The Best New Bidet Seats of 2019

The Best New Bidet Seats of 2019

2019 is an exciting year for bidet seats as more and more Americans discover the revolutionary impact bidets have on personal health, hygiene and comfort! We’ve decided to award the title of Best New Seat of 2019 to the sleek, feature-packed Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions. While the Cascade 3000 is specially designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with physical mobility limitations in order to promote bathroom independence, its wide range of features and attractive, low-profile silhouette make it a great option for anyone looking to upgrade the comfort and ease of their bathroom routine.

Cascade Bidet 3000


Wash & Dry Features

From a features standpoint, the Cascade 3000 brings a lot to the table. It offers standard front and rear cleansing, as well as an oscillating spray feature that moves the wand back and forth for a gentle massage that increases cleansing coverage and soothes tender areas. The water temperature and pressure, nozzle position, and seat temperature are all adjustable for maximum comfort, and the instant water heater generates unlimited warm wash water.

The quick wash feature initiates a standard wash and dry cycle at the touch of a button and is great for times when you’re in a hurry or for users who find it difficult to individually navigate the various wash and dry options. There’s no need to worry about smelly bathroom odors thanks to the Cascade 3000’s built in deodorizer, and the energy saving mode conserves electricity when the seat is not in use.

Design Features

In terms of design elements, the Cascade 3000 offers a number of features not commonly found on bidet seats. First and foremost, the Cascade 3000’s overall silhouette is compatible with most one and two piece toilets, including many French curve models that generally can’t accommodate bidet seats due to their unique proportions.

Second, while many bidets come with lids that are unable to safely support an adult’s weight due to the technology housed within the seat’s casing, the Cascade 3000’s lid has been specially engineered to support up to 330 lbs. This is a great feature to have if you’re accustomed to sitting on your toilet lid for bathroom activities like clipping toenails or helping someone bathe.

Third, the Cascade 3000 offers two remote designs and sizes so you can choose a remote that is most compatible with your preferences, needs and abilities: a small, sleek remote with flat buttons and a display screen, or a larger remote with raised, easy-to-navigate buttons.

Fourth, the Cascade 3000 comes with a durable and easy to clean stainless steel nozzle, as well as a water sterilization system that keeps the wash water clean by running it through tubing and nozzles coated with a silver-nano solution. The silver particles in the coating naturally kill bacteria so you can have peace of mind knowing that your wash water, as well as the water used to rinse the bidet’s nozzles after each use, is sparkling clean. For added convenience, the Cascade 3000 comes in both round and elongated seat sizes and has a quick release feature that allows the seat to be easily lifted off the toilet for hassle free cleaning.

Dignity Solutions offers a four-year full warranty with the Cascade 3000 at no extra charge, which isn’t easy to find. With its attractive look and broad range of comfort and convenience features, it’s easy to see why the Cascade 3000 is one of the hottest new bidet seats on the market!