Interesting Sinks

Below are some sinks that I’ve found interesting.  Do you have a unique sink?

I LOVE this sink!  What do you think?  Found at

Sink nightlight anyone?  Love the futuristic look of this sink!  I found this picture on

The sink below is very unique.  I’m not sure what I think of it.  Do you like it?  This was found at

The sink below was found on  I love the dual tall mirrors.

This sink has a sleek, simple look, making for a classy sink.  I love it!  Found on

This next sink gets points for creativity.  Found on

I love the outside feel of this next one, as well as the tall mirrors.  This image was found on

This sink is simple but classy.  I love how deep the sink is.  This sink was found along with other similarly styled items at

This faucet is referred to as the ripple faucet, and has got to be one of my all time favorites! gives all the details if you want more:)

This sink, found at is a great example of mixing rustic and classy.

The flowing sink is found on, along with other interesting sinks.  While it’s not my favorite sink ever, it gets points for it’s unique nature.

This crazy sink earns lots of points for it’s crazy look and feel.  For more visit

This sink, found at is the essance of steampunk what do you think of it?

This sink from is simple and basic, but still offers a classy/rugged look.

Are there any sinks you love that were not posted here?  Feel free to share!