Eco Nova Bidet Seat Review | Top 3 Bidet Seat 2022

Have you heard of Eco Nova bidet seat, which is new to the market? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, reviews the Eco Nova and explains why it is a great seat for its cost.

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Eco Nova Bidet Seat Review Transcript:

Today, we are going to be reviewing the Eco Nova Bidet seat. We sell over 350 different Bidets on our website and yet the Eco Nova stands apart. We’re very excited about this seat, with some new features like radio frequency, stainless steel remote, UV sterilization and a host of other high-end features. This unit is one of the best bangs for your buck in the market. We’re going to get into all of the details up next. My name is Daniel Johnson, I’m your Bidet expert and the owner and founder of We’re going to talk about all the details of the Eco Nova coming up next.

Of course we need to start by talking about the wash that the Eco Nova provides. It uses an instant water heater, but it’s one of the best instant water heaters we’ve seen to date. When deciding on a seat you can go with a tank water heater, which provides warm water from the very start, but only provides about 30 seconds worth, or an instant water heater that provides unlimited warm water, but has a cold burst at the beginning. The Eco Nova’s instant water heater is powerful enough to provide warm water from the very start like a tank would do, but still provide unlimited warm water, offering the best of both worlds. While warm water is great, you want to be able to control what temperature you’re dealing with. The Eco Nova has four settings total; an off, a low, a medium and a high that you can toggle between, so that you get the perfect temperature for your needs. Having this unit personally installed in our home, I can tell you that the range is a pretty dynamic range, from low to high and the consistency of the warm water is some of the best consistency that I’ve seen in Bidet seats to date. We’re very happy with the way that this seat warms the water and keeps that temperature consistent throughout the wash. While the Eco Nova only has three pressure settings for the wash pressure, the range is pretty good. On the highest setting the pressure is more than sufficient to get the job done and on the lowest setting it’s pretty gentle. Now, if you want the widest range on the market you’re probably going to want to look at a high end Toto unit, like the S500, or the S550. If you decide to go that direction, we sell those too, so give us a call and we will hook you up. The Eco Nova also offers the rear and front wash, so you have both of those at your disposal and gives you four nozzle positions for both the front and rear wash, as well, so that you can make sure that it’s hitting the right spot every time. With the sleek profile you can position yourself in such a way that that nozzle positioning range gives you a whole lot to work with. You’ve also got your massage wash, which is an alternating cold, hot wash, which is pretty unique in the market. This is also known as a sitz bath and is great if you suffer from hemorrhoids, giving extra comfort there, or if you’ve just recently given birth. The nozzle on the Eco Nova will oscillate back and forth, as well; Giving you more range and coverage throughout the wash cycle. The stainless steel nozzle on the Eco Nova is unique in the respect that it’s one of the few seats on the market that does not have a cylindrical nozzle, but rather has a rectangular nozzle with rounded edges. This gives it more room, allowing for three spouts side by side, giving you more coverage from left to right than other seats on the market offer, while still giving you good water pressure. The nozzle is stainless steel, as well, which allows for bacteria buildup to be as minimal as possible.

The Eco Nova dryer is one of the best dryers that we’ve seen on the market to date. It comes with four settings, an off, low, medium and high, so that you can set it to whatever is most comfortable for you. Of course, if you don’t want to use the dryer at all you can still dab dry with toilet paper, but it is nice to know that if you get the Eco Nova you’re going to get a solid dryer.

Now, whenever you’re dealing with a product like this, related to a toilet, you want to make sure the bacteria buildup is as little of an issue as possible. For that reason, high end Toto units, Kohler units, American standard units, they all offer one form of sterilization, or another. The Eco Nova offers two forms of sterilization. You’re looking at Silver Nano where all of the internals that the water passes through are infused with trace amounts of Silver. Silver is a sterilizing agent, keeping that water sterile, but also UV sterilization. When the nozzle pulls back into the back of the unit, a UV light shines on that nozzle, basically sterilizing everything in the process. Unlike other Bidets on the market, currently, where the water is sterilized before it cleans the nozzle, the Eco Nova has that along with a sterilizer that sterilizes the nozzle itself. Also important to note, as we said earlier, the stainless steel material resists bacteria build up better than other materials, so we feel like this seat is a very sterile, very clean unit and we’re excited about the dual sterilization that this unit offers.

