When the term; “bidet seat” is mentioned, people often think of the classic bidets that stand alone as a separate fixture in the bathroom.  While this was how bidets originated (see our bidet history page), the electric bidet seats used frequently today are very different. Which bidet toilet seat is best for you? Below we will break down some of the common bidet variants and bidet terms used today.




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Most Common Types Bidets Today

Electric Bidet Seats

These units replace your existing toilet seat, and are very easy to install.  Simply take the existing toilet seat off, put the bidet seat on instead.  Because these seats use electricity, they will need an outlet within 3 feet of the toilet.  If an outlet is not available, one can be installed, or an extension cord can be used.  These units tend to offer many high end features, from water heating, to a heated seat and much, much more.

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Integrated Bidets

Integrated units take the electric bidet seat to a whole new level.  These units combine a bidet seat with a toilet that’s specially designed around the bidet seat.  This allows the unit to offer additional features such as auto flushing.  This also makes for a much more streamlined look and feel.  These units tend to be more expensive, and because they require the installation of a whole new toilet, tend to be a bit more complicated to install.  If you consider yourself a handy person, you may be able to handle this, otherwise, you’ll want to consider hiring a plumber.  These units also use electricity, and are a great option if you’re redoing your bathroom, and are looking to get a new toilet already.

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What is a bidet toilet seat?

Bidet toilet seats are the common variant of the classic bidets.  Classic bidets are a separate fixture, whereas bidet seats take the place of the toilet seat, making the whole process more convenient.  Here at ManyBidets, we focus on bidet toilet seats, and other similar variants.  There are many benefits to the modern bidet toilet seat, that the classic bidet just can’t offer.  Most makes and models of bidet toilet seats offer both round and elongated options, but this can vary a little bit from bidet seat to bidet seat, so you’ll want to check the applicable product page to verify that they offer both.


What is an electric bidet toilet seat?

Bidet toilet seats also come in multiple different designs.  The most common design is the electric bidet toilet seat.  These seats offer a level of luxury that other bidet toilet seats simply can’t match.  Many of these seats offer warm water washes, utilizing built in water heaters, multiple custom wash settings and more.  Many of these bidet toilet seats offer automatic wash options at well.  The auto wash settings allow the operator to select a particular wash configuration with the click of a button.  If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience, electronic bidet toilet seats are way to go.


What is Bidet toilet seat without electricity, and why would I want one?

Non-electric bidet toilet seats do lack a few options that many electric bidet seats offer.  However they do have their advantages as well.  These are some of the most eco-friendly, green bidet toilet seats out there.  These non electric bidet seats are also great options for those without an outlet near the toilet.  Many bidet toilet seats without electricity still offer multiple wash settings, and pressure adjustment controls as well.  


What is a washlet?

The term: “Washlet” is a term used by TOTO to refer to their bidet toilet seats.  A washlet is simply a bidet toilet seat made by TOTO.


What is a bidet toilet seat attachment?

A bidet toilet seat attachment is quite different from the bidets we’ve talked about above.  Instead of replacing the toilet seat, they are used with the current toilet seat.  A bidet seat attachment gets installed between the toilet and the toilet seat.  This is a great option for those looking for a non-electric bidet toilet seat on the cheap.  Just keep in mind that it still uses the existing toilet seat instead of replacing it.


What are shower Bidets?

Shower bidets are less commonly used than the options talked about above.  They come in two styles.  The first style has a long wand, making reaching the area that needs to be washed easy.  The other is a compact style with a short handle.  Which you choose is really based on personal preference.  These wands are normally hung on the side of the toilet tank, for easy access.


Are there portable bidet toilet seats?

There are portable bidets as well.  These vary from ultra-compact portable bidets, to larger more feature heavy portable bidets.  Portable bidets do not use the toilet seat to operate.  They normally consist of a bottle holding water, and an nozzle.


Are there battery operated bidet toilet seats?

There are very few battery operated bidets.  These are normally found in portable bidets.  These portable bidets with battery power are very feature rich for their size.


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