Brondell Swash 300 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Brondell Swash 300 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


The Swash 300 bidet seat is the base model Brondell offers in their electric bidet seat lineup.  For those looking for an inexpensive seat, the Brondell Swash 300 is a great option.  Keep in mind that due to being a base model, there are a good number of missing features.  For more details, see our list of resources below.

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Pros and Con’s List

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Comparison Chart

Spec Sheet

Editor’s Review

Frequently Asked Questions


Brondell Swash 300 Bidet Features Overview

Brondell Swash 300 Bidet Features List

Main Features:

The Swash 300 comes with dual nozzles, allowing both front and rear wash to be tailored perfectly.

The wireless remote offered with the Swash 300 makes controlling the different washes a breeze.

Sanitary Features:

The nozzles on the Swash 300 is covered in an anti-bacterial film, and also offer self cleaning, making it a very sanitary bidet seat.

Comfort Features:

Wash and seat temperature are controlled using a wireless remote.

The wireless remote on the Swash 300 also allows the pressure of the wash to be controlled.

The aerated stream feature offered on the Swash 300 infuses bubbles into the stream.  This softens the wash, while making it more efficient at the same time.

Heated seats are common on high end bidet seats.  The Swash 300 is no exception.  The built in heated seat is fully adjustable, and offers additional luxury as well as helping to stimulate bowel movements.

Convenience Features:

The body sensor built into the Swash 300 keeps the seat from operating when not occupied.

The Swash 300 also comes equipped with a sittable lid, which is rare in bidet seats.  This lid and seat close slowly, and won’t slam shut.

Even though the Swash 300 is energy efficient on it’s own, it does offer an additional power saving mode for additional efficiency.

Similar to many other bidet seats on the market today, the Swash 300 offers a “Quick Release” feature.  This allows the seat to be installed and removed very quickly, making cleaning a breeze.


The Swash 300 offers a one year warranty for added peace of mind.


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5 point rating for the Brondell Swash 300 Bidet Seat

The below rating compares the Brondell Swash 300 to other electronic bidet seats on the market today.

Brondell Swash 300 Bidet 5 Star Rating

The Brondell Swash 300 is a very high quality seat, but it’s missing quite a few features that we like to see on bidet seats on the market today.  The features include a deodorizer, warm air dryer, and more.  Because of this, we give it a 3.4 out of 5 for features.  The one year warranty is also on the lower end offered on the market today.  Overall, we rate this seat 3.7 out of 5.  It’s a great seat if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, but missing some of the features we really like to see on bidet seats on the market today.


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Pros and Con’s List


Warm wash and seat

Aerated wash

Wireless Remote

Sittable lid


Missing Deodorizer

No Enema or Massage Feature

No warm air dryer


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Other seats to consider

Swash 900

NOVA Bidet 1000 (Bidet Seat)

BB-800 Prestige (Bidet Seat)

Clean Sense dib-1500R and dib-1500 (Bidet Seat)


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Brondell Swash 300 dimensions

Brondell Swash 300 Fitting Diagram


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Comparison Chart

Brondell Swash Comparison Chart


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Brondell Swash 300 Specifications

Brondell Swash 300 Specifications


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Editor’s Review for the Brondell Swash 300 bidet seat

Brondell Swash s300 Front View With RemoteThe Brondell Swash 300 is Brondell’s base electronic bidet seat model.  This does not mean it’s lacking features however.  Because it’s the base model, the Brondell Swash 300 is the most cost effective of the electronic bidet seats Brondell makes, while still offering a host of great features.

As is true with the other seats in the Brondell Swash lineup, the Brondell Swash 300 offers both Posterior Cleanse (also known as Rear Cleanse) and Feminine Cleanse (Also known as Front Cleanse).  The Brondell Swash 300 also offers the Aerated Cleanse, a feature practically unheard of in bidets seats at this price.  This feature infuses air into the water stream, giving a more gentle wash without reducing quality of the wash.  The Aerated Cleanse is great for those suffering tenderness due to medical conditions, or recent childbirth.

Brondell Swash s300 RemoteThe Brondell Swash 300 also comes with a wireless remote, allowing you to adjust water temperature and pressure at the click of a button.  Another feature that’s unheard of in other bidets offered at this price is the built in water filtration system.  Most bidets on the market today require a separate water filter to be installed, increasing both installation time, and adding to the overall price of the project.  Brondell also offers dual nozzles with the Brondell Swash 300.  These nozzles are not stainless steel like those on the Swash 900 or Swash 1000, but they are still very high quality, and offer great functionality at a great price.

When it comes to comfort, the Brondell Swash 300 has a lot to offer as well.  The Brondell Swash 300 comes equipped with an adjustable-temperature heated seat, a water heating tank, and soft close lid.  All of these increase the appeal of the Swash 300 for many people while still keeping the overall price quite low.

Another great feature any good bidet seat shouldn’t be without is the self-cleaning feature.  As expected, the Brondell Swash 300 also offers this feature as well, allowing both of the nozzles to be cleaned automatically after every use.  This helps ensure a clean experience with every use.

For those with small children, the Brondell Swash 300 offers a Safety Seat Sensor.  This sensor can tell if anyone is sitting on the seat itself.  If the seat senses that no one is sitting down, the bidet will not operate.  This helps you to avoid mishaps if a child gets their hands on the wireless remote.

Brondell Swash s300 Left Side Open RemoteWith all the great features, people are commonly worried about power consumption.  The Brondell Swash 300 also has an automatic Eco Mode which can be turned on.  When this mode is enabled, the power consumption is greatly reduced, helping to make it a very green seat overall.  For a base model, the Brondell Swash 300 is loaded with great features.  Are there still questions you feel have not been addressed?  Take a look at our frequently asked questions below, and as always, if they aren’t addressed there, feel free to contact us.


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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m looking for how to install the Brondell Swash S300. Where can I find Swash 300 installation instructions?

The process for installing the Brondell Swash 300 is very simple.  Below are the steps.  Most people find it can easily be done without any prior experience.

Brondell Swash 300 Installation Steps

How does the Brondell Swash 300 compare vs 1000?

There are many additional features the Brondell Swash 1000 offers that the Swash 300 does not.  From things like stainless Steel nozzles, to deodorizer, and more.  So features wise, the Swash 1000 is far superior.  However, if you’re not looking to spend that much money, the Swash 300 offers great features at a great price.  If you’re looking to see a features breakdown, take a look at this chart.


Do you offer any Brondell Swash 300 youtube videos walking through the install process?

Currently we do not.  However, we’re always adding content, so feel free to check back often!


Brondell Swash s300 Right SideI’ve seen both RW and EW for the Brondell Swash 300 advanced bidet.  What do these mean?

The Brondell Swash 300 comes in white, with both round and elongated version.  The Brondell Swash s300rw is the round white version of the bidet seat, while the Brondell Swash s300ew refers to the elongated white version of the bidet seat.


Do you have any reviews for the Brondell Swash 300 bidet seat?

We have reviews for almost all of our bidet seats.  The Brondell Swash 300 is no different.  Check below for reviews from other people just like you!


I’m not sure if the Brondell Swash 300 will fit my toilet.  What are the dimensions of the Brondell Swash 300 toilet seat?

Here are the dimensions of the Brondell Swash 300.  However, this bidet seat fits almost all toilets.

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