Clean Sense Bidet Editor’s Review

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Clean Sense Bidet Editor’s Review

Clean Sense dib-1500R:


Clean Sense dib-1500:


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The bidet seats offered by Clean Sense are great middle of the road seats.  They are packed full of features, without the price tag to match.  The reasonable price the Clean Sense 1500R and 1500 are able to offer while still offering great features makes this seat a popular one.  For more details on the either the Clean Sense 1500R or 1500, feel free to look at our list of resources below.

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Model Numbers

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Clean Sense Bidet Features Overview:

Clean Sense Bidet Features

Main Features:

There are two Clean Sense models, the features offered on both these models are the same.  The difference is how these features are controlled.  The Clean Sense dib-1500 offers a side panel control, while the Clean Sense dib-1500R offers a wireless remote control.

The Clean Sense bidets come with a seat safety sensor that only allows the bidet to operate when occupied.  In order to still allow small children to use the bidet, both the dib-1500 and dib-1500R models also offer a child mode that turns this feature off.

The last of the main features offered by the Clean Sense is it’s 1 wand with 3 nozzle tips.  The one wand insures perfect nozzle position, while the 3 different nozzle tips built into this wand allow the perfect wash for each of the washes; front, rear & enema wash, since each nozzle is designed with one of these washes in mind.

Sanitary Features:

The wand used by the Clean Sense bidets offers self-cleaning nozzles.  This allows the nozzles to be cleaned automatically after every use, offering a sanitary experience every time.

Comfort Features:

The Clean Sense dib-1500r and dib-1500 bidet seats offer great comfort features.

Using an instant water heating system, the Clean Sense bidets offer adjustable warm water washes with unlimited warm water, with only a cold water connection.

The warm air dry, with adjustable temperature settings offered by both of the Clean Sense bidet models gives this model an additional luxurious feature.

Using a built in fan that pulls air through a charcoal filter, the Clean Sense bidets’ odor neutralizer absorbs the odor, giving the operator an odor free experience.

The Clean Sense bidets’ warm seat offers adjustable temperature controls, and helps to stimulate bowel movements.  This feature helps make using the restroom extra comfortable.

Along with the normal washes offered by most high end bidets, the Clean Sense bidets also offer Massage and Pulse wash features (see our editor’s review below for details about these wash settings), and offer the ability to make minor adjustments to the nozzle positions, allowing the operator to get the wash exactly where it’s needed.  One of these adjustment settings is set up particularly with children in mind.

Convenience Features:

Both of the Clean Sense bidet models fit 1 and 2 piece toilets, as long as they do not have a french curve.  This along with the fact that they come in both round and elongated sizes make them a great option for almost any house.  Add to this the quick release feature, which allows the seat to be removed and reinstalled almost instantly, and you’ve got yourself an easy to install and clean, convenient bidet seat.

Green Features:

The Clean Sense bidets are very green from the start.  The most energy draining part of most bidet seats is the water heating system.  The Clean Sense water heating system does very well on this front.

The Energy-saving feature offered by the Clean Sense bidets takes this a step further, and allows the resting temperature settings to be adjusted to take up less power when not in use.

Another great feature that offers both environmental and comfort advantages is the warm air dryer.  This feature removes the need for toilet paper use, greatly increasing the bidet’s eco-friendliness.


The Clean Sense bidet comes with a one year warranty.  While this isn’t the best warranty around, the quality of the Clean Sense bidets is high enough, that we don’t feel this is anything a buyer should be concerned about.


The Clean Sense dib-1500R and dib-1500 come in both round and elongated sizes, and also offer a soft close lid.  The seat has a weight limit of 300 lbs, making it a great option for most people.


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Wonder how this seat compares to others on the market?

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5 point rating for the Clean Sense Bidet Seat

The below rating compares the Clean Sense bidet seats to other bidet seats on the market today.

