Should my Bidet Seat Wiggle After it’s Installed | New Bidet Q&A | Bidet Answers with Dan

Have you installed your bidet, only to realize that it wiggles? Don’t worry, Daniel Johnson, bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, explains why this isn’t something to automatically worry about.

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Should my Bidet Seat Wiggle After it’s Installed Transcript:

Do Bidet seats have any wiggle after being installed? Short answer, yes. How much wiggle really depends from toilet to toilet and Bidet seat to Bidet seat. You’re dealing with a Mounting plate and a plastic Bidet seat, being slid into that mounting plate, so there’s a few different places that you can have some wiggle and some give. If the curve of the toilet bowl in the back makes it so that the entire mounting plate isn’t coming in contact with the toilet bowl, that could be an issue that’s causing there to be some wiggle. There’s also just a little bit of play in the seat, as a whole. Some things that you can do, in order to help alleviate the wiggle if you see it; You can tighten down that mounting plate extra tight. Make sure that the seat is fully engaged with the mounting plate and sometimes you can even install some mounting tape on the bottom side of the mounting plate. Then, when you tighten this, the mounting plate to the toilet bowl, that gives it a little bit of additional grip. Regardless, you might see a little bit of wiggle, but these things should help to minimize that wiggling as much as possible and it should be pretty minimalized. where we sell many bidets, not mini bidet

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