Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Seat Editor Review

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Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Seat Editor Review 


Infinity bidets are packed full of great features, some of which are unique to the infinity bidet brand. This along with a great warranty makes infinity bidets one of our favorite seats on the market today. For more details see our list of resources below.

List of Resources

Overview of Features
5 point rating
Pros and Cons List
Other seats to consider
Models offered
Bidet Specifications sheet
Editor’s Review
Frequently Asked Questions


Infinity Bidet Features Overview
Infinity XLC-3000 Bidet Features

Main Features:

The Infinity XLC-3000 offers an intuitive wireless remote control with customizable user presets. This allows those who use the bidet on a normal basis to select their prefered wash with the push of a button.
The Infinity XLC-2000 comes with a side panel control, also known as a arm control. Because it’s attached to the seat itself, it’s impossible to lose or drop into the toilet.
Both of the Infinity bidet seats (XLC-3000 and XLC-2000) offer a seat safety sensor. This sensor can detect when the seat is occupied, and uses this information to decide if the bidet should be allowed to be turned on or not. This also allows the Infinity bidet to turn itself off if the operator gets up from the bidet prematurely. The problem with a feature like this is that children are often not heavy enough to set off the safety sensor. Because of this, the Infinity bidets offer a child mode, which turns this feature off, and allows children to use the bidet as well.
The Infinity bidets use twin nozzles for the front and rear washes, allowing each wash to have a customized, unique experience. The operator also has the ability to adjust the nozzles further to get it aimed just right.

Luxury Features:

The Infinity bidet seats offer an instant water heating system that’s efficient and consistent. Unlike most other instant water heating systems, the Infinity bidets use a ceramic heating system, which provides a more consistent stream of warm water then other instant warm water systems.
The Infinity XLC-3000 and XLC-2000 offers an adjustable warm seat.
The Infinity bidets offer an aerated water stream. This infuses air bubbles into the wash stream. The infused bubbles makes the wash more tender and soft, while at the same time increasing the spread of the wash, making it more effective.
When the massage wash feature offered on the Infinity bidets is activated, the wands and nozzles automatically move back and forth in order to offer a wider, more complete cleaning experience.
The pulse wash mode built into the Infinity bidet seat gives multiple bursts of of hard and soft sprays every second. This helps to stimulate bowel movements, and offers a soothing, massage like feeling.
The Infinity XLC-3000 offers a few features not offered on the Infinity XLC-2000. These features include both a hot/cold cycle wash and sitz-bath wash setting. These features are exclusive to the Infinity XLC-3000.
The adjustable water pressure and temperature settings give the Infinity bidet operator the ability to adjust the wash even more.
The Infinity bidets also offer an air dryer with adjustable temperature. This is not only a great luxury feature, but it also eliminates the need for toilet paper, making it very eco friendly.


Infinity bidets come in both round and elongated shapes, and fit almost all one and two piece toilets.
Anti-slam seat & lid
The quick release feature offered by Infinity bidets allows the bidet seat to be removed or attached within seconds, making cleaning a breeze.
Even though the Infinity bidets are very energy efficient in normal mode, they also offer an energy saving mode. This mode turns the temperature settings down when not in use, significantly increasing energy savings.
The Infinity bidets also come with a full 3-year warranty, the best in the market.

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Wonder how this seat compares to others on the market?

Compare it to the other seats using our dynamic:

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5 point rating for the Infinity XLC-3000 and XLC-2000 Bidet Seat

The ratings below compare the Infinity XLC-3000 and XLC-2000 to other electric bidet seats on the market today.

Infinity Bidet Seat 5 Star Rating
Infinity bidet seats are very high quality, and offer many great features. These seats only miss the deodorizer and enema features. This gives the Infinity bidets a features rating of 4.6. The price of the Infinity bidets is rather high, causing us to rate the value at 4.4 even with all these great features. All of the above, along with the unique features only offered on the Infinity XLC-3000 gives it an overall rating of 4.7. It’s no surprise this is one of our top sellers.

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Pros and Con’s List:


Aerated wash
Massage wash
Warm air dry


Missing deodorizer
Missing enema feature

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Other seats to consider:

Blooming Bidets R1063 and 1163 (Bidet Seat)

BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat (Elongated)

Toto S350E Washlet – (Round or Elongated) Cotton White or Sedona Beige

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Infinity Bidet Seat Models Offered:

BrandModelControl TypeShapeFull Name
InfinityXLC3000 (wireless)EW (Elongated White)Infinity XLC-3000-EW Elongated White with Wireless remote
InfinityXLC3000 (wireless)RW (Round White)Infinity XLC-3000-RW Round White with Wireless remote
InfinityXLC2000 (side panel)EW (Elongated White)Infinity XLC-2000-EW Elongated White with Side panel control
InfinityXLC2000 (side panel)RW (Round White)Infinity XLC-2000-RW Round White  with Side panel control

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Infinity Bidet Specifications

Infinity Bidet Technical Specifications

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Editor’s Review for the Infinity Bidet Seats 

Infinity XLC-3000 Side ViewThe Infinity XLC-3000 bidet seat offers many great features, making it an excellent option for those looking for a bidet seat that exudes luxury.  Unlike many bidets on the market today, that do things the same way they have always been done, the Infinity XLC-3000 is cutting edge, with it’s one of a kind ceramic heating system, to it’s Hot/Cold wash cycle, and much more.  If you’re interested in learning about all the Infinity XLC-3000 has to offer, just keep reading!

The twin nozzles offered with the Infinity XLC-3000 allow the bidet to give great rear (posterior) washes, and great front (feminine) washes, since each of the nozzles are able to be designed with one of these washes in mind.