Now, if you’ve been looking at Bidet seats for a while you may have already noticed that the Eco Nova looks the least like a Bidet seat of practically any seat on the market, because of how sleek and classy it is in the back. This also means that you get more sittable space to work with and when the lid is down you have a sittable lid, because of how sleek it is in the back. The sittable lid can actually support 400 pounds, which is the most of any sittable lid on the market that we’re aware of. The seat itself also supports 400 pounds, so you have a very high quality, very sleek unit all built into one. The seat on the Eco Nova is also heated, but it does come with some settings. If you don’t want the heated seat on you can turn it off, or you can turn it on low, medium, or high, depending on the time of year and what you’re looking for in that respect. Now, when it comes to seat comfort everyone’s opinion can be a little bit different. Your body type, the way you sit on the toilet, all these can play a role. However, because of how sleek it is in the back, it is more comfortable than most other seats on the market. Some other seats that match the comfort of the Eco Nova would be seats like the Toto S550e, or the S500e, or the Cascade 3000. Seats that we find this unit more comfortable than, are other popular seats like the Bio Bidet BB-2000, the Swash 1400, or the BB-1000, along with a wide array of other seats.

Well Dan, all of this is great, but how do I control it? Well, this unit is a lot of fun to control, because it comes with a stainless steel, rose gold, finished remote control that uses radio frequency. If you have a bathroom that has dark walls, a small area, or maybe the toilets off in a nook, a standard Bidet seat will not operate. Well, about 50% of the time. Why is that? Well, a standard Bidet seat uses a remote control that has an infrared signal sent. That means that the signal has to bounce off of surfaces in the bathroom to make it to the seat; While in a small bathroom the angles are sharp enough that it might not make it to the seat. In a bathroom with darker walls, that wall will absorb the signal before it makes it to the seat. These are some issues that you don’t hear of a lot, but we have customers deal with. The radio frequency remote means that regardless of the color of your walls, regardless of the size of your bathroom, the signal will make it to the seat. You can even control the seat outside of the bathroom; if you have a loved one that needs help in the bathroom, but you want to help them from the other room to maintain their privacy. The Eco Nova remote comes with a wall mount that you can see here and the remote itself is single sided, so you could operate it from the wall mount. This remote, I like to hold in hand, because it feels so slick and classy. The buttons themselves have a nice click to them and the lights indicate what’s being selected. We can see low, medium and then high is going to be red, one more click is off. Water temperature heater is off, water temp is low, water temp is medium, water temp is high, water temp is off. Same basic principle applies for the other buttons up here. Those lights indicate what your temperature settings are, so that you know what you’re dealing with. While you’re seated on the unit you’re going to know, because you’re going to feel the change instantly, but if you’re helping a loved one from the other room those lights can come in really handy, because you know what you’re setting for them, as well. Just a side note, you saw the wall mount standing up on our shelf over here; we did use a little bit of putty to make that happen. It does not stand up on its own like that, it is meant to be mounted to the wall obviously if you wanted to do something similar you could but it’s not designed by default to stand up on its own. The Eco Nova does come with a night light, as well. It lights up the bowl with a blue glow and there’s a button on the remote to toggle that night light on, or off, depending on whether, or not that’s something that you want turned on at a particular time.

Now, while this is one of the most exciting seats we’ve seen in a really long time, there are a few reasons why this might not be the right seat for you. The things that this unit is missing are a deodorizer, pre-misting, enema wash and auto opening. If any of those features are features that you want in a unit, there are some other units that you might want to consider. Feel free to reach out to us if any of those features are features you’re looking for and we can help guide you in the right direction. You can call, email, or text us, live chat with us on our website, but we’re happy to offer alternative recommendations if those are features that you’re looking for. Despite these things that the seat misses, this is still one of the seats we’re most excited about, because of the fact that it has some unique features like we talked about earlier; the UV lighting, the radio frequency remote and the really, really sleek design.

Now, you might be considering some other seats on the market. If you would like us to do a video comparison of the Eco Nova and compare it to the seat that you’re currently thinking about buying, we’d be happy to do that, but we don’t know that you’re looking for it unless you tell us. Comment on this video if you want to compare between a seat that you’re interested in and the Eco Nova, telling us what that seat is, so that we can do that comparison. Of course, there might be things about the Eco Nova that we didn’t bring up, as well. Comment on this video to let us know about that too, so that we can address that and help others out at the same time. Thank you so much for watching, we hope you have a great day and check us out at where we sell many Bidets, not mini Bidets.

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