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How tall are bidet toilet seats?

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Because of all the features that bidet toilet seats offer, many people assume that the housing used to operate these features will add a lot of height to the toilet seat.  This tends to not be the case.  How tall is a bidet toilet seat? The height of the bidet toilet seat is only about half an inch to an inch thicker than a normal toilet seat.

This confusion is further complicated by height measurements given on websites, and in bidet toilet seat manuals.  The important thing to realize about these measurements is that they are referencing the highest point of the bidet toilet seat.  Electric bidet toilet seats house most of their circuit boards, wiring and hardware in the rear of the seat.  This makes the rear of the seat much taller than the rest of the seat, while keeping the main part of the bidet seat at a similar height to what the operator is used to.

When looking at bidet toilet seat measurements it’s important to remember that the highest point of the bidet toilet seat is being referenced.  This highest point is normally at least 4 inches, and often much more.  This is often much higher than the part of the bidet toilet seat that gets sat on.

Why is this height measurement important in the first place?  Some toilets have limited space near the rear of the toilet.  This may make it hard to use particular bidet toilet seats on particular toilets.  Because of this, it’s important to know the height at the highest point.

If you are looking for a higher toilet seat, simply getting a bidet toilet seat will not be enough.  You will want to look into getting a toilet seat riser.  These risers come in a few different styles.  Bidet toilet seats with risers built in currently do not exist, but a riser can be used with a bidet toilet seat.

The first type of riser sits between the toilet and the bidet toilet seat.  The other kind sits between the toilet and the floor.  While some risers that sit between the toilet and the seat will work with bidets, we recommend the second style of toilet seat risers to offer compatibility with all bidet seats on the market today.  

Want to see more bidet videos? Check our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGFgiGtj6beO3RNHykoZafA

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