Novita BG Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Novita BG Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


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The Novita BG-93/90 is a premium product with great features not found elsewhere, such as silver nano water sterilization, and more.  For more details, see below


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Novita BG-90/93 Bidet Seat Features Overview

Novita BG90 BG93 features list

Main Features:

The Novita BG-90/93 uses a side panel control to control all the features.

The twin nozzles offered on the Novita BG93/90 are made of high quality stainless steel.

Luxury Features:

The Novita BG90/93 offers unlimited warm water.

To assist in offering a powerful, effective wash, the Novita BG93/90 has a build in pump which increases the pressure of the wash.

Aeration is the process of infusing air bubbles into the water stream.  The Novita BG90/93 aerates the water stream for a more soothing, effective cleansing experience.

In order to assist with those who might not know how to operate a bidet seat, the Novita BG93/90 offers an automatic cycle option.  This option cycles through all the different parts of the wash, automatically without requiring any input from the operator.

The Massage feature offered on the Novita BG-90/93 not only helps to stimulate bowel movements, but it also soothes.

The Novita BG90/93 also offers a warm-air dryer, which reduces if not completely eliminates toilet paper use.

This bidet seat is also equipped with a powerful deodorizer that pulls air through a active carbon filter using a strong fan.  This significantly reduces bathroom odor, and can completely eliminate it.

To additionally increase comfort, the Novita BG93/90 offers an adjustable warm seat.  This seat has a built in infrared seat sensor to determine if the seat is occupied.

Sanitary Features:

The nozzles used on the Novita BG93/90 are easy to remove and replace, and also offer a self-cleaning feature to help ensure the most hygienic wash possible.

The Novita BG90/93 also offers silver nano-technology for water sterilization, but it doesn’t stop here.  An ion water filter is included with each Novita BG93/90.

Convenience Features:

The quick-release bracket offered on the Novita BG90/93 allows the bidet seat to be quickly and easily removed for cleaning.

While the Novita BG93/90 offers great efficiency straight out of the box, it doesn’t stop there.  The Novita also has a optional two-stage energy-saving feature for additional energy saving.

Other Features:

The Novita BG90/93 offers both round and elongated seats, and comes in the color white.  It will fit 2 piece and 1 piece toilets with flat tanks.


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5 point rating for the Novita BG-90 and BG-93 Bidet Seats

Novita BG Bidet 5 Star Rating

The Novita BG90/93 is a high quality seat, but doesn’t quite match the quality of the TOTO washlets, we give it a rating of 4.4 for quality.  The price point for this bidet seat is pretty good as well.  It offers MANY great features without having a real high price tag, earning it a value rating of 4.4.  The features offered on the Notiva BG93/90 are many, but it misses a key feature, the enema wash.  Because of this we gave it a 4.6 out of 5 on features.  The one year warranty offered gives it a rating of 3.0 for warranty, and an overall rating of 4.1.  Totally worth checking this seat out,


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Pros and Cons List


Stainless Steel Nozzles

Silver-Nano Water sterilization

Infrared seat sensor


Missing Enema Feature

Missing Night light


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Other seats to consider

BB-1700 Bliss Bidet Seat

Swash 900 bidet seat

Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 Bidet Seat


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Novita BG90/93 Bidet Seat Models offered

BrandModelShape and ColorFull name
NovitaBG90RW (Round, White)Novita BG90-RW Round White bidet toilet seat
NovitaBG93EW (Elongated White)Novita BG93-EW Elongated White bidet toilet seat


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Novita BG90/93 Bidet Seat Specifications

Novita BH90 & 93 Bidet Specifications


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Editor’s Novita BG90/93 Bidet Seat Review

Novita Bidet BG90 BG93 Bidet SeatThe Novita Bidet BG-90 was introduced to the market in 2014, and offers some amazing, high tech features that are hard to find anywhere else.  Below we’ll go through all the details, from unique washes, to the next generation of sterilization, and more, all offered through this one seat.

As expected, the Novita Bidet BG-90 offers the main wash settings most bidet seats on the market offer, allowing both front or feminine cleansing, and rear or posterior cleansing.  There are many additional wash settings offered with the Novita BG-90 bidet that can be enabled while the main wash is being run.  One of these settings is the air bubble wash.  With this setting enabled, the Novita BG-90 bidet seat infuses air bubbles into the wash stream.  This not only helps to make the wash more soothing, but also helps to add volume to the stream, making it even more effective.  The second of these additional settings is the massage feature.  This causes the nozzle to move back and forth to offer a more thorough cleaning experience.

Other bidets on the market today use the water pressure in the pipes of the house to run the wash.  The Novita BG-90 bidet seat on the other hand has a built in water pressure booster pump that can be turned on to provide a more powerful wash than you could get from any other bidet seat on the market today.

While any of these wash settings are in use, the Novita BG-90 bidet offers unlimited warm water.  This warm water is provided through a hybrid water heating system, which allows the  Novita BG-90 bidet to provide unlimited warm water with the temperature consistency normally only found in tank water heating systems.

