Nova 1000 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Nova 1000 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


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The NOVA 1000 is one of our highest selling seats.  This seat offers so many amazing features at such a great price, it’s just hard to pass up!  If you are looking for more details, simply read below.  This bidet seat earns our highest value rating of any seat on the market today

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NOVA 1000 Bidet Features Overview

NOVA Bidet 1000 Features

Main Features:

The NOVA 1000 bidet seat comes with a side panel control, also know as an arm control.  This keeps the control for being lost or dropped.

The NOVA 1000 bidet seat fits both one and two piece toilets.

The occupied seat sensor offered with the NOVA 1000 bidet seat keeps the seat from operating when it’s not being sat on.  The child mode allows this feature to be turned off for children not heavy enough to activate the sensor.

Luxury Features:

The wand on the NOVA 1000 is adjustable, allowing the operator to perfectly position the wash.  The wand has 3 nozzles built into it for specialized washes.  Each of these nozzles offers self cleaning as well.

The NOVA 1000 infuses air bubbles into the water stream.  This process is called aeration.  It softens the washes without degrading the quality of the wash.

The power wash setting on the NOVA 1000 gives the wash that additional power and force when needed.

The massage and pulse wash modes offered on the NOVA 1000 bidet seat helps to stimulate bowel movement, and soothe sensitive skin.

Along with these settings, the NOVA 1000 bidet seat offers controls for both pressure and temperature adjustments.  The warm water used for the wash is heated using an advanced Hybrid Heating System.  This system takes the best parts of the tank and instant water heating systems, and brings them together for the ultimate warm water wash experience.

The NOVA 1000 bidet seat offers a warm seat feature to help with bowel movements and general comfort.  The added temperature control settings, help the operator adjust the seat temperature perfectly to their liking.

Other Features:

The NOVA 1000 offers more size options than any other bidet seats on the market.  Similar to other bidet seats, they offer round and elongated seats, and in addition they offer a child size as well.  Currently these three seat sizes come in white, and offer a soft closing feature.

The NOVA 1000’s quick release feature makes cleaning a breeze.

Nova offers a one year warranty on the NOVA 1000 bidet seat for added peace of mind.


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5 point rating for the NOVA 1000 Bidet Seat

The below ratings compare the NOVA 1000 to other electronic bidet seats on the market today.

NOVA Bidet Seat 5 Star Rating

The NOVA 1000 gets our highest rating possible for value.  The features offered on this bidet seat often show up on much more expensive.  All the great features offered at such an amazing price make this one of our best sellers


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Pros and Cons List


Great Price with lots of features

Hybrid heating system

Energy Saving feature


Missing air dry

Missing deodorizer


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NOVA 1000 bidet seat Dimensions

NOVA Bidet 1000 Seat Sizes Dimension


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NOVA 1000 bidet seat Specifications

Water SupplyHydraulic PoweredWashHybrid heating, Power Wash & Aerated Wash
Power ConsumptionMax. 1270WOscillation & PulsationYes
Heating TechnologyContinuous HeatingSelf-CleaningYes
Water Volume (Wash, Bidet)0.6L/min, 0.7L/minQuick Manual CleaningYes
Water Volume (Power Wash)0.5L/minChild WashYes
Water Temperature Control4 LevelsOccupied Seat SensorYes
Nozzle Position/ 5 Levels (each)Heated SeatYes
Water Pressure Control
Seat Temperature Control4 LevelsWater Temperature & Pressure ControlYes
Nozzle Specification1-Nozzle, 3-waysSelf-DiagnosisYes
Seat DimensionsElongated: W18.5 x D20.8 x H5.7 inchesSoft-Closing LidYes
Round: W18.5 x D19.5x H5.7 inches
Small (Child): W18.5 x D18.5 x H5.7 inches
  3 Power LevelsYes
  – Normal Mode
  – Manual Energy Saving Mode
  – Automatic Energy Saving Mode


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NOVA 1000 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review:

Frequently Asked QuestionsNOVA bidet-1000 Open LidThe NOVA 1000 bidet seat is a great option for those looking for a bidet seat that offers many great features, but are not able to spend the money to buy a really high end bidet seat.  This is where price meets functionality.  Not only does the NOVA 1000 bidet offer a price point that’s hard to beat, but it offers great features like aerated wash, and pulse wash, which are hard to find on any but the most expensive bidet seats on the market today.

