since Bio Bidet holds a patent on the vortex wash cycle, you’ll want to purchase one of their seats if you’re hoping to have this great feature.

Bio Bidet BB-400 Features ListAs is true with many of the other bidet toilet seats in Bio Bidet’s luxury lineup, the wash cycles don’t stop here.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 has multiple wash variations that can be selected mid-wash, depending on preference.  The first of these wash variations is the wide cleaning wash.  This option causes the nozzle to oscillate back and forth, providing a wider more complete wash.  The second variation is the massage or pulsating cleanse, which allows the wash to pulsate between hard and soft bursts of water, giving the sensation of a massage.  Either of these two variations can be chosen during the other wash cycles, just giving you additional options during the wash process.

Bio Bidet BB-400 RemoteThe Bio Bidet BB-400 also offers some great features for making sure the bidet itself stays clean.  Like many other bidets on the market today, the Bio Bidet BB-400 offers a self cleaning feature, which allows the nozzle to automatically run through a cleaning process after every use.  This helps to ensure the next wash is as clean and sanitary as possible.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 also comes with an easy to remove nozzle head.  This is great for times when you have guests on an extended stay, and you want to put a different nozzle head on while they are in town, allowing you to switch back to your nozzle head when they leave.  When it comes to cleaning the toilet itself, the Bio Bidet BB-400 also offers a quick and easy release of the bidet seat.  This allows you to remove the bidet seat to clean the toilet, making the chore quick, easy and painless.

Bio Bidet is not only known for their great wash cycles.  They are also known for great luxury features.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 is no different.  When you purchase the Bio Bidet BB-400, you’ll experience instant warm water for each wash.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 uses the hot water tank method when providing the adjustable warm water wash options.  This method has many pros, and tends to be the prefered heating method over instant water heating systems.  The pros that come from using the hot water tank method include both instant warm water, and consistency in the water temperature.  These are both items an instant water heating system can not achieve.

Bio Bidet BB-400 Left AngleThe Bio Bidet BB-400 doesn’t stop here.  It also offers an adjustable heated seat, giving you additional comfort on those cold winter nights.  This also helps to stimulate the bowels.  While in use, the Bio Bidet BB-400 also has a powerful deodorizer that implements active carbon to absorb the odor.  A small fan pulls the air through this deodorizer, making the whole experience practically odor free.  Because the deodorizer implements active carbon, it never needs to be replaced.  Unlike some other deodorizers on the market today, the Bio Bidet BB-400 deodorizer absorbs the odor instead of masking it with other scents.

The Bio Bidet BB-400 comes with a built in body sensor, which helps the bidet seat sense if someone is sitting on it or not, giving you extra peace of mind when having company over.  Using the body sensor, the Bio Bidet BB-400 will remain off unless someone is seated on the bidet.  If the operator of the bidet gets up before the wash cycle is complete, the Bio Bidet BB-400 automatically turns the wash off, avoiding what would otherwise be a big mess.

Bio Bidet BB-400 InstalledOnce the wash is complete, the Bio Bidet BB-400 offers a warm air dryer.  How warm you decide to have the warm air is completely up to you, and can be adjusted using the wireless remote to fit your liking.  This helps to eliminate the need for toilet paper, making the Bio Bidet BB-400 a very green toilet seat option.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 also offers an auto-power saving mode, which uses lower heat settings, helping you conserve even more energy, should you desire to do so.

As you can see, the Bio Bidet BB-400 offers many great features, and luxury options, making it a great all around bidet seat.  Bio Bidet stands behind their product with a 2 year warranty, should anything go wrong.  Hopefully all the information above helps you decide if the Bio Bidet BB-400 is the right seat for you.  However, if you have additional questions, feel free to check out our frequently asked questions below.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


I’ve heard that the Bio Bidet BB-400 is a warm water bidet.  What does this mean?

Bidets are either referred to warm water bidets or natural, fresh water bidets.  Warm water bidets heat water instantly, or use a hot water tank to allow the operator to adjust the temperature of the wash.  Natural or fresh water bidets only use cold water.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 is a warm water bidet that uses the warm water tank system.  Often, natural water bidets are non-electric bidet seats, and tend to be lower end bidet seats.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 offers lots of features that require electricity.


