Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Video Review

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Video Review of the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Luxury Bidet Seat

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Welcome to the Many Bidets review of the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 luxury bidet seat. In this review we will go over the wireless remote, talk about the different functions that the patented bio bidet three and one nozzle offers and talk about the hook-up to your existing toilet.

The BB-2000 is shipped with all the necessary hardware to install the bidet seat. The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 also comes with the slow closed lid and seat this prevents accidental slamming. On the left hand side we can see a connection for the water supply as well as a nightlight and controls in case the remote has been lost. We can also see a T connector which allows us to connect the bidet to the water source used for the toilet tank. Here’s another view of the left hand side of the bidet seat. On the right hand side we can see a four foot power cord as well as a powerful deodorizer.

When it comes to installation the, BB-2000 is quick and easy to install. Simply attach the mounting plate and then slide the bidet seat into place. Looking at the bottom of the bidet seat we can see the hooks the bidet seat uses to clamp into the mount and the release button. Another great feature is the easy to replace nozzle, simply give it a twist and it comes off. When replacing it make sure that the rubber washer remains in place. Once the nozzle has been replaced, the self-cleaning function runs prepping it for use.

This self-cleaning function also runs before and after every wash ensuring the cleanest wash possible. The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 uses Bio Bidet’s patented three-in-one nozzle offering both rear, front, and enema washes in one nozzle head. Currently we see the rear wash. Rear and front washes use aeration, which infuses air bubbles into the water stream. This allows for a more comfortable wash, and provides a more thorough wash at the same time. Adjustable water temperatures available on every wash provided by this nozzle, we can also adjust the position of the nozzle forward or back on any of these washes as desired for optimal comfort and functionality. Oscillation mode moves the nozzle back and forth to provide cleaning to a wider surface area. This particular mode is also available when using other custom settings on the remote. Here we can see the pulse or massage mode where the nozzle alternates between strong and weak streams. After each wash, the nozzle automatically runs through self-cleaning. The front most nozzle spout is the feminine wash, this wash is slightly wider than the posterior wash and offers all the same features. With the feminine wash the massage function is a little bit easier to see. Here we can see the difference between the strong and weak streams that offer the massaging sensation.

The Bio Bidet BB-2000’s water heating system is what’s known as a hybrid water heating system. This keeps you from having to worry about a cold shock before the water gets hot as it utilizes both an instant water heating and a tank water heating system to give you the best of both worlds.

The last wash uses bio bidets patented vortex stream. The vortex stream is a swirling stream that offers additional power, making it the most powerful enema wash on the market to date. As is true with the other washes, the nozzle position can be adjusted and the temperature of the water can be adjusted as well. The built-in air dryer on the BB-2000 offers a powerful air stream with adjustable temperature to dry you after your wash.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the functions, let’s take a look at the remote itself. We can see the posterior wash running, and now the feminine wash. While these washes run, the icon on that screen blinks. We can also see that timer is set for that particular wash as it runs. Currently we’re running the dryer. Once the timer expires the wash completes. Now we’re running the enema function. The deodorizer button enables or disables the automatic deodorizer which is activated when the seat is occupied. We can see here the positioning of the nozzle and the indicator at the bottom of the remote letting us know what that position is. The position of the nozzle is adjustable for every wash. Now we can see the water pressure changing. Again, remember positioning of nozzles is good for all washes. Nozzle pressure is good for the feminine and the posterior wash. Here we’re changing the temperature, and we can see the indicator on the remote, and now the temperature of the seat. So top is temperature of the wash, and bottom is temperature of the seat. Once we’re done, we can hit stop or you can wait for the timer to expire to finish that wash. The remote also comes in two color choices white or black. The remote attaches to the wall using a mount and can be held in the hand as well depending on your preference.

This concludes the review of the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 luxury bidet seat.
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