Novita BH-90 and BH-93 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review

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Novita BH-90 and BH-93 Bidet Seat Editor’s Review


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The Novita BH-93 is a high end bidet seat with many great features, and a luxury feel to match.  This bidet seat also comes with features that are unheard of in the bidet seat world, like silver nano technology.  This is truly a great bidet toilet seat worth it’s money.  For all the details continue reading below.


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Overview of Novita BH-90/93 Bidet Features

Novita BH90 and BH93 Features List

Main Features:

The Novita BH-93/90 uses a backlit, wireless easy touch remote control to control all features and functions.  This wireless remote also has a built in LCD window that displays all the seat programing being selected, making it very easy to use.

The Novita BH-90/93 uses twin nozzles encased in a stainless steel body to perform all washes.

Sanitary Features:

Sterilizing water with silver nano technology in bidet seats was unheard of till now.  The Novita BH-93/90 offers water sterilization at it’s best with this high tech feature.

Even though it’s not necessarily needed, the Novita BH-90/93 comes with a built in Ion water filter, further ensuring the cleanest water for every wash.

Also, as is true with almost all bidets on the market today, the Novita BH-93/90 offers self cleaning nozzles.  These nozzles also easily remove for quick and easy replacement if needed.

Luxury Features:

The one touch automatic seat and lid lifting feature is rare in the bidet world.  The Novita BH-90/93 offers this automatic feature, which not only sets it apart, but also enhances cleanliness by completely eliminating the need to touch any part of the toilet.

The Novita BH-90/93 also uses a built in infrared seat sensor to detect if the seat is occupied or not.  This sensor is able to detect both adults and children alike, making it a great family bidet.

The water heating system used by the Novita BH-93/90 uses TFR technology.  This allows it to offer instant unlimited water heating.

The Turbo cleaning offered on the Notiva BH-90/93 gives the operator a more powerful wash, ensuring a more complete cleaning.  

Similar to other high end bidet seats on the market, the Novita BH-93/90 offers an infused wash, where air bubbles get infused into the water stream, increasing both comfort and cleaning capability.

The Massage feature offered on the Novita BH-93/90 not only helps sooth, but can also be used to help stimulate bowel movement.

While any of these washes are being used, the Novita BH-90/93 allows the operator to further adjust the positioning of the nozzle.  This is a rare feature, and helps make the wash more effective.

To finish up the whole process, the Novita BH90/93 offers a warm air dryer.  This dryer is very similar to hand dryer, and blows warm air to help dry after the wash.  Many people feel it does a good enough job to remove the need for toilet paper all together.

The built in deodorizer used in the Novita BH93/90 uses a fan to pull air through an active carbon filter, which absorbs almost all odor.

The Novita BH93/90 also offers a night light.  While his is by no means a necessity, it’s a great feature for those who frequent the bathroom at night.

Other Features:

The Notiva BH93/90 also offers an automatic cycle, which automatically controls the settings used for the wash instead of relying on the operator.  This is commonly used for guests.

The quick release feature is offered by many bidet toilet seats on the market today.  The Novita BH90/93 is no different.  This bracket gets attached to the toilet, allowing the bidet seat to quickly and easily be removed and reinstalled.

The two-stage energy saving feature offered by the Novita BH93/90 allows owners to save energy without losing functionality.

The Novita BH93/90 comes in both round and elongated, and offers a white option.  It will fit 2 and 1 piece toilets as long as they have flat tanks.


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5 point rating for the Novita BH90/93 Bidet Seat

The Novita BH93/90 is a great high end with many luxury features, and some features offered on hardly any other seats, like auto open and close.  Below is our 5 star rating, and reasons behind these ratings.

Novita BH Bidet 5 Star Rating

The Novita BH90/93 is well built, and high quality.  It’s not the highest quality seat on the market, but it’s close.  We rate the value at 4.8 because of all of the great features offered on this seat.  Even though this seat is priced a little higher than some others, the features offered still make it a great value.  The Novita BH90/93 was very close to earning 5 out of 5 stars for features, but fell slightly short due to missing enema and wide wash options.  Sadly, the Novita BH90/93 only has a one year warranty, giving it a rather low warranty rating of 3.0.  Overall this is a great seat, with a rating of 4.3.  With a better warranty, this bidet seat would have had an overall rating nearly reaching 5.0.  The Novita BH93/90 is a great seat, well worth the money.


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Pros and Cons List


Auto open and close seat and lid

Turbo cleaning/powerful wash

High end water TFR heating technology



Missing Enema Feature

Missing Wide Wash


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Other seats to consider

Toto S350E Washlet

BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat


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Novita BH Bidet Seat Models Offered

BrandModelShape and ColorFull name
NovitaBH90RW (Round, White)Novita BH90-RW Round White bidet toilet seat
NovitaBH93EW (Elongated White)Novita BH93-EW Elongated White bidet toilet seat


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Novita BH90/93 Specifications Sheet

Novita BH90 & 93 Bidet Specifications


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Editor’s Novita BH-93/90 Bidet Seat Review

Novita Bidet BH90 BH93 Bidet SeatThe Novita BH-90 is new to the market as of 2014.  This high end bidet offers many state of the art, luxurious features, making it a great option for anyone who wants the best money can buy.  And because the BH-90 is manufactured by Novita, you can be sure it will last for years to come.

Both the front and rear washes offered by the Novita BH-90 are performed using a twin or dual nozzle system.  These nozzles are made from high quality stainless steel, ensuring that it will last for years.  One of these dual nozzles is designed for an optimal front or feminine wash, and the other of the dual nozzles is designed for an optimal rear or posterior wash.  This helps to ensure you get the best experience possible.

