Bio Bidet BB-2000 unboxing video

Update: now offered in a round style

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Bio Bidet BB-2000 unboxing video Transcript:

Welcome to the unboxing of the bio bidet Bliss BB-2000 presented by Many Bidets. The bidet toilet seat is snug inside of the box.

The wireless remote is large enough to make it easy to use while still looking sleek in classy. This remote comes in white or black depending on preference.

All the additional hardware is packaged neatly and securely in this plastic bag. In a moment we’ll be taking all of this out to look at it in more detail. Each bidet also gets shipped with a manual in case you have any additional questions or you want to look something up.

Now that we’ve taken everything out of the box, let’s take some time to look at each of these parts and talk about what they do.

We’re going to start with the bidet toilet seat. The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 comes in elongated. Currently Bio Bidet does not offer a round option for this seat (update: now offered in a round style!). Both the seat and the lid have a slow close feature preventing either from slamming. On the left-hand side we have the water in as well as options for running the bidet without the wireless remote should it be out of battery. On the right-hand side we have the deodorizer as well as the four foot long power cord.

The quick release plate that gets attached to the toilet. The BB-2000 then slides into this quick release plate. When the bidet seat slides into the quick release plate it quickly snaps into place. On the power cord side of the bidet, there is a button that allows you to quickly release the bidet at any time. The quick release mount is attached to the toilet using a sliding metal bracket and a bolt with a square head.

The BB-2000’s wireless remote has large buttons and an LED screen making it easy to use. On the back of the remote we have a location to insert the batteries that come with the bidet. The wall mount can be either screwed into the wall or stuck to the wall using an adhesive tape. Once the wall mount is installed, sliding the remote into the wall mount is quick and easy. The remote can be used while mounted to the wall, or held in hand.

The white hose runs from the T valve to the bidet seat, and the metal hose runs from the water supply line to the T valve into the toilet. The included T valve screws into the metal line as well as the toilet and provides water to the bidet seat as well. The adapter is used in case the water supply line is too small. The elbow connects the white hose to the bidet seat.

Thanks for watching and feel free to visit us at for more details on the bio bidet bliss BB-2000 and other bidet seats.