Fitting a bidet seat on an existing toilet video

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Fitting a bidet seat on an existing toilet Transcript:

In this video we will go over how to check if a bidet seat will fit your toilet, and we’ll also talk about determining whether or not you have a round or elongated toilet.

We recommend removing the toilet seat to start this process. This gives us access to the entire bowl, allowing us to take more accurate measurements. As long as you have at least one and three quarters of an inch space between the center of the bolt holes and the front of the toilet tank, any of our seats will fit. In the picture shown you can see we have four inches to work with, so more than enough. If you have less than this you may consider the blooming, galaxy, or brondell seats as an option. To see these seats on our site, simply click the seats name.

To measure for elongated versus round, simply measure from the center of the bolt holes in the back to the very front lip of the toilet. Here you can see it’s almost 19 inches on this toilet. If it’s 17 inches or more we consider that an elongated. Anything under that would be considered a round toilet.

One-piece toilets with a French curve are more difficult to fit. To check if you have a one-piece toilet simply look at where the tank connects to the bowl. If there are two pieces, the tank and the bowl connected together it’s a two-piece toilet. If it’s one piece of ceramic, it’s a one-piece toilet. A French curve is simply a raised edge coming off of the tank around the outside of the bowl in the back. If you have a French curve toilet you’ll want to use either the Blooming or the Galaxy bidet seats.

We hope that this video has given you all the tools needed to determine if a bidet seat will fit your toilet. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out by either calling us or emailing us. Thank you for watching and thank you for supporting our family by choosing