These washes also have additional settings, allowing them to be even more customized.  When the turbo cleaning wash option is selected, the Novita BH-90 uses a small pump to increase the water pressure of the wash.  This helps the operator of the wash get an extra powerful wash even if the water pressure in the home is low.  The air bubble wash setting offered by the Novita BH-90 has many advantages over a normal wash.  This setting infuses the stream with air bubbles, giving the wash a more comfortable feel, and causing less irritation for those with sensitive skin.  The infusion process also helps to widen the wash spray slightly, allowing it to offer a more complete wash.  The massage wash feature takes this wide spray idea to the next level.  When the operator chooses the massage wash setting from the Novita BH-90 wireless remote control, the nozzle moves back and forth to offer a more complete wash experience.  The Novita BH-90 also offers an automatic wash cycle.  This feature is great for those living with children or the elderly.  With the automatic wash cycle enabled, everything happens with the push of one button.  This eliminates the need to change settings during the wash, or mess with anything related to the bidet once the wash cycle starts.

The stainless steel nozzles on the Novita BH-90 offer an automatic self cleaning feature, allowing them to be ready for the next use every time.  They also come equipped with easy to remove nozzle tips.  Many people use this to put different nozzle tips on the bidet when company comes to stay for extended periods of time.  Lack of removable nozzle tips are aren’t a deal breaker for most people, but it is a great additional feature.

The Novita BH-90 has many features in place to offer the cleanest water possible for the wash process.  The first step in this multi-tier filtration process comes from an ion water filter, that filters the water as it enters the bidet seat.  Most bidets do not filter the water in the first place, but the Nivita BH-90 doesn’t stop here.  The next tier utilizes a new means of water sterilization known as silver nano technology.  This tier takes the already filtered water and sterilizes it to offer the cleanest wash physically possible.

In order to offer the best wash experience possible, the Novita BH-90 offers a state of the art water heating system.  The Novita BH-90 uses an instant water heating system to offer unlimited warm water.  By using the latest TFR water heating technology, this instant water heating system is able to offer the temperature consistency normally only available through a water tank heating system.

The Novita BH-90 offers some features on the seat itself that are hard to beat.  The most unique and notable of these is the one touch lid and seat lift.  This feature allows the bidet to be operated without ever touching any part of the bidet with your hands, making it one of the most sanitary bidets on the market today.  When the Novita BH-90 needs to be used, the simply push a button, and the lid, and/or seat automatically lift, without having to touch a thing.  The way the Novita BH-90 operates it’s seat sensor is different than other bidets seats as well.  Instead of using weight to determine if the seat is occupied, the Novita BH-90 has a built in infrared or IR sensor.  This helps make it easier for the BH-90 to determine if a child is sitting on the seat.

Besides these state of the art features, the Novita BH-90 does offer some of the more common features seen in high end bidet seats today.  These more common features include adjustable warm seat, and warm-air dryer settings.  The warm air dryer helps remove the need for toilet paper all together.

As an added bonus, the Novita BH-90 offers a two stage energy feature.  This gives options for nominal energy savings, by allowing lower temperatures for heated features (this is a common feature for high end bidets), and extreme energy savings, by disabling heated features all together.  This two state energy saving is unique, and gives the operator more control over how the bidet operates.

The deodorizer offered with the Novita BH-90 uses a small fan to pull air through a carbon filter, allowing it to absorb the odor, leaving the experience completely odor free.

The Novita BH-90 offers a high end, backlit, wireless remote control.  This remote sports a LCD window to display the bidet seat’s current settings, helping the operator quickly and easily see how the wash is currently configured.  With the night light feature enabled, using the Novita BH-90 during the night is breeze.

Since the Novita BH-90 comes in both round and elongated sizes, it will fit a host of different toilets.  If you have a 1 piece toilet, however, it must have a flat tank in order to work with the Novita BH-90.  Regardless of what toilet you attach the Novita BH-90 to, the quick release bracket allows the bidet seat to quickly and easily be attached and removed from the toilet.  This can help assist with cleaning.

Novita is known for producing high quality products.  The Novita BH-90 is a great example of this.  To help with easing any concerns you might have, the Novita BH-90 comes with a one year warranty.  If you have any additional questions about the Novita BH-90.  Please feel free to look at our frequently asked questions, or contact us.


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Novita BH-90/93 Frequently Asked Questions:

How easy is the Novita BH-90 installation process?  I’m not a plumber, do I need to hire one to install the Novita BH-90?

The Novita BH-90 is very easy to install, and is designed in such a way to make installation a breeze for those without any plumbing background.  Even without any prior experience, the installation of the Novita BH-90 should take an hour or less.


How does the Novita BH-90 compare to other high end bidet seats on the market?

The Novita BH-90 offers some great features that even the highest end bidets seats can’t offer.  In our opinion, it rates very highly in comparison to other bidet seats in it’s class.


Where can I find a Novita BH-90 video showing the features it offers?

We currently do not have any videos for the Novita BH-90, but we’re always adding content, so check back soon.


Where can i get Novita BH-90 parts?

Even though we don’t list parts on our site, we have most Novita BH-90 parts in stock.  Feel free to contact us!


Do you have any Novita BH-90 reviews?

We currently don’t have any customer reviews for the Novita BH-90, due to the new nature of the product, but check back soon!


Will you ship the Novita BH-90 to Canada?

We will ship the Novita BH-90 to you for free to anywhere in the USA and Canada.


Where can I find the Novita BH-90 owner manual?

Owners manuals are a great resource for everything from operation instructions, to specifications, and more.  If you’re looking for the manual for the Novita BH-90, contact us, and we’ll get you a copy.


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