The Novita BG-90 bidet has twin nozzles made from stainless steel to provide the washes talked about above.  These high quality nozzles offer self cleaning, and have easy to remove tips in case they need to be replaced for any reason.  Both of the nozzles offered with the Novita BG-90 are designed with one of the two washes in mind, giving the operator a great experience.

The seat on the Novita BG-90 is state of the art, and very hard to beat.  As is true with many bidet seats, the seat is heated, with adjustable temperature settings.  The Novita BG-90 also offers a seat occupied sensor.  This helps the seat know if someone is ready to use the bidet or not, keeping it from turning on when it shouldn’t.  Other bidet seats on the market today use weight to determine if the seat is occupied.  This seems like a good solution, but it leaves kids out of the picture.  With these seats, a child’s weight isn’t enough to set the sensor off.  For this reason other seats on the market today have to offer a way to turn the sensor off for when children need to use the seat.  The Novita BG-90 solves this problem by using a different method all together.  The Novita BG-90 uses an infrared or IR sensor to tell if the seat is occupied.  This removes the weight problem, and gives Novita BG-90 the best occupied sensor on the market today.  

Novita takes caring about sterilization to a whole new level with the Silver nano technology used to sterilize the water used in each wash cycle.  The Novita BG-90 also provides an Ion water filter with each of it’s bidets.  This is just one more way Novita goes above and beyond to offer the best in high end bidet seats.

The deodorizer offered with the Novita BG-90 is a powerful, carbon deodorizer that absorbs the odor.  Using a fan, the Novita BG-90 pulls air through the deodorizer, and it comes out clean.  This differs from some other systems, as the deodorizer absorbs the odor instead of masking or covering it.

For families with children, the Novita BG-90 offers a child wash setting, with an automatic wash feature.  This allows the bidet to run through an entire cycle without having to choose different options in the process, making it simple for a child to get used to the bidet seat process.

In an effort to not only offer additional creature comforts, but also make their seat more eco-friendly, Novita offers an adjustable warm air dryer on their Novita BG-90 bidet toilet seat.  This air dryer helps to eliminate the need for toilet paper all together, making it a very eco-friendly option.  The Novita BG-90 doesn’t stop there though.  Many high end bidets on the market today offer an energy saving mode.  The Novita BG-90 takes this a step further, and offers a two stage energy saving system.  This allows you to save energy, and have more control over it in the process at the same time.  The first stage is known as the Novita BG-90 Lo Econo setting.  With this setting enabled, the stored water temperature and seat temperature are reduced when not in use, thus saving electricity.  Once the seat is in use, the bidet works to bring these temperatures to their normal level.  The second stage is referred to as the Novita BG-90 Hi Econo setting.  This setting is more extreme, but saves even more electricity.  When this setting is turned on, the water heater and seat heater are both turned off, unless the seat is in use, causing even more power savings.

In order to help assist with easy cleaning, the Novita BG-90 offers a quick release seat bracket, which allows the seat to be instantly removed.  This makes the toilet quick and easy to clean.

The Novita BG-90 comes with a side panel control, and is offered in both round and elongated sizes.  The fitting of the Novita BG-90 is a little different than some of the other bidets in it’s class.  Because of this, while the Novita BG-90 fits almost all 2 piece toilets, it only fits 1 piece toilets with flat tanks.

As an added bonus, the Novita BG-90 comes with a one year warranty, and is made from very high quality parts.  You can rest with peace of mind, knowing that your Novita bidet will last for years to come.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How easy is the Novita BG-90 install process.  I’m not an experienced plumber, do I need to hire one?

The Novita BG-90 is designed in such a way to make it very simple to install.  Without any prior experience, it should take under an hour from start to finish.


Will you ship the Novita BG-90 to Canada?

We ship all of our seats to the USA and Canada for free.  The Novita BG-90 is no different.


How does the Quality of the Novita BG-90 compare to other high end seats on the market?

The Novita BG-90 is very high quality.  Novita has had many high end bidets over the years over seas, and is a reputable, well known company with high quality products.


Where can I get the Novita BG-90 manual?

We have owners manuals for each of the bidet seats we sell.  If you don’t find a manual on our owner’s manual page, feel free to contact us, and we’ll get you a copy.


I’ve noticed that the Novita BG-90 comes with a water filter, which seems like a fairly uncommon feature.  Why don’t more bidet seats offer this?

The water filter is nice because it ensures the cleanest wash possible.  Many other bidet seats on the market rely on your water supply to offer filtered water.  The fact that the Novita BG-90 takes things to this level to make sure you’re taken care of is great!  We do have water filters that can be purchased separately for other bidet seats.  If you’re interested in one, let us know!


Where can I get Novita BG-90 parts?

Even though we don’t list them on our site, we do have most Novita parts in stock.  If you need a particular part, please ask us, and we’ll see what we can do to help!


I’m having issues with my bidet.  Do you offer Novita BG-90 troubleshooting help?

We are always here to help with any questions you might have.  If you need help troubleshooting a bidet question or issue, please feel free to let us know!


Where can I find Novita BG-90 reviews?

We offer customer reviews for almost all of our seats.  Due to how new the Novita BG-90 bidet seat is, there have been no reviews written for it yet.  However, please feel free to check out our editor review on the Novita BG-90.


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