Elongated Seats v.s. Round Seats

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Figuring out which one you need is an easy process, which we’ll detail below with our tips on how to pick a toilet seat. With all of the things to think about when purchasing a bidet seat, why add worrying about if you need an elogated or round seat?  Figuring out which one you need is an easy process, which we’ll detail out below.  Most of the seats we sell come in both elongated and round, but there are a few that only come in elongated.  In America, most seats are elongated.  These are the larger of the two options, and due to this the more popular option.  Round seats are normally chosen for bathrooms with limited space, to help with fitting a toilet in a tight area.  

Still not sure which one you need?  Below we detail out how you can decide.  Simply measure your seat from the bolt holes to the far edge.  If this distance is 18.5 inches, you need the elongated seat, if the distance is 16.5 inches, you’ll want to purchase the round seat.  It’s that simple!  Now you can stop worrying about which version of bidet seat you need, and focus on what features you’re looking for!  And as always, if you have any questions, simply let us know, we’d be happy to help!


Elongated vs Round Seat Video: