Preparing for the Coronavirus – Why you need a Bidet Seat

If you’re worried about how to properly prepare for the Coronavirus, you’re not alone. With Coronavirus dominating the news and communities scrambling to prepare, stores around the country are selling out of basic household supplies like disinfecting wipes, cleaning solutions, and toilet paper. As shortages arise, many Americans are faced with the question of how to get clean after using the restroom. While wet wipes, paper towels, or even newspaper might seem like viable options if you’ve run out of toilet paper, they’re not designed to be flushed and can cause serious plumbing issues. 

Bidet cleansing is the perfect solution. When you hear the word “bidet”, you might think of a short, free-standing basin with taps and a drain that sits next to the toilet. While this traditional style is still popular outside the United States, American consumers have begun gravitating towards bidet seats, which look similar to a traditional toilet seat and are installed directly onto the toilet.

All bidet seats reduce reliance on toilet paper, and some bidet seats even eliminate the need for it completely thanks to a built-in warm air dryer. Either way, they’re an eco-friendly choice that are especially useful in emergency situations where supplies are running low. In addition, bidets actually remove waste and bacteria more gently and effectively than toilet paper, making them the most sanitary and comfortable way to get clean.

Bidet seats come in both electric and non-electric models and offer a broad range of features that, depending on the model, can include elements like a water heater for warm wash water, pulsating and oscillating spray options, enema washing, heated seat, warm air dryer, self-cleaning technology, night light, deodorizer, automatic open/close lid and more. Non-electric bidet seats are powered by your bathroom’s water pressure and have simple levers or knob controls, whereas electric bidet seats require a GFCI plug and are operated via a side arm control panel or wireless remote control. When the seat is not actively washing, the wash wand remains hidden inside a compartment in the back of the unit to keep it clean. What’s even better is that there’s a bidet seat for nearly every budget, and the majority are easy to install whether you’re new to home projects or are an experienced DIYer.

Coronavirus or no, bidet seats offer many benefits to individuals of any gender or life stage. We’d be happy to help you find a seat that’s right for your needs and budget, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

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