LUXE Vi-110 Bidet Attachment Editor’s Review

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LUXE Vi-110 Bidet Attachment Editor’s Review


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The LUXE Vi-110 is the base model offered by LUXE.  Because of this, the price offered by the LUXE Vi-110 is hard to beat.  If you’re looking for a good high quality bidet that’s easy on the budget, look no further.

As is true with other products LUXE offers, the LUXE Vi-110 is made from high quality parts, and offers a great warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Because the LUXE Vi-110 is the base model, the features it offers is limited, but it does offer the features needed to get the job done, plus a few extra.  When using the Vi-110, the operator is able to adjust the pressure of the wash using the control on the LUXE Vi-110.  This gives each user of the bidet the ability to adjust the bidet to his or her liking.

While the LUXE Vi-110 doesn’t come with a nozzle gate, it does retract the nozzle after every use.  This still allows the nozzle to be protected, but does not guard the nozzle as well as a nozzle guard offered in the other LUXE seats.

LUXE makes the Vi-110 out of high quality products.  Even the hose to connect the LUXE Vi-110 to the house’s water supply is made out of braided steel.  LUXE also offers a 15 month warranty on the LUXE Vi-110.

When it comes to installing the LUXE Vi-110, it doesn’t get any easier.  LUXE provides easy to understand step by step installation instructions making it simple for anyone to install in under 20 minutes.

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