Different Kinds of Bidets: Classic Bidets, Bidet Seats, Integrated Bidets Bidet Attachments and more

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Different Kinds of Bidets Transcript:

Hello everyone, Daniel here with ManyBidets.com. Today we’re going to be talking about the different kinds of bidets, but before we do that, what is a bidet? It’s a bathroom fixture that cleans you after a bowel movement, adding an additional level of Hygiene and comfort from what most Americans experience in the bathroom.

When people hear the word bidet, they often think about the classic bidet. In this day and age though, most bidets are actually bidet seats. There are also non electric bidets that simply work from the water line from the house without doing any water heating or special washes. Both electric and non electric bidet seats simply take the place of the existing toilet seat as we see here.

We can also see that this particular electric bidet seat has a very fancy remote that operates all the special features. Here we can see the base and the seat (on the left-hand side) of an integrated unit. This unit is a toilet, bidet combination unit that takes the place of the existing toilet altogether. The benefit to an integrated unit is its sleek, luxury look and feel and it can offer additional features such as auto flushing.

And of course there are classic bidets. Here’s a picture of a classic bidet. It’s a separate fixture altogether from the toilet so in order to install one you would need a lot of extra room in the bathroom as well as additional plumbing. You would have to squat over this unit in order to clean yourself. While classic bidets were popular when they were invented, bidet seats are much more popular now because of their ease of use and all the features they offer, while offering better cleaning than a classic bidet offers.

Those looking to get the basic features of a bidet without all the bells and whistles might consider a bidet seat attachment. This unit sits between the existing toilet seat and the toilet bowl, and offers bidet functionalities but just the basics. These units are also non electric.

Next we have shower bidets, which are also non electric and require the individual to reach behind themselves to run the wash. Shower bidets tend to come with holders that hold the showerhead wherever it’s most convenient.

Last but not least, we have travel bidets. These can either be non electric or battery-operated and are designed to be small, so that they can fit inside of a purse or bag. Fill this up at the sink before you go to do your business, and then use it to clean off afterwards when a regular bidet seat or attachment is not available.

Hopefully you found today’s video on the kinds of bidet is helpful and informative. If you have any questions please feel free to call, text or email us. Both email and phone number are in the video description. Don’t forget to like this video if the information was helpful, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching and have a great day

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