The wash features offered by the NOVA bidet seat include not only the two wash cycles normally found with high end bidets, but also offers a third option for an extra powerful wash.  The two normal washes offered by the NOVA 1000 bidet seat are the rear wash, also known as the posterior wash, and the bidet wash, also known as the frontal or feminine wash.  While both of these wash settings are very common, the NOVA bidet 1000 doesn’t stop here.  This great seat also offers a power wash mode, giving you that extra strength when you need it.  The NOVA bidet 1000 uses a single, adjustable wand for these washes.  This wand has 3 self-cleaning nozzles built into it.  The NOVA bidet 1000 uses a separate nozzle on the wand for each of the three washes.  Each of the nozzles are designed with one of the three washes in mind, making for the best experience possible regardless of the wash chosen..

These great wash cycles are just the start of what the NOVA 1000 has to offer.  While any of these wash cycles are in operation, the operator of the wash can adjust the nozzle’s position even further.  Using the NOVA bidet 1000’s side panel control, the nozzle position can be adjusted between 5 different positions for each of the different wash cycles.

Both water temperature and water pressure are adjustable to the operators liking during any of the NOVA 1000 wash cycles.  The NOVA 1000 water heating system is a one of a kind state the art hybrid water heating system.  Almost all warm water bidet systems use either the instant water heating system, or the tank water heating system.  Both of these systems have pros and cons.  The instant water heating system allows you to have unlimited warm water, however, since the water is heated real time, the temperature can be inconsistent.  The heated water tank system uses a reservoir of warm water to provide consistent warm water, but lacks the unlimited nature of instant water heating system.  The NOVA bidet 1000 solves this problem with its hybrid heating system.  This water heating method is very rare, and by far the best option.  By keeping a small reservoir of hot water handy, the NOVA 1000 bidet seat removes the problems with inconsistant water temperature that other instant water heating systems run into.  Since the NOVA 1000 bidet has an instant water heater filling the small heated water tank while in use, it’s able to also eliminate the negatives that a hot water tank system runs into, by offering unlimited warm water.  The NOVA bidet 1000 is one of a kind with it’s hybrid hot water system, offering you the best of both worlds.  With this system, you get a feature most high end bidets don’t even offer, and you get it for a fraction of the price.

NOVA Bidet 1000 Features Aerated WashThe NOVA bidet 1000 also offers additional wash settings to give your wash that personal touch.  The first additional setting you can turn on is NOVA bidet 1000’s Aerated wash setting.  The setting aerates the water, infuses the water with air bubbles.  Aeration gives the wash a more tender feel without degrading the quality of the wash in any way.  The NOVA 1000 bidet also offers a massage wash mode, and a pulse mode.  These modes can help with constipation, and tenderness, alternating between hard and soft streams.

Clearly, when it comes to hygiene, the NOVA bidet 1000 offers some great features.  But it also offers some comfort features as well.  The NOVA 1000 bidet toilet seat offers four different temperature settings for the seat.  This not only offers additional comfort, but has also been proven to help stimulate bowel movements.  Since the seat temperature is adjustable, many people will gradually turn it up as winter gets nearer, and then turn it off altogether in the summer.

NOVA Bidet 1000 Closed LidOne of the common concerns when it comes to bidet seats is how guests will handle using them.  Will they know how to operate it?  Will they have issues knowing when the wash cycle is complete?  The NOVA bidet 1000 can put your mind at ease on this front with it’s easy to read, intuitive side control.  All of the features we’ve discussed are easily adjustable on this easy to understand control.  The NOVA 1000 bidet also offers a occupied seat sensor.  This sensor can tell if someone is sitting on the bidet seat.  This is great for guests who may not have used bidet seats in the past.  If they get up before the wash is complete, the NOVA 1000 seat sensor automatically turns the bidet off to keep from making a mess.  This is also very handy if you have a child who wanders into the bathroom, and starts hitting buttons on the bidet seat.  The NOVA bidet 1000 will realize no one is sitting on the seat, and determine that it should not turn on.

