LUXE Neo Elite 180 Bidet Attachment Editor’s Review

The LUXE Neo Elite 180 toilet seat bidet attachment offers practically everything you would want from a bidet seat attachment.  The one item missing from this seat is the adjustable warm water wash.  This coupled with the fact that the seat is offered at a low price, makes it another one of our bestselling attachments.  For a full list of features, and more details, please see our list of resources below.

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LUXE Neo Elite 180 Bidet Overview

LUXE Bidet Neo 180 Overview

Main Features:

The LUXE Neo Elite 180 offers a dual nozzle setup, with separate rear and feminine nozzles.  Along with this, the LUXE Neo Elite 180 offers a side control knob to adjust wash water pressure.

Sanitary Features:

The nozzle guard offered on the LUXE Neo Elite 180 helps protect the nozzles when not in use.  The nozzles retract behind the guard when not in use.  The LUXE Neo Elite 180 also offers self cleaning nozzles, to ensure the most sanitary experience possible.

Convenience Features:

It’s easy to install the LUXE Neo Elite 180 on any standard two-piece toilet.  The installation instructions shipped with every seat makes the install of the LUXE Neo Elite 180 that much easier.

Quality Features:

LUXE offers an 18 month warranty on the LUXE Neo Elite 180.  The high pressure valves, and braided steel hoses used in the LUXE Neo Elite 180 means it’ll last for years to come.


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5 point rating for the LUXE Neo Elite 180 Bidet Seat

The ratings below for the LUXE Neo Elite 180 are based on how the seat is rated in comparison to other non-electric bidet seat attachments on the market today.

LUXE Bidet Neo 180 5 Star Rating

The LUXE Neo Elite 180 gets a boost up in its features rating due to the addition of the self-cleaning feature, as well as the dual nozzles setup.  This setup gives both front and rear wash the ability to have a nozzle designed with that wash in mind.  The value has not increased from the LUXE Neo Elite 120, because its increase in price properly reflects the additional features in our opinion.  These features along with the high quality and great warranty LUXE offers earns the LUXE Neo Elite 180 an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5.


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Pros and Con’s List


Dual nozzle feature

Self-Cleaning feature



No warm water option


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Other seats to consider

Higher end bidet seat attachments:

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 250 Model

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 320 Model


Lower end bidet seat attachments:

Blue Bidet BB-500

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 120 Model


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Comparison Chart

Product PageVi-110Neo110Neo120Neo180Neo250Neo320


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Editor’s Review for the LUXE Neo Elite 180 bidet seat


The Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 is very affordable bidet toilet seat attachment.  This high quality, affordable non-electric mechanical Luxe Bidet seat accessory is a great option for those looking to purchase a great bidet attachment, but are looking for something a little lower priced then the Luxe Bidet neo elite 320 or 250. Following suit with the other Luxe Bidet models, this model is also a non-electric seat accessory, making it a very green choice.

Unlike the Neo elite 320 and 250, the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 is not a hot water spray bidet.  This causes some to choose the 320 or 250 models instead.  While owning a warm water bidet has its benefits, the setup of the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 is easier.  Non-electric bidets need a hot water hookup in order to provide warm water features.  Most people also find that a cold water bidet is not as uncomfortable as they expected.

The Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 offers a dual nozzle system, allowing multiple different wash features for both rear and front cleaning.  The Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 is the most affordable, low price bidet that offers this function, making it one of our highest selling bidet seat accessories in the Luxe Bidet elite series.


The Luxe Bidet neo ellite 180 fresh water bidet allows you to adjust the water pressure to your preference.  This allows different members of the household to adjust it to their own needs, and likes.

When using a bidet, hygiene is on the top of the list.  The Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 has a nozzle guard.  Once the bidet has been used, the nozzles pull behind the guard, and self-cleaning commences.  This helps you get a clean experience every time you use it.

neo-feature-valves.jpgAll Luxe Bidets use high pressure valves.  These are constructed with either a metal or ceramic core, depending on the model.  The hoses provided with Luxe Bidets are made of braided steel for the cold water connection.  Luxe also offers an 18 month warranty on the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180.

Installing the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 toilet seat attachment is an easy process, taking 15 to 20 minutes to complete from start to finish.  In order to install this bidet seats, you will need a screwdriver and wrench.  Everything else comes in the package!  The Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 fits almost all 2 piece toilets, and some 1 piece toilets.  Below are the measurements;



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Frequently asked questions:

Question:  I have a one piece toilet.  Will the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 seat attachment fit?

Answer:  The Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 180 fits almost all two piece toilets and some one piece toilets.  For dimensions, click here.

Question: How does the Luxe Bidet 180 compare to the Joy bidet?

Answer:  It depends on what you’re looking for.  The Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 is made from slightly higher quality parts, however for the same price you can get a joy bidet that offers a few additional features.


Question: Where can I find reviews for the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180?

Answer:  We have reviews for all of our Luxe Bidets!  The Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 is no different.  You want to see what other people just like you have to say about the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 bidet seat attachment?  Simply look below!

 Question: Where can I get troubleshooting help for my Luxe Bidet neo elite 180?

Answer: We are always happy to help you with any troubleshooting of the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 that you need!  All you have to do is ask!


Question:  Is there a contact phone number if I have questions about the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180?

Answer: We’re always happy to answer questions you might have.  Our contact number is on our about us page.  Please feel free to call if you need us!


Question:  Where can I go to find Luxe Bidet elite series parts?

Answer:  Just because we don’t list parts on our site, doesn’t mean we don’t sell them.  Looking for a particular part?  Contact us, we might be able to help!


Question: If I want to compare Luxe Bidets to one another, do you have a feature that allows me to run a comparison?

Answer.  Next to each of our products we have a compare checkbox.  Want to see which Luxe Bidet will work best for you?  Compare them all side by side!

Product PageVi-110Neo110Neo120Neo180Neo250Neo320


Question: I am seeing a little leaking around the threads of the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180, how do I resolve this?

Answer: All you need to do is put a little plumbing tape on the threads before you put the bidet 

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