Blooming Bidet Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Blooming Bidet Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

Blooming R1063:


Blooming 1163:


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Blooming offers two seats, one with a wireless remote control and one with a side panel control.  Both of these are the same except for their control input.  Blooming bidets are packed full of great features, and offers the best warranty currently for any bidet on the market.  For a list of features, with a breakdown of these features, along with many other goodies, simply see below.

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Blooming Bidet Features Overview:

Blooming Bidet Features List

Main Features:

Blooming offers two versions of this bidet, one offering a wireless remote control, and the other offering a side panel control.  All the other features are the same.

The Blooming bidets offer two nozzles on one wand.  This gives the bidet’s wand perfect positioning, while still offering specialized nozzles designed for particular washes.

Along with the normal front and rear washes, the Blooming bidets offer both massage and pulse wash settings.

On top of the normal adjustments many high end bidets offer, the Blooming bidet allows the operator to make additional adjustments.  This helps get the wash aimed just right instead of requiring the operator to adjust their position on the seat to get the best wash.

A good bidet will offer Self-cleaning nozzles, to ensure the cleanest wash every time.  It’s no surprise that the Blooming bidet seats have this feature built in.

Comfort features:

The on-demand instant water heating system offered by the Blooming bidets allows them to offer instant, unlimited warm water, while only requiring a cold water connection to the house.

Blooming bidets also offer an adjustable warm seat, this can be adjusted based on time of year, or simply based off of the operator’s preference.  This feature also helps to stimulate bowel movements.

The Blooming bidet seats also offer a built in seat sensor, which can tell if the seat is occupied.  This helps to keep the seat from turning on when it shouldn’t.

Last, but not least, for the comfort features is Blooming bidet’s adjustable warm air dry feature.  This offers great comfort to those with sensitive skin, and also removes the need for toilet paper, making it much more eco-friendly as well.

Convenience Features:

Blooming bidets offer an LED night light on each of their seats.  This light automatically turns on when it’s dark, making it easy to use in the middle of night.

Blooming bidets will fit most 1 and 2 piece toilets, and offers a quick release option.  This allows the seat to be removed and/or installed in moments, making cleaning the toilet a breeze.

Blooming bidets come in both round and elongated sizes, and are currently offered in white.


Blooming offers a full, 3 year unlimited warranty.  This is currently the best warranty out there.


Blooming bidets come with a soft close seat & lid, and offers an energy-saving feature, which helps save money over time.


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5 point rating for the Blooming Bidet Seat

Below we rate the Blooming bidets in comparison to other electronic bidet seats on the market today.

Blooming 5 Star Rating

The Blooming bidet earns a full 5 stars for warranty due to their 3 year full, unlimited warranty, making it the best warranty in the business.  Due to the lack of a deodorizer, the Blooming bidet only earns 4.5 stars for features.  The lack of this feature, along with the slightly higher price tag causes us to rate the value rating at 4.3.  However, some people will argue that the warranty included with the Blooming bidets is worth the extra money.  This is a call you’ll need to make yourself.  Overall, we rate the Blooming bidet 4.6 out of 5 stars.  It would be a great addition to any home.


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Pros and Con’s List


Great warranty

Lots of features


No deodorizer

No water filter or water sterilization system


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Other seats to consider

BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat (Elongated)

Novita BG-90 and BG-93

Novita BH-90 and BH-93


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Models Offered

BrandControl TypeSeat ShapeModel Full NameCommonly refered to as
BloomingWirelessElongatedR1063EBlooming R1063E bidet seatBlooming R1063 Elongated bidet seat
BloomingWirelessRoundR1063RBlooming R1063R bidet seatBlooming R1063 Round bidet seat
BloomingSide PanelElongated1163EBlooming 1163E bidet seatBlooming 1163 Elongated bidet seat
BloomingSide PanelRound1163RBlooming 1163R bidet seatBlooming 1163 Round bidet seat


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Spec Sheet

Blooming Specs


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Editor’s Review of the Blooming bidet seats

blooming bidet 1063When it comes to features, Blooming bidets have you covered.  The Blooming 1063 is a new, redesigned version of the original Blooming 1060.  This new version has all the great features offered by the Blooming 1060, plus additional features making it a great choice for any house.  Blooming also offers a full 3 year warranty on all parts and labor.  This kind of warranty simply can’t be beaten.