Water aeration refers to the process of mixing air bubbles into the water stream.  The Infinity XLC-3000 has perfected the art of aeration for use with its wash cycles.  This allows the wash cycles to offer a more gentle wash experience without degrading the wash quality.  Aeration options are a must for those looking to get a bidet for comfort.

The Infinity XLC-3000 offers additional wash features while either of the two nozzles are in use.  The first of these is the massage wash.  This wash setting allows the nozzle to move back and forth for a more complete wash.  The second wash setting offered by the Infinity XLC-3000 is the pulse wash.  This setting causes the nozzle to pulse between strong and weak streams.  The pulse wash also helps with constipation.  These aren’t the only additional wash settings offered by the Infinity XLC-3000.  The Infinity XLC-3000 offers a unique wash setting where the wash cycle alternates between hot and cold sprays.  This offers an extra refreshing wash to the bidet operator.  Another unique wash setting is the assess wash.

Many of the high end bidet seats on the market today offer warm water options.  The Infinity XLC-3000 also offers warm water features, but does so with a new twist.  Instead of offering a hot water tank, the Infinity XLC-3000 offers an instant warm water heater.  The Infinity XLC-3000 differs from other instant water heating systems in the way heats the water.  The Infinity XLC-3000 offers ceramic water heating.  This allows the Infinity XLC-3000 to offer unlimited warm water, and gives the bidet a consistency of warm water, that other instant water heating systems can’t match.

Infinity XLC-3000 Wireless Remote ControlNot only does the Infinity XLC-3000 allow you to adjust the water temperature to your exact liking, but it also offers the ability to adjust the water pressure.  This allows the bidet operator the chance to choose between soft and tender, or forceful and thorough, or anything in between.

The Infinity XLC-3000 bidet seat has a built in body sensor.  This sensor keeps the bidet from turning on when not occupied.  This sensor also helps the Infinity XLC-3000 determine if the operator gets up prematurely, and turns the wash off before a mess is made.  The child mode allows you turn the sensor off, so children can use the bidet even if they are too light to activate the sensor.

The heated seat offered with the Infinity XLC-3000 has multiple heat settings.  This allows the operator to adjust the heat of the seat to his or her liking.  The heated seat also helps stimulate bowel movements.  Since the Infinity XLC-3000’s heated seat is adjustable, many people find themselves slowly turning the temperature of the seat up as the winter months approach.

Another great feature the Infinity XLC-3000 offers with temperature controls is the heated air dry.  This adds another level of comfort, and helps you be more eco-friendly, as you’re not required to use toilet paper any more.  If you’re looking to buy a bidet seat for eco-friendly reasons, getting one with an air dryer is a must.  

Even though many of the features the Infinity XLC-3000 offers use electricity, the Infinity XLC-3000 does not consume much energy.  Additionally, the Infinity XLC-3000 offers an energy saving mode, that allows it to run on even less, making it a great option for those looking for the ultimate eco-friendly bidet seat.

The Infinity XLC-3000’s bidet seat has built in hydraulics.  This allows the seat to close without slamming.  When looking to clean the toilet, the Infinity XLC-3000’s quick release feature makes it a great option.  This seat can be removed with the simple push of a button, making the cleaning of the toilet and seat a breeze.

Infinity XLC-2000 Top ViewThe warranty that the Infinity XLC-3000 comes with is second to none.  There are a few other bidet seats on the market today that offer a limited 3 year warranty.  The Infinity XLC-3000 offers a complete 3 year warranty that covers ALL parts and labor for 3 full years.  This is by far the best warranty on the market today.  This gives customers an extra peace of mind, knowing that they stand behind their product in a way no one else does.

Because the Infinity XLC-3000 comes in both elongated and round versions, it will fit almost any 1 and 2-piece toilet.  Currently the Infinity XLC-3000 only comes in white, but if they start offering these in additional colors, you’ll find them here first!

All the features above have referenced the Infinity XLC-3000, but we also sell the Infinity XLC-2000.  The only difference between these seats is how the wash settings are controlled.  The Infinity XLC-2000 uses a side panel to control the wash settings.  This keeps the control in an easy to find place, and guarantees that it won’t get lost, or dropped in the toilet.  The Infinity XLC-3000 on the other hand offers a wireless remote, and allows you to customize multiple user presets, allowing you to select your favorite wash at the push of a button.  Most people prefer the Infinity XLC-3000, because it offers the user presets option, but which you choose is really more a matter of preference than anything else.

Infinity XLC-2000 Side Panel Inlay 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find parts for the Infinity XLC-3000 and XLC-2000?

Even though we don’t list parts on our site, we have most of them in stock.  If you’re looking for a part, feel free to contact us, and we’ll see what we can do for you!


Where can I find a copy of the Infinity XLC-3000 and XLC-2000 manual?

We have all the manuals available.  If you need a copy of the manual for either of these two seats, let us know, and we’ll get one over to you!


Do I need to hire a plumber to install the Infinity XLC-3000 or XLC-2000?

Both of these seats are very simple to install, and designed to be installed without the help of a plumber.  With this being said, you can always feel free to hire a plumber, if that makes you more comfortable, but most of our customers find it very simple to install in under an hour even without any prior plumbing experience.


Where can I find reviews for the Infinity XLC-3000 and XLC-2000 bidet toilet seats?

We offer reviews for both of these seats from other customers just like you!  If you’re wondering if an Infinity bidet seat is the right one for you, often reviews from others can go a long way in helping you decide.


If I need help with the Infinity XLC-3000 or XLC-2000 troubleshooting, where can I get help?

The staff at are here to help you with any troubleshooting questions you might have.  All you have to do is ask!


What are the Infinity Bidet XLC-3000 and XLC-2000 specs?

Please see the chart below for all the specs of these great bidet seats!

Infinity Bidet Technical Specifications


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