Clean Sense Star Rating

The Clean Sense dib-1500R and dib-1500 offer MANY great features offered by other high end seats with much higher price tags.  However, it does miss a couple of features we would have required for a 5 star rating for features.   These features include night light, auto open seat, and some form of water filtration or sterilization.  If the Clean Sense dib-1500R offered these features, it would have earned a full 5 stars for the feature rating.  The price of this seat along with the great features it offers gives it a fairly high value rating as well.  If you’re looking for a seat that will get the job done and offer you some great additional features and washes without breaking the bank, this is a great bidet seat to consider.


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Pros and Con’s List


Very eco friendly

High end wash settings

Nozzle adjustment controls

Great Price to feature ratio


No night light

No water sterilization

No water filter


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Other seats to consider

BB-1000 Supreme (Bidet Seat)

Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 bidet seats.

NOVA Bidet 1000 (Bidet Seat)


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Clean Sense Dimensions

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Model Numbers:

BrandShapeControl TypeModel NumberFull Name
Clean SenseRoundWireless Remote Controldib-1500RClean Sense dib-1500R Round White Bidet Seat
Clean SenseRoundSide Panel Controldib-1500Clean Sense dib-1500 Round White Bidet Seat
Clean SenseElongatedWireless Remote Controldib-1500RClean Sense dib-1500R Elongated White Bidet Seat
Clean SenseElongatedSide Panel Controldib-1500Clean Sense dib-1500 Elongated White Bidet Seat


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Spec Sheet:

Clean Sense Specifications


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Editor’s Review for the Clean Sense dib-1500R and dib-1500

Clean Sense 1500r Closed Lid RemoteThe Clean Sense 1500r bidet seat is a great option for those looking to get a great seat without spending a lot of money.  It’s ability to offer a low price, without sacrificing great options makes it a favorite with our customers.

Unlike most other bidet seats on the market today, the Clean Sense 1500r is not a dual nozzle bidet seat.   Many seats on the market today offer dual nozzles to allow two different washes with two different feels and sprays.  Instead of doing this, the Clean Sense 1500r uses one wand or nozzle, but has 3 different nozzles or spray types built into the wand.  This helps to ensure the best wash possible since all of the nozzles on the one wand are at the perfect spraying height, but the operator still gets the benefit of each nozzle offering a unique wash specially tailored for a particular function.  These three nozzles offer the front (feminine) wash, rear(posterior) wash, and enema wash.

The massage and pulse features offered by the clean sense dib-1500r allow each wash to have a personal touch.  The massage feature causes the nozzle to move back and forth allowing better coverage of the wash area, while the pulse feature alternates the wash between strong and soft streams.  Each of these additional wash settings can be used while one of the three main washes are in use.  Using the enema main wash, and the additional pulse setting helps to stimulate bowel movements.

The clean sense dib-1500r offers an instant water heating system.  Since the water is heated in real time, you’ll receive unlimited warm water.  The clean sense 1500r allows the operator to adjust the heat of the wash to their exact liking for the perfect wash.

While most bidet seats offer front and rear wash, very few offer anything special for children.  The Clean Sense dib-1500r excels in this realm.  Due to the size difference between adults and children, the wash settings that work well for adults might not be as well suited for children as we might like to think.The Clean Sense dib-1500r solves this problem by offering additional adjustable nozzle position adjustment settings designed specifically with children in mind.  This makes it a great option for a family who are trying to get their children comfortable with using bidet seats.

If you’re looking for some of the more common comfort settings, the Clean Sense 1500r offers a built in, adjustable seat warmer, allowing the operator the ability to adjust the temperature to his or her liking.  The Clean Sense 1500r also offers a built in safety sensor.  This safety sensor tells Clean Sense when the seat is occupied, so that it knows when it should, and when it should not start a wash cycle.  This safety sensor also detects if someone gets up from the toilet prematurely, and turns the wash off, to help avoid messes.  The Clean Sense 1500r is also very child friendly, and when it comes to the safety sensor, this means offering a child mode.  Many Children are too light for the safety sensor to recognize as a person sitting on the seat.  Putting the seat into child mode allows the wash cycles to run regardless of what the seat sensor picks up on.  Just one more reason the Clean Sense 1500-r is a great seat for a growing family.

