How can I clean the Cascade 3000 bidet seat’s Nozzle? | Bidet Answers with Dan | Video

Want to clean the nozzle on the Cascade 3000 bidet seat? Follow these simple steps to lower the bidet seat’s nozzle without it spraying and allowing you to clean the nozzle.

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How can I clean the Cascade 3000 bidet seat’s Nozzle? Transcript:

How do I clean the nozzle on the cascade 3000? Cleaning this nozzle is pretty straightforward. Without anyone seated on the unit, you’re going to press two of the three buttons, on the back of the seat. You’re going to press the “Eco” mode button, as well as the rear wash/stop button. Press those simultaneously, without anyone seated on the unit and the nozzle will come out, so that you can clean it, of course, without spraying. You can use a toothbrush to help clean that nozzle. Then, when you’re done, just hit the stop, rear wash button, on the back of the unit again and that nozzle will go back in.

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