Olympia Shower Bidet Editor’s Review

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Olympia Shower Bidet (LA-1 & LA-2) Editor’s Review

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Olympia offers two different shower bidets, both of which can be purchased through this product page.  Both of these bidets offer a long wand, making the wash an easy mess free experience, as well as high pressure, high quality valves.  The Olympia bidets are the best shower bidets on the market today.  For more details, see below.

Olympia Shower bidet Features overview:

Olympia 5 Star Rating

Olympia Shower bidet Features Details:

Differences between the Olympia LA-1 and LA2:

The Olympia Shower Bidet LA-1 offers a cold wash option, while the Olympia Shower Bidet LA-2 offers a warm water wash.  To adjust the temperature of the LA-2, it comes with a heavy-duty chrome metal water temperature control valve.

Features both shower bidets offer:

Olympia shower bidets are built out of high quality parts.  Both models come with chrome metal adapters, allowing the bidet to share water from the line already provided for the toilet itself.  Both of these also offer six foot chrome a metal hose to connect the water source to the bidet.  The since the LA-2 comes with a hot water connection, it comes with two hoses.

Olympia has patented new valve setup which ensures a leak tight experience.

The wand on the Olympia bidets are 13 inches long.  This helps the operator easily reach hard to reach places.  The tip on this wand is easy to remove and replace, should you desire to do so.

Last but not least, the Olympia shower bidet’s nozzle has 16 holes in it, making the cleaning process thorough and fast.

If you still have additional questions about the Olympia Shower bidet, please feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to assist!

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