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What color bidet seat are you looking for? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and Many Bidets owners, tells you how to check you got the correct colored bidet seat.

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Did I get the right color bidet seat? Transcript:

How do I check the color of the Bidet seat that I purchased? There are some brands that offer both, white and off-white color options. Toto offers a Cotton white and a Sedona beige. Brondell offers a White and a Biscuit. The dilemma we often find people running into is, the fact that in daylight the Sedona beige and the White, or the Biscuit and the white, look very similar to one another, especially when you’re not contrasting it against the pure white. For this reason, we’ve had customers before, wanting to return units only to find out that they, in fact, did get the correct color. If you’re concerned that maybe you didn’t, there are a couple of things that we ask that you do. For starters, look at the box and say, “Does this box say White, or Biscuit” for Brondell? For Toto to say, “Do I see a “#01”? Which is the white, or “#12”, which is beige. That should give you a good indicator of what color you’re actually looking at. The other thing is, take it into the bathroom it’s been installed in and open the box up, so that you can contrast it with other beige, or white items in the bathroom. If you’re still unsure after all of these steps, reach out to us.

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