How easy is it to install the Bio Bidet BB-400?  I’m not a licensed plumber, do I need to hire one?  Do you have a youtube video walking through the Bio Bidet BB-400 installation process?

Bio Bidet makes the BB-400 very easy to install.  Most people find they can easily install the Bio Bidet BB-400 in under an hour without any prior experience.  If you want help with the Bio Bidet BB-400 installation process, feel free to check out our installation video below.


How does the Bio Bidet BB-400 compare to the Bliss BB-2000?

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 has many great features that the BB-400 is missing.  However, the BB-400 costs much less than the BB-2000.  Which one is right for you?  Taking a look at the comparison chart below might help you decide.

Bio Bidet Feature Compare Chart
Note: the Bliss BB-2000 is now offered in both elongated and rounds seat sizes.

Do you ship the Bio Bidet-400 to Canada?

We ship all of our seats to Canada and the US for free.  This is something most of our competitors don’t do.  If you want to get the Bio Bidet BB-400 shipped to Canada or the USA, you’re in luck!


Does the Bio Bidet BB-400 come with a filter?

The Bio Bidet BB-400 does not come with a water filter.  Water filters are not really needed unless you have very hard water.  However, if you’re looking to get a water filter to attach to your bidet seat, we can take care of you!


Does Bio Bidet offer both round and elongated versions of the Bio Bidet BB-400?

Bio Bidet offers two different seats for the BB-400 model.  They offer both the Bio Bidet BB-400 elongated bidet toilet seat in white, and the Bio Bidet BB-400 round bidet toilet seat in white.  With both of these options, the BB-400 will fit almost any toilet.  However, if you want to make sure, feel free to check out the Bio Bidet BB-400 dimensions in the picture below.

Bio Bidet BB-400 Toilet Seat Measurement


How does the price of the Bio Bidet BB-400 compare to other bidets on the market?

The Bio Bidet BB-400 is very well priced in comparison to other bidet seats offering similar features.  Because it’s in Bio Bidet’s luxury class, it offers all the features you’d expect to see in a high end bidet seat, but offers them at a discounted price since it’s the base model of the luxury class.  This makes the Bio Bidet BB-400 a great option for anyone looking for the perfect price to feature ratio.


Where can I find the manual for the Bio Bidet BB-400?

We offer the Bio Bidet BB-400 manual on our owner’s manuals page.  Feel free to check it out!  We offer both a pdf version as well as an html version for your convenience.  You may also download the pdf version for offline viewing should you so desire.


How does the Bio Bidet BB-400 deodorizer filter compare to other deodorizers on the market today?

The deodorizer that comes installed in the Bio Bidet BB-400 uses a small fan to pull the air through an active carbon filter.  This helps the BB-400 to eliminate the odor all together instead of masking it, like some other “deodorizers” do.  Because the BB-400 deodorizer uses active carbon, the filter never needs to be replaced for the life of the bidet seat.


Where can I find reviews for the Bio Bidet BB-400?

We have reviews from other customers just like you below.  Feel free to check them out below!  Find out what others like and dislike about this bidet seat.


Bio Bidet BB-400 RemoteWhat are the advantages of the Bio Bidet BB-400 remote v.s. other Bio Bidet remotes?

The Bio Bidet BB-400 remote is wireless, which makes it very easy to use.  Sometimes larger operators can find a side panel remote a little hard to operate.  However, since it is the base line product in Bio Bidet’s luxury line, the wireless remote is not as sleek as some other wireless remotes Bio Bidet offers.


Is the Bio Bidet BB-400 a duo dual nozzle bidet seat?

No, the BB-400 uses Bio Bidet’s patented 3 in one nozzle instead of the dual nozzle setup.  There are many benefits to this set up, the most notable of which is the fact that since there’s only one nozzle, it can be perfectly placed for each of the wash cycles, instead of having to fight for real estate with another nozzle.


Where can I find parts for the Bio Bidet BB-400?

Even though we don’t list parts on our site, we have most of them in stock.  If you’re looking for parts for the Bio Bidet BB-400, just ask us, and chances are, we can help!