Bio Bidet USPA IB-835 Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Video Review

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Bio Bidet USPA IB-835 Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Video Review Transcript:

Welcome to the Many bidets review of the Bio Bidet USPA IB 835 integrated unit with toilet and bidet seat. In this review we will see the bidet seat and the toilet before they’re installed. We will also review in real time the nozzle and all the wash functions as well as get to see the remote in use and much more.

The remote for the USPA IB-835 offers many different wash functions on a sleek and classy remote. On the back of the remote we can see a compartment where the batteries would be inserted. This remote can also be hung on the wall or held in hand depending on preference. We can see that the screen is see-through making it feel extremely high-tech. The remote also offers a hidden menu with additional wash settings for your convenience.

The bowl of the IB 835 has all of the flushing mechanics built-in and already assembled. The left hand side of the bidet seat has a manual flush option, a deodorizer, and a receiver for the wireless remote. On the right hand side we see another wireless receiver and we also see wash options in case the batteries in the remote die or the remote is lost. At the back we can see a button that drains the water out of the bidet seat. Here we see the bowl with the bidet seat resting on top of it. Note that this unit is not yet installed and the bidet seat is not mounted to the toilet yet so there’s a larger gap between the two units then there will be once the unit is officially installed. We can see the same options that we saw before. Also along the back we can see the water in, and we can see the cord. Currently the cord is coming out of the center of the bidet seat but once installed, the cord will be coming out of the left hand side of the bidet seat. Here we can see the bidet seat closing after it’s been installed in the bathroom. Similar to most bidet seats on the market today we can see that it offers a slow closed lid and seat.

The IB 835 not only has automatic flushing when the individual stands up but also has manual flushing in case there’s a loss of power. This manual flushing option can be used by pressing the button on the side of the bidet seat and can be used to flush the bidet see as many times as needed over an extended period of power loss. Here we see it being flushed a second time by pressing that button. Besides the automatic flush and the manual flush there is also a flush button offered on the remote itself giving you three different ways to flush the toilet depending on your preference and circumstance. Now we see the lid and seat closing once again this time from a slightly different viewpoint than we did last time.

Next we’ll be looking at the nozzle itself. First we’re going to take a look at the rear wash. This wash uses three holes in the nozzle head and aerates the stream for a more thorough wash and a softer wash at the same time. With either the rear wash or the front wash, the nozzle head can be positioned forwards or backwards to meet the need of the particular individual using the wash. Now the nozzle retracts and we see the nozzle come out again, this time for the front wash. The front wash does have a few more holes but the same functionality applies. We have the aeration, and we have the ability to adjust position of the nozzle depending on need.

Now let’s view the nozzle with a film over the toilet so we can delve into the washes with a little bit more detail. Here we see the rear wash running and the nozzle being positioned as needed for a thorough wash. As mentioned earlier, the nozzle also infuses air bubbles into the water stream. This process is known as aeration and it allows for a more thorough wash and a softer wash at the same time.

The nozzle also offers temperature and pressure adjusting for both front and rear washes. The IB 835 uses what’s referred to as an instant water heating system. This system heats the water in real time avoiding the need to keep water hot throughout the day when not in use and giving you unlimited warm water.

It also offers a massage function to soothe tender areas. With any of these features you can oscillate the nozzle back and forth to cover a wider surface area. These settings are available for both front and rear wash.

The nozzle on the IB 835 runs through a self-cleaning function before and after each use to ensure the cleanest wash possible. New bidet seat owners may mistake this for the bidet seat leaking. Keep in mind that this is just the seat preparing for the cleanest wash possible.

The USPA IB835 also offers a very strong warm air dryer for after the wash is complete. The warm air dry works better than others that we’ve tested to date and offers multiple intensity levels allowing each operator to customize the dry to their own liking.

Now let’s take a look at the wireless remote. Currently we have the rear wash running and you can see that we can change the position of the nozzle by pushing the front or back buttons. We can also change the water pressure by pressing the high or low buttons. Holding down on the rear wash button changes the mode into oscillating mode, oscillating back and forth.

We also have a list of hidden options for the more experienced users. Pressing the rear wash button again stops the oscillation and puts the nozzle back into stationary mode. We can then press the move button to oscillate as well. Now we see pressing the massage button. This massage option offers a soothing sensation for tender areas when needed. We can also see that we can change the pressure of this massage option as well. Now we’re turning off the massage function and the move function by simply pressing those buttons a second time.

Now we’re changing the water temperature. We can see the actual temperature displayed next to the icon for that temperature setting. Now the seat temperature, notice that as we change each of these different settings the screen lights up in blue so that it’s easier to see.

The auto option runs through a complete cleaning cycle from start to finish without any need to adjust any of the settings. This auto function runs through the wash all the way through the drying function so you can press one button and get an entire wash experience. Pressing the stop button will stop the wash altogether. Keep in mind that getting up off the seat will stop the wash as well. This holds true for any wash being run.

The beeping button which we pressed a moment ago turns on beep or no beep for when you press buttons on the remote. Now we have the femine wash running or the front wash and we can see that this wash offers the same functions of moving the nozzle and changing the water pressure as we saw on the rear wash. We can also press the front wash button a second time or hold down on it for a moment to oscillate that wash similar to the rear wash. The move option also works on the front wash just like it did on the rear and then of course we have the massage wash. Note that the massage wash, regardless of which wash is being run will show an icon on the screen and for the front wash we can also have the auto function run as desired or needed giving us full control over exactly what we want to see.

We can turn on or off the deodorizer as desired this dictates whether or not the deodorizer is enabled when the seat is occupied the deodorizer uses an active carbon filter and a fan to absorb the odor molecules. The kids option runs through a wash very similar to the auto option but it’s going to be a gentler stream and it’s a quick way for a child to wash themselves without having to be confused or worried about all the different settings. Then we click on stop to stop that wash process.

Now let’s flush the toilet. Now, the IB 835 does have Auto flushing so here we’re flushing it with the press of a button, but if I was to just to get up off of the bidet seat I would see that the toilet would automatically flush as well.

The dry option also has multiple power levels so we could hit the high and the low options to turn our drying power up or down depending on preference or need. The remote can also be removed from the wall so that it can be used in hand. We can see that the screen is see-through making it feel extra high-end and now we can see it being reconnected to the wall. This concludes the many bidets review of the Bio Bidet USPA IB 835 bidet and toilet combination.