Clean Sense 1500r Bidet Remote Control


Odor neutralizers, or deodorizers are becoming more common in bidet seats on the market.  The Clean Sense dib-1500r was a leader on this front, offering a great deodorizer making the whole experience more enjoyable.  This deodorizer uses a small fan to pull air through a carbon filter.  The carbon filter absorbs the molecules in the air which cause the odor, giving the operator an odor free experience instead of just masking over the odor.

Clean Sense 1500 Bidet Open LidIn order for a bidet seat to be as eco-friendly as possible, it needs to not only reduce the amount of toilet paper used, but remove the need of toilet paper all together.  The Clean Sense dib-1500r does just that with it’s high powered warm air dryer.  The warm air dryer offered with the Clean Sense dib-1500r allows you to adjust the temperature to your liking.  This can also help to determine dry time, as warmer air dries quicker.  To make the Clean Sense dib-1500r bidet seat even more eco-friendly, it offers an energy saving mode as well, which takes less power to operate.

Another nice touch offered by the Clean Sense dib-1500r is the soft close lid.  The lid and seat of the Clean Sense bidet have built in hydraulics, keeping the lid and seat from slamming.  The Clean Sense dib-1500 also has a quick release feature, allowing the seat to be quickly removed, making it extra easy to clean the toilet.

Because the Clean Sense dib-1500r comes in both elongated and round, it fits almost all any 1 or 2 piece toilets.  Currently Clean Sense bidets only offer their seats in white.  If they start offering other colors, you’ll find them here first!

Most of the above has focused on the Clean Sense dib-1500r.  Clean Sense also makes model dib-1500.  Both of these models are the same except for the controls they offer.  The Clean Sense dib-1500r offers a wireless remote control.  This remote allows the user to set up customizable presets.  The Clean Sense dib-1500 offers a side panel control.  There are perks to both.  Side panel control is impossible to lose, but many people consider the wireless remote to be a little more convenient.

Clean Sense 1500 Bidet Side Panel Arm Control

Regardless of which option you choose, both come with a one year warranty, and offer all of the same other options.  If you have any additional questions not addressed elsewhere on this page, feel free to look at our frequently asked questions, and should you still have concerns, you can always feel free to reach out to us.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m not good with plumbing.  Do I need to contact a plumber for the Clean Sense dib-1500r installation process?

The installation process is designed to be completely do it yourself.  Most people find the install process takes under an hour even without any prior experience.  Hopefully this helps to put your mind at ease.


Do you have any Clean Sense dib-1500r videos walking through the features offered by the seat?

We currently do not have any video reviews for the Clean Sense dib-1500r, but check back soon, we’re adding more content daily.


Where can I find the Clean Sense dib-1500r owner’s manual?

We have manuals for all of the bidets on our site.  If you’re looking for the Clean Sense 1500 or Clean Sense 1500r manuals, simply contact us, and we’ll get it right over to you!


What if I need help with Clean Sense dib-1500r troubleshooting?  Where can I find help?

We’re here to help with any and all questions relating to the Clean Sense bidets.  If you have questions, or need assistance troubleshooting them, simply let us know.


How does the Clean Sense dib-1500r charcoal filter differ from others?

Because Clean Sense uses a charcoal filter, the odor gets absorbed, not masked.  This means that you get a great experience without the stink.


Where can I pick up extra filters for the Clean Sense 1500r?

Even though we don’t list them on our site, we have parts for all of our bidets in stock.  Needing a new filter is very rare, but if you do need a new Clean Sense 1500r filter, simply ask.


Where can I find reviews for the Clean Sense dib-1500r?

We have reviews for almost all of our seats.  The Clean Sense seats are no different.  You want to know what others think about the Clean Sense dib-1500r, and dib-1500?  Simply read below for reviews from others just like you.  This can often be a great tool for making sure you get the perfect seat.


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