The Blooming bidet 1063 offers the standard wash cycles you’d expect from a high end bidet.  The first of these is the rear or posterior wash.  The Blooming bidet 1063 also offers the frontal or feminine wash.  This wash is also sometimes referred to as the bidet wash.  The Blooming bidet 1063 also offers a third, less common wash option referred to as it’s massage wash.  All three of these washes are provided through the use of one wand.  This wand has 3 different nozzles built into it, giving each wash a custom nozzle designed specifically with it in mind.

While any of these wash cycles are in use, the Blooming bidet r1063 allows you to adjust the position of the nozzle, allowing you to get it just right.  The Blooming bidet r1063 also offers massage and pulse features.  These features can be turned on during any part of the above wash cycles, allowing you to customize your wash just the way you like it.

The Blooming bidet nb-r1063 also offers an on-demand instant water heating system.  This warm water system has a few perks over other warm water systems on the market today.  The instant water heating system offered by the Blooming bidet r1063 allows the operator to have unlimited warm water.  This system also offers warm water instantly, instead of requiring you to wait, as the warm water comes through the pipes.  The Blooming bidet nb-r1063 allows you to adjust the temperature of the water to your exact liking.

Warm water, and a variety wash features aren’t the only luxuries the Blooming r1063 has to offer.  The Blooming r1063 bidet toilet seat has a seat warmer built into it.  This warmer can be adjusted to the operators liking.  The Blooming r1063 seat warmer is more than just a luxury feature.  It also helps to stimulate bowel movements.

To finish off the wash cycle, the Blooming bidet r1063 offers a warm air dryer.  The air dryer has adjustable temperature settings, offering an added luxury.  This feature also helps make the bidet extra eco friendly as well, by eliminating the need for toilet paper.

The Blooming bidet r1063 is also great for when guests come over.  It’s easy to understand remote, and the seat sensor built into the Blooming bidet r1063 offers additional peace of mind.  This seat sensor can tell when someone is seated on the bidet, and uses this to determine if the bidet should be allowed to run.  If a guest starts hitting buttons before taking a seat, or gets up before the wash is complete, the Blooming r1063 automatically shuts off, saving you a messy clean up if your guest does something they shouldn’t.

Blooming Bidet 1163One of the most uncommon features offered by bidet seats on the market today is the night light.  There are a few other seats that offer this feature, but they are few and far between.  The Blooming r1063 offers a night light to gently illuminate the bathroom at night with a warm glow.  This helps with late night visits that otherwise can prove to be surprisingly difficult.  

The Blooming r1063 bidet seat also has built in hydraulics, that keep it from slamming, and has an easy, quick release option.  This allows the seat to be removed quickly and efficiently, making cleaning a breeze.

Clearly, electricity is required to operate the Blooming r1063, however, you may find that less electricity is needed than you imagine.  Not only is the Blooming r1063 very eco-friendly, but it also offers an energy saving mode, allowing you to cut down on the electricity consumption even more.

The Blooming r1063 fits most one and two piece toilets, and comes in both round and elongated versions, allowing it to fit almost any seat.

Due to the high quality nature of the Blooming products, Blooming has no problems offering a complete 3 year warranty on their products to give you that extra piece mind.

While this post mostly referenced the Blooming r1063, Blooming also offers the Blooming 1163.  Both of these seats offer the same features.  The only difference is that the Blooming r1063 offers an intuitive wireless remote control.  The Blooming 1163 uses an easy to use side panel control.  Both are available for purchase on this page, depending on your preference.

If you have any additional questions about Blooming bidets, feel free to review the frequently asked questions below.  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you ship the Blooming bidet r1063 to Canada?

We offer free shipping of our Blooming bidets to both Canada and the USA.


Where can I find the Blooming bidet r1063 and 1163 manual?

We have most of our manuals on our owner’s manual page.  If you can’t find the maual you’re looking for, feel free to contact us, and we can get you a copy of the Blooming bidet r1063 owner’s manual.


Where can I find Blooming bidet reviews for the r1063, and the 1163 models?

We don’t have any reviews for this seat yet, but keep checking back, and new reviews come in daily!


Where can I find Blooming Bidet parts?

Even though we don’t list parts on our site, we do have most of them in stock.  If you’re looking for a particular part, let us know!  There’s a good chance we can help you out!


How easy is a Blooming bidet to install?

The install process for the Blooming bidet is very straight forward and easy.  Most of our customers with no prior plumbing experience have found that they are able to have in installed with no problem within an hour.


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