LUXE Neo Elite 120 Bidet Attachment Editor’s Review

The LUXE Neo Elite 120 offers great features from self-cleaning to wash pressure adjustments.  LUXE builds the Neo 120 from high end parts, and offers it at a low price.  All of these features combined with the low price make it one of our bestselling bidet seat attachments.  For more details about this seat, please feel free to look at the below resources.

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LUXE Neo Elite 120 Bidet Overview

LUXE Bidet Neo 120 Overview

Main Features:

Fresh water wash with adjustable water pressure

Sanitary Features:

The LUXE Neo Elite 120 nozzle offers a self-cleaning feature, where water runs over the nozzle to clean it for the next use.  Once the Nozzle has been cleaned, it retracts behind a nozzle guard to protect it from debris while not in use. 

Convenience Features:

LUXE designed the Neo Elite 120 to be easily installed on any standard two-piece toilet.  Along with every shipment of the LUXE Neo Elite 120, we ship easy to understand installation instructions, making the entire process a breeze.

Quality Features:

The high pressure valves offered on the LUXE Neo Elite 120 are built with metal/ceramic cores, making them very strong, and long lasting.  The hosing offered to connect the LUXE Neo Elite 120 to the water source is made braided steel.  To top it all off, the LUXE Neo Elite 120 offers a 18 month warranty, to back up their already quality product.


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5 point rating for the LUXE Neo Elite 120 Bidet Seat

The following rating is for the LUXE Neo Elite 120 when compared to other non-electric bidet seat attachments on the market today.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 5 Star Rating

The LUXE Neo Elite 120 bidet seat takes a step up on the features ratings from the LUXE Neo Elite 110, because it offers a self-cleaning function, but still misses out on things like dual nozzles, and warm water.  Because of this, we’ve still given it a fairly low rating for overall features.   However, due to its low price, this is a hot seller of ours, and as such it gets a fairly high value rating.   These factors along with the great warranty it offers, and its high quality build earns it an overall rating of 4.0.


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Pros and Cons List


Great features for the price

Offers self-cleaning nozzles

Great Warranty



No dual nozzles

No hot water feature


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Other seats to consider

Seats with more features:

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 180 Model

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 320 Model

Seats with less features:

Blue Bidet BB-500

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 110 Model


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Dimensions of the LUXE Neo Elite 120 Bidet Seat Attachment



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Comparison Chart



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Editor’s Review of the LUXE Neo Elite 120 bidet seat:


The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a great middle of the road bidet seat attachment.  When purchasing a Luxe Bidet, you know you’re getting a high quality, long lasting product.  A bidet seat attachment does not take the place of the toilet seat.  Instead, the attachment gets installed between the toilet bowl and toilet seat.  Because the luxe bidet neo 120 attachment does not replace the toilet seat like many other bidet seats do, luxe is able to offer similar features to the higher end products at a fraction of the price.

The Luxe Neo bidet 120 has two chrome plated control knobs, one for adjusting the water pressure, the other for adjusting the position of the nozzle.  When the nozzle is in it’s furthest back position, a nozzle guard protects it.  This allows the toilet to be used without any worry of getting the nozzle dirty.  While behind this nozzle guard, a self cleaning function can be run, ensuring the most hygienic, clean experience possible for the next user.

Because the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a bidet seat attachment it’s very easy to attach and detach from the toilet.  Since the attachment goes between the toilet and the toilet seat, the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 will fit almost and one or two piece toilet.

neo-feature-valves.jpgWhen it comes to quality, Luxe Bidet does it right.  The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 comes with a braided steel hose for the water connection, and high pressure valves, with metal and ceramic cores.  Luxe Bidet stands behind their product with a 18 month warranty, to give you added peace of mind.  Feel free to browse our frequently asked questions below for more details, and as always contact us if there’s anything we can do to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I find Luxe Bidet Neo 120 fresh water spray reviews?

All of our bidet and bidet seat attachments have owner reviews.  The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 (Elite Series) is no different.  See below for detailed reviews from others just like you!


Does the Luxe Bidet Neo (elite series) offer fresh and hot water spray?

No, the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a freshwater spray only.  If you are looking for a Luxe Bidet that offers fresh and hot water spray, feel free to check out the Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 250, and Neo Elite 320 models.


How does the Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 120 compare to the Joy Bidet?

Luxe Bidets and Joy Bidets are fairly similar in many ways.  Many consider the Luxe Bidet to be of slightly better quality, but it’s not a noticeable difference.


What is the nozzle guard for the Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 120, and what is it used for?

The nozzle guard or gate protects the nozzle from contaminates when it’s not being used.  One more thing to make it a very sanitary bidet




Do you ship the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 (elite series) to Canada?

Many Bidets offers free shipping to Canada and the USA for all of our bidets and bidet attachments.  The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is no different!


Where can I find installation instructions for the Luxe Bidet Neo 120?

Each of our bidets come with step by step instructions for installation.  The Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 120 is very simple to install in the first place, but to make sure you know everything you need to, we provide instructions to help you along the way.


Where can I get help with Luxe Bidet Neo 120 troubleshooting?

Our staff at Many Bidets is excited to help you with any troubleshooting questions you might have.  All you need to do is ask!


How does the Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 120 compare vs Astor Bidet bidet?

Luxe Bidets are made out of higher quality parts, but tend to be slightly more expensive.  Due to the quality difference, we see most people preferring Luxe over Astor.


What’s the best Luxe bidet seat attachment?

You can always feel free to compare our seats using the compare tool on our site for more details, but we often find the Luxe bidet 320 considered the “best”.  Clearly this is the most expensive Luxe Bidet seat as well, so the real question is, how much do you want to spend?  The Luxe Bidet Neo 120, is a great option if you’re looking for a middle of the road bidet seat attachment.

Product PageVi-110Neo110Neo120Neo180Neo250Neo320


Do you offer any coupon codes for the Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 120?

We offer coupon codes that are good for any product on our site.  Feel free to visit our deals and sales page for details about how you can save a little extra when purchasing a Luxe Bidet from Many Bidets.


How can we reach Luxe Bidet Neo 120 customer service?

We’re more than happy to help you with any customer service related questions you have about your Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 120.  All you have to do is ask!

 Will the Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 120 fit my one piece toilet?

Luxe Bidets fit almost all and one or two piece toilets.


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