Cascade 3000 Full Review

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Cascade 3000 Full Review Transcript:

Daniel here with I wanted to introduce to you our favorite new seat on the market; the Cascade 3000. It comes with a very easy to use remote a sittable lid, fully stainless steel nozzles, a powerful wash, and much much more. When compared to other seats in the luxury class, the Cascade 3000 is our current favorite. It’s a feature-rich seat and it still manages to keep operations simple and straight forward which is one of the many reasons why we love this seat.

Today we want to go through a complete review of the Cascade 3000 and its features so that you can decide whether or not the Cascade 3000 is the right seat for you. The Cascade 3000 comes with a fully stainless steel nozzle. It only has one nozzle which allows that nozzle to be completely centered, and it offers both rear and front washes through that single nozzle design. Not only this but all of the internals of the Cascade 3000 are treated with silver nano technology ensuring that your wash is as sterile as it can possibly be.

When it comes to effectiveness of the wash, the Cascade 3000 offers a great pressure range. At the lowest pressure, the Cascade 3000 is very gentle and is perfect for those suffering from hemorrhoids or other sores that might come in contact with the water. However at the higher settings the Cascade 3000 is very effective to the point that it even holds its own against some of the other seats out there on the market that offer higher water flow rates.

The Cascade 3000 also offers aeration. This means that in real time it inserts tiny air bubbles into the water stream. The benefit of this is a more thorough wash and also a softer wash. Here we can see self-cleaning running. The self-cleaning process runs before and after each use as this happens water runs over and through the nozzle and drips into the back of the bowl. Many people who are new to bidet seats think that the seat is leaking when this happens, so don’t be alarmed when you hear water dripping into the back of the bowl before or after use. It’s just the seat doing what it’s supposed to and cleaning that nozzle for your use or the next use.

Right now we’re running the rear wash. Here we see the position of the nozzle being changed. As far as features are concerned the Cascade 3000 is not lacking. It offers both front and rear washes, and both of those washes are performed by the single nozzle which is perfectly centered, meaning there’s no need to adjust yourself during the wash process. The Cascade 3000 also offers the latest technology and water warming using a fully ceramic instant water heater. This water heater allows for unlimited, on-demand warm water whenever you need it, and for as long as you need it. So you never need to worry about running out of warm water as the wash continues.

You can also see that the Cascade offers nozzle oscillation. This allows the nozzle to move back and forth. This back-and-forth motion allows the nozzle to cover more distance and clean a larger surface area than just staying in one place. Now we’re running the front wash aside from these features you can adjust the water pressure you can run a one-button wash and dry which we’ll see in a moment with the remote and of course before and after each use the Cascade runs through a self-cleaning function, so you never have to worry about the nozzle being dirty because it’s always running self-cleaning before and after every use. It’s also important to note that whenever water comes out of the Cascade 3000 that water is running through silver nano treated internals so you are getting the cleanest wash possible from any seat on the market.

Here we can see the warm air dryer. This air dryer allows you to adjust the temperature of the dry in order to give you the most comfortable dry possible. Also worth noting before we take a look at the remotes the Cascade 3000 curves in the back in such a way that it fits hard to fit French curve toilets. There’s a lot of one-piece toilets out there with a curve in the back, which means that the tank where it meets the bowl kind of has a flare or a lip around the outside. The Cascade 3000 is one of the only seats on the market designed to work with a toilet like that. 

A few more things we should talk about before looking at the remote. We have the heated seat which is adjustable or you’re able to turn it off altogether if you’d like. A built-in deodorizer. This deodorizer uses a small fan to pull the air from the bowl through a small carbon filter which basically absorbs those odor-causing molecules, and as I stated earlier it has a sittable lid which supports up to 330 pounds which is it’s pretty impressive considering most bidet seats on the market don’t have a lid that can be sat on at all.

A couple of other things to note. It does come with a four year full warranty, it offers both elongated and round options, it has an energy-saving mode, and it has a setup that only allows it to be run when someone’s sitting on the seat, but that functionality can be turned off if needed as well.

All right without any further ado let’s take a quick look at the remotes. The Cascade 3000 has an option for two different remotes. The default remote is the large remote. This remote is by far the easiest remote to use in the market. Not only does it have large buttons, but these buttons are color-coded and have large wording on them. It makes a perfect fit for someone who might need a simpler to use remote It’s also a perfect fit for someone who might struggle with pressing buttons. If you place a quarter against these buttons you’ll see that the size of the buttons are about the size of a U.S. quarter. So the size allows for the remote to be operated with many different body parts; feet, elbow… Making it more accessible to anyone and everyone who might need or benefit from a bidet seat.

You can see that the Cascade 3000’s remote is also very well laid out. Once you have everything configured, it’s as simple as pressing the green button to have a one minute wash followed by a three minute dry. It’s important to note that other bidet seats on the currently that offer an auto wash only have a 30-second wash followed by a 30-second dry and so the Cascade kind of takes it to a new level where the auto wash actually gives enough drying time to really get the dry to be effective. We really like that about the Cascade as well.

Looking at the buttons we can see the large stop button, the blue wash button, that’s for rear wash and you can see that we can change the position of the nozzle with the adjust buttons. We also have the ability to turn the deodorizer on and off. We can adjust the water temperature as well as the seat temperature right next to that button and you’ll notice that there are lights that show what temperature is selected. Either on low medium or high so there’s never any guessing as to what temperature is selected. The auto button is going to take whatever settings were selected last and run that one-minute wash followed by the three-minute dry so once you have the wash set the way that you want it, it’s as simple as pressing one button.

The plus and minus buttons allow you to change the water pressure if the wash is running or the dried temperature if the dry is running on the back we have our place to put in the batteries and we have the wall mount which you can see can be adhered with a sticky self-adhesive or with screws.

The design of the small remote is a little bit different it’s got a screen on it and it’s still got some easy to see buttons but they’re not as large by any means as the buttons on the large remote. We can see the stop the rear and the front wash as well as the dry button up near the top. As we select different options we can see the options appearing as selected on the screen. Using this remote we also get whatever settings we’ve chosen last saved.

We can see that the general options are the same the button layout is just different, so we can adjust the water pressure or the air dry using the plus and minus we can select the auto option we can select the position of the nozzle, we can select the seat temperature, and the water temperature down at the bottom, and of course the auto button does the same thing as it did on the large remote, and the stop button is the large red button.

We can also see that any of these options that we select show up on the screen so that we know exactly what’s been selected. If you’d like a screen the small remote is a great option. If you on the other hand like the large buttons on the large remote you still get readouts because you get the lights lit up showing which temperature is selected, so it’s really a matter of preference which of these options suits your needs the best. The Cascade 3000 is unique in the fact that it offers you multiple different options. Personally the large remote is my remote of choice.

Hopefully you found this video helpful. Today we talked about all of the different things that the Cascade 3000 offers. It really stands apart as the best bidet seat on the market currently in my opinion. It’s got the sittable lid, it’s more comfortable than other seats due to the way that the the seat is laid out, it’s got the stainless steel nozzles with silver nano treated internals, it’s got the large remote that’s well laid out so it’s easy to operate the bidet seat. This remote also mounts to the wall so that you don’t have to worry about dropping it. Either the two remotes do that. It’s just a really great seat! 

Hopefully you found today’s review helpful. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. You can either call us at the number that’s listed in the description or on the screen currently, email us at the email address in the description or on the screen and of course you can always feel free to reach out to us via our live chat on our website. A link to the product description, the website, all of that is in the video description. Feel free to check that out and of course don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more videos coming up soon