Feel Fresh HI-6000/1 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Feel Fresh HI-6000/1 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


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The Feel Fresh HI-6001 is one of the higher end bidet seats the Feel Fresh brand makes.  There are many great features offered by the Feel Fresh HI-6001.  All of the details are listed below.

The wireless remote that comes with the Feel Fresh HI-6001 can be mounted to the wall, and offers a night light, making using the bidet seat at night an easy task.  All of the features offered on the Feel Fresh HI-6001 are controlled from this remote.

The Feel Fresh HI-6001 comes with dual nozzles.  One of these nozzles is designed particularly with the rear wash in mind, and the other nozzle is designed for the frontal wash.  While either of these wash cycles are in process, the Feel Fresh HI-6001 bidet seat remote allows the operator to adjust the pressure and temperature of the wash to the operators liking.

feel-fresh-hi-6001-featuresThere are other great comfort features offered on the Feel Fresh HI-6001.  The first of these is the heated seat.  The Feel Fresh HI-6001 allows the operator to adjust the temperature of the seat allowing them to turn it down in the summer.  Research shows that a warm toilet seat also helps to stimulate bowel movements.  This isn’t where the extra comfort features stop.  The Feel Fresh HI-6001 also offers air dry.  This air dry feature does more than simply offer comfort, it also helps reduce or eliminate the need to use toilet paper, making it a very eco-friendly option.

The Feel Fresh HI-6001 also offers a soft close lid, and comes with a one year warranty for that additional peace of mind.

Regardless of what toilet you have, the Feel Fresh HI-6001 has a good chance of fitting.  The Feel Fresh HI-6001 offers both round and elongated seats.  Each of these different variations has a different model number.  Below we have a table detailing out all these model numbers.  If you have any questions, please let us know!

Note: This seat is no longer available in the biscuit color

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ShapeColorFull Model numberComplete Name
0WTHI-6000 WTFeel Fresh HI-6000 WT Round White
1WTHI-6001 WTFeel Fresh HI-6001 WT Elongated White