Feel Fresh HI-1000/1 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Feel Fresh HI-1000/1 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


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If you’re looking for a dual nozzle bidet for a low price, the Feel Fresh Hi 1000 just might fit your needs.  While this bidet seat doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, that some of the high end seats offer, it does offer the basics.  For the price, it’s a hard seat to beat.

The Feel Fresh Hi 1000 offers a dual nozzle system, allowing separate optimized washes for both front or feminine wash, and rear or posterior wash.  With either of these wash settings, the Feel Fresh Hi 1000 offers additional controls to change the water temperature and pressure, allowing the operator to adjust the wash to his or her exact liking.

Because the Feel Fresh Hi 1000 offers both round and elongated options, it will fit most toilet seats.  The Hi 1000 also features a slow close lid and seat, and easy installation.  Most people without any prior plumbing experience can install the Feel Fresh Hi 1000 in under 30 minutes.

The topping on the cake is the fact that the Feel Fresh Hi 1000 comes with a one warranty, for that added peace of mind.  If you’re looking for a seat that gets the job done, at a low price, we recommend checking this seat out!

You may have been confused in the past about what the difference is between the Feel Fresh HI-1000 and the Feel Fresh HI-1001.  You’re not alone in this confusion.  Hopefully the chart below helps clear things up a little.

Wonder how this seat compares to others on the market?

Compare it to the other seats using our dynamic:

Bidet Seat Compare Tool

ShapeColorFull Model numberComplete Name
0WTHI-1000 WTFeel Fresh HI-1000 WT Round White
1WTHI-1001 WTFeel Fresh HI-1001 WT Elongated White