Luxe Elite Neo 320 Bidet Attachment Editor’s Review

The LUXE Neo Elite 320 is one of our top selling bidet seat attachments.  With all the features offered by the LUXE Neo Elite 320, it’s no surprise why.  For more details from a list of features, to rating details and more, see our list of resources below.

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LUXE Neo Elite 320 Bidet Overview

LUXE Bidet Neo 320 Overview

Main Features:

The LUXE Neo Elite 320 offers dual nozzles, one nozzle designed for rear wash and the other for feminine wash.  Using the side panel control for the LUXE Neo Elite 320, the operator can also adjust the wash’s water pressure and wash temperature.

Sanitary Features:

In order to ensure that the LUXE Neo Elite 320 stays clean while not in use, LUXE offers a nozzle guard gate.  After the nozzles have been used, LUXE runs them through a self-cleaning process, by running hot water over the nozzles, then retracts the nozzles behind the guard gate.  All of these steps combined make the LUXE Neo Elite 320 a very sanitary option.

Convenience Features:

We ship every LUXE Neo Elite 320 with easy installation instructions.  With these instructions, most people are able to install the Neo Elite 320 to a standard two piece toilet with no problems whatsoever.

Quality Features:

The LUXE Neo Elite 320 offers the same high quality parts you’ve come to expect from LUXE.  Built with high pressure valves, and braided steel hoses, you can be confident that the LUXE Neo Elite 320 will last for years to come.  For added peace of mind, LUXE offers a 18 month warranty on the LUXE Neo Elite 320. 


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5 point rating for the LUXE Neo Elite 320 Bidet Seat

The rating below compares the LUXE Neo Elite 320 to other bidet seat attachments on the market today.

Luxe Bidet Neo 320 5 Star Rating

The LUXE Neo Elite 320 gets high marks for features.  This seat attachment offers more features than any other bidet seat attachment on the market today.  Even though the price of the LUXE Neo Elite 320 is a little higher than many other bidet seat attachments on the market, the host of features offered makes it worth the extra money.  As is true with all LUXE seats, the LUXE Neo Elite 320 gets high marks for quality and a great warranty.  This bidet seat attachment gets good ratings all around.  The LUXE Neo 320 gets an overall rating of 4.7.  This is a great seat option for anyone looking for a feature filled bidet seat attachment.


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Pros and Cons List


Adjustable warm water


Dual nozzle



Needs both warm and cold water connections


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Other seats to consider

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 250 Model

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 180 Model

Blue Bidet BB-2000

Blue Bidet BB-3000 (Both Beige and White Options)


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Comparison Chart

Product PageVi-110Neo110Neo120Neo180Neo250Neo320


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Editor’s Review of the LUXE Neo Elite 320 bidet seat

neo-320-main.jpgThe Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 non-electric mechanical bidet toilet seat attachment is considered by many to be the best bidet seat accessory on the market today.  Its durable build, high quality parts, and reasonable price make it a great choice for anyone who’s looking for a bidet toilet seat accessory that won’t break the bank.

Because it’s a bidet attachment (v.s. a bidet seat), it’s also non-electric, making it a very green option.  The Luxe Bidet neo ellite 320 also offers hot water spray.  The water temperature is completely adjustable to your preference.

neo320-opengate-nozzle-guard.jpgThis particular model (Luxe Bidet neo 320 elite series) also offers a nozzle guard, which helps keep the nozzles clean.  The nozzles will automatically retract behind this guard when not in use for hygienic storage.  While inside of this storage area, they undergo a self-cleaning feature (after use), guaranteeing you a clean experience every time.

The controls on the Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 bidet seat attachment offer everything you could possibly want on a non-electric green bidet seat accessory including water pressure and temperature adjustment knobs.  The neo elite 320 model also has dual nozzles, allowing for optimal cleaning with both the regular wash and feminine wash.



As stated above, all Luxe Bidets are made out of high quality materials.  They use high pressure valves, which depending on the model will be constructed with either a metal or ceramic core.  The hoses provided are made of braided steel for the cold water connection, and polyurethane with metal ends for the hot water connection. Along with these quality parts, Luxe offers an 18 month warranty on the Luxe Bidet neo elite 320.

Installation of the Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 toilet seat attachment is quite simple, and should only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.  You will need a screwdriver and wrench to complete the install, everything else comes in the package!  The Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 also fits almost all 2 piece toilets, and some 1 piece toilets as well.  Below are the measurements;


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Frequently asked questions for Luxe Bidet noe elite 320:


Will the Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 fit a one piece toilet?

The Luxe Bidet 320 will fit some one piece toilets, and almost all two piece toilets.  For dimensions see below


How does the Luxe Bidet 320 compare to the Joy bidet?

Most people prefer the Luxe Bidet 320, because it’s of higher quality build, however, Joy bidets are cheaper, so the choice is yours.


Where might I find a Luxe Bidet 320 Review?

Most of the bidet seats we sell have reviews from customers just like you showing on the product page.  The Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 is no different.  Feel free to check the reviews below for more details.

I need help with troubleshooting issues with my Luxe Bidet neo elite 320.  Where can I find help with troubleshooting?

Our staff at Many Bidets are happy to help you with troubleshooting your Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 seat attachment.  All you have to do is ask!


Is there a phone number I can call for assistance with my Luxe Bidet neo elite 320?

Our phone number is listed on our contact us page.  Feel free to call or chat us with any questions you have.


I need Luxe Bidet 320 parts.  Where can I find them?

Even though we don’t list parts on our site, most parts we do have in stock.  Ask us, and we’ll see what we can do!


If I want to run a comparison of Luxe Bidets, where should I look?

If you visit the Luxe Bidet product page, you can check off any and all of the products you want to compare.  Also feel free to use the comparison chart below.

Product PageVi-110Neo110Neo120Neo180Neo250Neo320


My Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 is leaking around the threads, what can I do?

Use plumbing tape on the threads this will help stop leaks with your Luxe Bidet neo elite 320.


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