The seat sensor does not keep children from using the NOVA bidet 1000.  Using the child mode, the operator can temporarily disable the seat sensor, allowing the NOVA bidet 1000 to operate even without the weight of an adult on the seat.

Even with all of these great features, the NOVA bidet 1000 is still very eco-friendly.  The side panel control for the bidet seat also has an energy saving button, which will allow you to put the seat into energy saving mode, allowing you to further increase the energy efficiency of the seat.

NOVA Bidet 1000 Side Panel Buttons

The NOVA 1000 bidet also features a quick release seat, making it quick and easy  to remove the seat for cleaning.  The seat has built in hydraulics, so it closes slowly instead of slamming any time you shut the lid.

If you’re wondering if this bidet seat will fit your toilet, you’re in luck!  The NOVA 1000 bidet seat comes in round, elongated and also offers a child size.  For all the details on the NOVA 1000 bidet dimensions, feel free to visit our frequently asked questions area below.  The NOVA 1000 fits almost all 1 and 2 piece toilets.  If you have any additional questions about this seat, please feel to visit our frequently asked questions below.  If these do not address the question at hand, you can always feel free to contact us!


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Frequently Asked Questions for the NOVA 1000 bidet seat:

I have a round toilet, will the NOVA 1000 bidet seat fit my toilet? 

The Nova 1000 bidet seat offers both elongated, round, and child bidet seat sizes.  Because of this variety, chances are, it will fit your toilet.  If you want to take some measurements to make sure, below we’ve provided the NOVA 1000 bidet dimensions.

NOVA Bidet 1000 Seat Sizes Dimension

How easy is the NOVA bidet 1000 installation process?  I’ve not done plumbing in the past, do I need to hire a plumber?

The NOVA bidet 1000 was made with you in mind!  It’s designed to be easy to install even for those with no prior plumbing experience.  Most of our customers find that they can have it installed in under an hour with no problem.


How does the price for the NOVA bidet 1000 compare to others with similar features?

The NOVA bidet 1000 is a great choice if you’re looking for a bunch of features at a low price point.  This seat has been voted best seat for the price in 2013, making it an excellent choice for those wanting great features without breaking the bank.  Features like aerated wash, three nozzles in one wand, hybrid water heating system, and the like are normally features you don’t see on seats under 600 dollars, and this seat costs half that.  This along with it’s high quality build makes it a very good option overall.


Do you have any NOVA bidet 1000 reviews I can look at?

We do have reviews for the NOVA bidet 1000 below!  You already know the NOVA 1000 is a great seat, but you might want to get a feel for what other customers like you think of it.  Looking at our reviews below is a great way to do just that!


Where can I get a NOVA bidet 1000 owner’s manual?

We offer owner’s manuals for all of our bidet seats.  Some are posted on our site, others you may have to ask us for.  Currently the NOVA bidet 1000 is only available by request, but we’re working to get it posted so you can have access to it instantly.


I’ve heard of natural water bidets, does this term fit the NOVA bidet 1000?

The term natural water bidets refers to bidet seats that do not have a water heating function built in.  Natural water means room temperature water.  The other common term is warm water bidet, and this is the term that best describes the NOVA bidet 1000.  Not only does the NOVA 1000 offer you warm water, but it uses a hybrid water heating system that allows it to give you the very best warm water experience possible.


Do you ship the NOVA bidet 1000 to Canada?

Not only will we ship it to Canada, but we’ll do it for free! offers free shipping to the USA and Canada.  This includes the NOVA 1000 bidet toilet seat!


I’ve noticed that the NOVA bidet 1000 uses a side panel control.  How does this compare to the wireless remote control system?

Which of these systems is best for you is really a matter of preference.  Many people like the side panel control, because it completely eliminates the possibility of losing the remote.  However, some people like the wireless remote because it’s easier to hold the remote in front of you while trying to change settings.  This being said, when it’s said and done, it really boils down to preference.


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