Feel Fresh HI-3000/1 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Feel Fresh HI-3000/1 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


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The Feel Fresh Hi 3001 is a big step up from it’s little brother, the Feel Fresh Hi 1000.  This bidet seat offers additional features that you’d see on higher end bidet seats, but still offers the low, affordable price you’ve come to expect from Feel Fresh.

As is true with the other Feel Fresh bidets, the Feel Fresh Hi 3001 offers a twin nozzle (or dual nozzle) system, allowing both the front and rear washes to have their own uniquely designed nozzle.

Feel Fresh HI-3001 Features

The side control on the Feel Fresh 3001 allows the operator to adjust water temperature and water pressure to the operators liking.  These are not the only settings on the side panel.  The Feel Fresh 3001 side panel also has settings for the heated seat temperature, allowing the seat temperature to be fully adjusted based on the operator’s preference.  Each of the Feel Fresh bidets offer slow closing lids.  The Feel Fresh 3001 is no different.

The Feel Fresh 3001 comes in both White (also known as Feel Fresh hi-3001wt) and Biscuit colors, making it a great option for any bathroom.  As you’d expect, the Feel Fresh 3001 also comes in both elongated and round sizes.  If you’re wondering if this seat will fit your toilet, there’s a good chance it will!

To sweeten the deal, Feel Fresh offers a 1 year warranty on the Feel Fresh 3001, and makes it very easy to install.  One of the main concerns we hear from customers has to do with the install process.  Most people find that the Feel Fresh hi-3001 is easily installed in 30 minutes or less without any prior plumbing experience.

The Feel Fresh HI-3001 has many different model numbers depending on what version you’re planning on purchasing.  This can cause confusion and frustration if you aren’t sure what they stand for.  The below chart should help to clarify what these different model numbers refer to.  If you still have questions about this, or something else, you can always feel free to reach out to us.

Wonder how this seat compares to others on the market?

Compare it to the other seats using our dynamic:

Bidet Seat Compare Tool

ShapeColorFull Model numberComplete Name
0WTHI-3000 WTFeel Fresh HI-3000 WT Round White
1WTHI-3001 WTFeel Fresh HI-3001 WT Elongated White
0BCHI-3000 BCFeel Fresh HI-3000 BC Round Biscuit
1BCHI-3001 BCFeel Fresh HI-3001 BC Elongated Biscuit